Happy Halloweenie.

#nowplaying REM “We All Go Back To Where We Belong” [even with a big crush, this is mega awk]

I thought I’d share my Halloween costume inspiration & reality:

This was a simple costume that I’m sure I’ll repeat; I got the denim button-up at Goodwill and the patches & bandana at Ray’s Ragtime. Sewing them on proved to be quite the task- much respect to seamstresses, courtiers, and Taiwanese children for actually being good at making stitches. Most people knew what I was going for or thought I was a mechanic [close enough].

Costumes are so fun and I love observing people in them, especially now that I’m out of the college days when every dude was a Gynecologist and every girl was a Naughty [insert occupation, animal or fairytale character]. Personalities inevitably change behind a guise and I think that’s one reason we continue to play along as adults: to escape ourselves for a few hours and take on a different appearance/mannerisms.

If you plan on incorporating drinking into your Halloween festivities, remember it is just as important to drink “in character” as it is to dress up as one; Rosie wouldn’t be sipping a martini, yaknowwhudImean? I equipped her with a 6-er of Rainier: blue collar booze.

If you still need an idea, check out these two courtesy of StyleMint.

I envision Audrey with a nice light microbrew or a Gin & Ginger and Edie with…well anything that’ll help swig back barbiturates.

Plan accordingly m’dears & be safe!


PoseCity xo.