Splendid, indeed.

Happy Sunday, Pose-rs. Enjoying my weekend thus far, but also feeling a bit like hibernating all day in #5. Is it the rain? Is it the late night haze? Is it the fact that I’ve only had 8oz of espresso and it is almost noon?!

I’ve included my anthem of the morning for your listening and viewing enjoyment. The clip appears so dated, especially because Letterman looks so young (and so much like my father!). The idea of alone time has been on my mind a lot lately. Discussions with a close friend who does not enjoy time to themselves has led me to examine why I crave it so much in my own life. Why have I truly started to feel alive and self-sufficient only after moving into an apartment by myself? Why do I feel it absolutely necessary to be single right now? Am I trying to hide that which I find unacceptable or unworthy? Or is this just ‘classic me,’ overanalyzing thoughts till they are indecipherable instead of just letting them be felt? What is it that scares me about letting someone else in? Hmm…

This song really speaks to all of that and it comforts me. Now WZ’s ponytail is another story…

I suppose I should go interact with the living at some point today. I am noticing how often the public/private conversation has come up in my life, in my writing, on my blog. New rain coat and wellies are enough reason to head out and be seen, thank god for clothes!

Keep the internal a part of the external and always pose wisely.


PoseCity xo.