Oscar Bests.

#nowplaying Ween “Exactly Where I’m At”

Here are my three favorite looks from the Oscars red carpet; who did you love?!
[let’s focus on the pose-itive..]
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Gwynnie in Tom Ford

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

The absolute best for last, IMHO.

I hope this finds you in a happy place, dear reeder. I did some serious retail therapy over the weekend up on Mississippi. Seriously, what starts as an innocent “just-getting-java-at-a-cafe-I-don’t-frequent-during-the-week” excursion turns into a glorious shop-to-shop journey up and down each side of the street. My luck on Saturday was so plentiful that I began to wonder… is Mississippi the new Alberta?! Big stuff swirlin’ around in my noggin, clearly.

Now, if only I could get my friends at Burberry Prorsum to send me this look for Fall 2012, I’d be set!

Thinking wishfully makes me happy. View the entire lust-worthy collection here.


PoseCity xo.

Short & Sweet.

“And the power of the fashion blogger grows.”: Best tagline ever?!

Love Story: An adorbs tale of Tom Ford and his partner of 24 f-ing years Richard Buckley, told from each of their points of view. Swoon!

Keeping Style Tabs on: Nicki Minaj

Photo cred: facebook.com

She has the stand-out part in Kanye’s “Monster,” and is a fashion risk taker to say the least. Wig aficionado, too. “I can tell that we are going to be friends.” [White Stripes]

February InStyle came today (thanks, Mom!):

Photo cred: instyle.com

NatPo is in dangerous overexposure territory in my opinion. I’m hoping this feature is more exciting than her January Vogue cover/snoozefest. And less “oh the horror” inducing than aforementioned gold trimmed trash bag [*shudder*].

Bye for now, loves. Stay cozy and always remember: Added layers call for added sass! Don’t let the fashion flame dim under all that insulation.

PoseCity xo.