Cyber Monday can Cyber suck it!

It should be no secret to my faithful reeders that I *heart* the 90’s [paging VH1], but I’d forgotten the babe-a-liciousness of Ms. Shirley Manson, perfectly highlighted by dark lighting and thigh-high boots [whoa dang] in this vid. Great tune, enjoy!

Now, on to the happs:

Big PoseCity congrats to Ms. Nina Garcia, PR judge extraordinaire on the arrival of her babe over the weekend [please note, announced via Twatter]. I am not one to applaud procreation, but Nina seems like such a lovely example of a working mom having kiddos later in life while still maintaining a successful career. Bravo (meant as an accolade, not a reference to her former TV network, WINK)!

Egads! Who doesn’t want to view Tim Gunn’s favorite fashion photos?! Nina’s colleague shares with us, his adoring public, some of the pictures that make him swoon. Great picks and commentary, TG! Check out more wonderful slideshows from the LIFE mag peeps here.

I do not recall where I found this video featuring artist David Hockney, but I have been following the press he has gotten for his ipad drawings ever since the new fangled contraption was released. Mr. Hockney is one of my favorites, and as somewhat of a ‘techtard’ myself (thanks for the term, SB), I salute his embrace of new media. Who says you cannot create an exhibition full of mounted ipads featuring finger drawings?!
You go girl!

SOMEHOW, I happened to miss this gem from my pals at Refinery29. HILAR! Mucho thanks to the one who brought this to my attention. Am waiting for the release of the PoseCity handbag, an homage to my musings by Mr. Marc J [breath not being held].

O to the MG… must venture out doors. Am becoming one with my couch and honey, bed sores are never in style. Hope your holiday shopping has commenced and been successful. I cannot seem to shop for anyone other than myself. This must change..

t-minus 3 weeks until home!

Much love,

PoseCity xo.