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Ideas, articles, and photos swirling in my head and documented here have been connecting in a weird & wonderful way lately. Case in point, the “Downtown Girl” post about my love for the ease and shopping in that area of PDX and then reeding the flourishing West End the very next day on Oregon Live, an article highlighting many of the shops and reasons that shape my positive views. Yet again this morning, I was catching up on Tavi’s Style Rookie since, ya know, I just wrote “Princess Tavi” about how much I like her, and I found a post of hers, “a hodgepodge, if you will” from January 15, 2012 where she mentions MissRepresentation, the documentary I also just saw and wrote about. CRAZY! I was very happy to reed that her school [somewhere in Chicago] screened the film and I’m glad that it’s getting seen by teenagers; hopefully it got through to some of her classmates.

Earlier this weekend, another connection in the form of open idea sharing with a dear-yet-far-away friend. She felt a creative spark and sought input, as we have always had a deep understanding of each other. We are very different, but appreciate and notice the unique aesthetic sensibilities of our respective minds. Encouragement and advice from a friend who “gets you” is so valuable, as he/she is able to give a perspective that you are usually too deep invested in an idea or plan to notice. I am excited to see how she channels this energy!

No Earth-shattering realizations going on here, but it is fun to be reminded of connections across the vast sharing avenue of the Interwebz. Finding common ground in whatever form is so rewarding and helps to quell those moments where loneliness & isolation creep in. Document copiously and share often; we’re all in this together!


PoseCity xo.

PS: “Mad Men” TONIGHT!!!! I enjoyed this article from The Atlantic “The ‘Mad Men’ Double-Standard: Why do Fans Hate Betty but Love Don?

Princess Tavi.

Check out this lovely interview with Tavi Gevinson, being all uniquely adorable, as per usual, and opening up her room and closet to her adoring public. I am a huge fan of hers and specifically, the online ‘zine she started, Rookie Mag; I wish something like this would’ve existed during my tween/teen years! She encapsulates all the uncertainty and wonder that is young womanhood so eloquently and has created a space on the vast WonderfulWideWeb where girls can feel like they aren’t alone [“Wait.. other people think this/go through this/worry about this? Phew!”]….all the while maintaining her quirky style and emphasizing fashion and art as necessary forms of self-expression.

Bravo, TG!


PoseCity xo.

Morning Magic

Good Morning world.

Sleepy Monday AM has brought me much joy thus far- must share, must share! A few quick links that need no commentary:

Oh, hells no!
Oh HuffPost, how I adore thee. Not only is the front page headline “First Lady of Ga-Gay Rights” featuring Miss Lady G (genius), but le Style section features this gem about Hillary. No, no, no, no. Put hair clip down. Step away. Far away.

As a big Rachel Zoe fan [and one who is PISSED that more episodes aren’t posted online], I have fallen in lurve with her assistant, Brad Goreski. NYT offers a cute write-up on his Fashion Week coming out party (no pun intended), as his celebrity is rising thanks to the RZP Season 3.

The New Yorker (where can I buy this mag? Fred Meyer? Added to mile-long “to-get” list) profiles my heroine in blogtown, Tavi Gevinson here. I guess to get the full article you must be a subscriber to their online site (lame) OR of course, actually purchase the hard copy. The latter is my intention. I enjoy this magazine, although anyone I see toting it around I automatically label pretentious. Must hide within massive September Vogue if in public….

Boutique sale went well yesterday (did I mention this?)- scored a cute bright blue dress that is perfect for layering for $10, way down from the original $50 price tag. Tights and boots tights and boots tights and boots. Repeat. Fall/Winter uniform. Also scored chic new “water resistant”- which doesn’t really cut it in this region but whatevs- Fall coat. Success! Except that I cannot [cannot] stop shopping. ANYHOW, whole point to this paragraph was to direct you to The Neat Sheet. I learned of this site via Folly, who was advertising the big sale this past weekend. I was both overjoyed and disheartened to discover this site. On one hand, it is an amazing resource (+ their Facebook page updates frequently.. LIKE!), on the other, it goes to show the sometimes frustrating aspect of the worldwideweb: chances are, someone else has already had your idea and is executing it 100x savvier. Sigh…

Until later! I do have some pictures to post from yesterday’s excursions. Will also see what today brings. Cheers!

PoseCity xo.