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Athletes AND a man on the over of June Vogue?! Not. Interested. Hoping the inside is good…

Trip Tales.

#nowplaying Whiskeytown Pneumonia

I survived my Vega$ maiden voyage! We had a great trip and I’m happy to report that all of my aforementioned goals were met.. and sometimes I question my ambition, pshhh! There were lots of things to love and equally as many things to hate about LV, but I’m going to list my favorites:

1. Open Container Laws: First time in such a magical land. As I wrote to a friend, I had a silly girly drink in my hand whilst perusing racks AT THE MALL. Blew my mind, really.

2. Hotels: Sensory overload in these places! I was so grateful for MissMoa’s knowledge & understanding of where we were at all times because with all senses constantly engaged, my already weak notion of direction was totally shot. You don’t ever have to leave your hotel if you don’t want to & if you do, you can weave in & out of other hotels all the live-long day. Plus, where else will you see a giant sparkly horse sculpture underneath a ceiling of blown glass jellyfish-type figures?!


3. Shopping: No surprise here, eh? I loved everything about Vegas shopping, but mostly the surprisingly laid-back attitude in the high-end shops. I am always intimidated to go in such places because I clearly cannot buy anything and generally feel like a ragamuffin among such well-crafted duds, but the salespeople in LV must be used to tourists coming in & out all of the time, and therefore have an accepting attitude. Yay! I got very giddy about seeing some of my favorite print ads giant-sized on walls and “alive” in window displays.

Window at Stella McCartney

Prada stiffy!

My shelf at Assouline

Purse porn at Reed Krakoff

4. Lady time: I love girls! Getting ready together, borrowing clothes & make-up, catching up on jobs and love and everything in between… it makes me so happy and definitely recharged my soul. We are all in such different life stages now but can still find common ground on which to relate- so important to me in maintaining friendships. The only lingering question is… where to next year?????

We did watch the Golden Globes, but meh, I don’t feel like commenting on any of that right now. My faves were: Laura Dern, Tilda Swinton, Kate Winslet, and Michelle Williams. Google at your leisure.

I came home Friday to this gem of a postcard:

Someone knows me well! I am lucky and grateful.

Have a great weekend!

PoseCity xo.

Vogue Vid.

Ms. Wintour was interviewed on “CBS Sunday Morning” today to discuss Vogue’s 120th anniversary commemorative book of cover photographs AND the release of the magazine’s online archives [Who doesn’t have an extra $1,500 laying around?!]. I’m hoping my limited access as a subscriber will provide endless hours of zone-out daydream time. Always excitement and innovation from the best! Cheers,

PoseCity xo.

Love, Buzz.

#nowplaying Shocking Blue “Love Buzz”

This YouTube vid was tweeted by Krist Novoselic and I love that it features clips of Louise Brooks dancing! Plus, I don’t think I ever heard the original before tonight. Enjoy!

Some links to share:

– Latest blog obsession: Miss Moss. My friend Laura wrote this site down for me last month, but I just started to follow. Pretty pictures; that’s all you really need to know.

– The Olsens now have a Tumblr for the t-shirt branch of their empire called StyleMint
Watch this festive video quiz featuring the twins in Halloween garb:

Yes, the coffee cups-turned-lightsabers made my day, too!

– A gem via the Twit: Herself Magazine
I follow the voice behind I Want to be a Roitfeld on Twitter @iwtbar who shared a link to her friend’s new ambitious project: a fully illustrated fashion magazine. From the images below, courtesy of the magazine’s website, it looks like I might have to splurge on this biannual publication. shares some stylish ideas on how to store all that random shiz that accumulates on every surface in your dwelling BUT where it belongs. I especially love the tip that suggests candle sticks double as bangle holders. Genius!

Hope you all are off to a great week; I definitely am, although I am missing my sister who departed this morning. I’m feeling so grateful for a wonderful visit where I got to share my life with her. We made the most of our time together and I don’t think we stopped moving for more than 10 minutes at a time. Success!

Much love,

PoseCity xo.

RMR on creative slumps

“This has happened to me at times in terms of preaching. You have written some wonderful pieces, but, as you are learning, every writer struggles with this. Although I’m not the baseball fan that Sarah is, the advice for hitters in a batting slump is to keep swinging—so writers keep writing.”
-Dad 06/20/11

Of course I’ve heard similar words before, but on that day, from him, they felt especially powerful. Thanks, Dad!

Also: I love this outfit. I have a major weakness for menswear on woman, and this jacket is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine [the structured shoulders are nicely balanced by the shiny fabric on the cuffs]. Am going to try my best to recreate this look. Thank you, Vogue, for the continued inspiration!

I am behind on nail pics, so here is one from a few days ago [left] and my current motif. I like these photos because they show a bit of what else I’m wearing- ring(s)- and help me remember what happened that particular day. While writing in my journal, I often wish for the ability to “upload” a picture- either of my current surroundings, outfit, or just something of interest- and then I realize “DUH” that’s why you have a blog [we all have our moments].

PoseCity xo.

Deets Please.

Man, Vogue is all the rage lately! Since the launch of  Voguepedia late last week, all I’ve wanted to do is write faux research papers about Carolina Herrera, et al. just so I could cite “Voguepedia” as a source [scholarly, right?].  A few days ago, I stumbled upon another gem on the magazine’s website: “Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl,” which I hope is pretty self-explanatory. If the archive is any indication, this isn’t a regular feature [dislike] but maybe with enough ‘clicks’ it will be- shoo, I know I’ve done my part to help!

 Clearly, these women have ginorm amounts of expendable income [no less than 3 Cartier Love bracelets spotted on any given click-through..must contain jealousy…] and can match fabulous bags with the finest textiles. However, while I obviously looooove the outfits/accessories, I’m most fond of the photographs and the spotlight they shine on the small accoutrements that can pull an outfit together. Such particulars can also serve to define the wearer, as I’m sure we all know someone who wears [insert repeated jewelry/accessory item here] everyday and it has become a staple of his/her look. I know I felt nekkid yesterday when I forgot the 3 or 4 bangles I always wear on my right wrist. My Vogue slideshow [photo shoot date TBA..] would definitely include a snap of said bracelets. [all lovely snaps courtesy of, natch]

I’ve always thought that true style is in the details- anyone can buy an outfit off a mannequin and wear it just fine- but not everyone can create a “look” as these women do day after day. Obviously, if I knew Vogue was going to be taking my photo for five days in a row, I’d bring it [after going shopping, maxing out credit card, etc.], but I also feel a genuine sense of moxie in each spread and I love how every slideshow has a few close-ups of the goodies that give the outfit flare [see: bright nails, stacked rings].

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! In what ways do you use details to enhance personal style?

OH, I almost forgot… NAIL TIME:
A co-worker remarked “birthday party” when she saw them today, a fitting description.
Signing off for this pose!

PoseCity xo.