Slow to judge; quick to pose.

#nowplaying RiRi!

Balance has been restored to the RiRi Force, hurrah! The video, meh- I mean it’s melodramahhhh x 10 [and quite laughable at times, see “MINE” being forcefully tatted on her booty, hilar!] but I really like the song. In related news, check out her purdy stint in the November issue of British Vogue, cover below- so beautiful against the bright blue.

I’ve been pondering ‘judgement’ this week after a particular “you just got served by the universe” incident on Wednesday at work. I’m grateful for these moments when I am so obviously put in my place, but am often ashamed by the thoughts and events leading up to them. I’m striving to remember the saying “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” [the Internet is having a battle of its own trying to attribute that quote to someone- Plato is the winner it seems] in terms of snap judgements on relative strangers. Now, judging someone you actually know and quite possibly might even love? GO AHEAD!!!!

More to report from the Rosy Posy City:

  • I got my hurr cut at Gold + Arrow salon on Tuesday. Does it look like St.Vincent? No. Does it look much different at all? Not really. But it feels better to me, and I am very happy with Melissa’s handiwork. She thinned it out a lot and understands how curly hair needs to be snipped in an almost random way to achieve the ‘bed head’ look I like. I told her I like big hair and she replied “you want big hair, I’ll give you big hair, baby”- lifetime customer, made!


  • Weather has been lovely lately, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really difficult to stand out in fall/winter here. I’m not going for a Lady Gaga look by any means, but with each passing lady, I start to notice that we’re all pretty much dressed the same, give or take a scarf or two. Just an observation that further reinforces my thought that true style is in the details. It’s the addition(s) of unique accessories that serve as an extension of our personalities– that are certainly not all cookie-cutter –that keep us from looking like we all stepped out of the window of [insert trendy store].
  • Still on the hunt for black boots. I’ve lowered my standards considerably already due to bleak results from all my favorite haunts; I was determined to find THE PERFECT pair, and I had saved up to pay for them, too. But “they” are no where to be found thus far. I’ve succeeded in procuring brown and – gasp- even red boots at vintage shops, but it seems like every pair of black boots I try on makes me look like I’m getting ready to board a space shuttle. Moon boots, WTFuzz? – not cute. Search continues……….

You dissin' my look, Reed?

  • Colored tights are going to be “my thing” for fall; first order of biznass is to get more than two pairs [purple and teal]. Also see above where I write that ladies start to all look the same in the cooler months: tights, boots, scarf, etc. – hoping this adds extra flair to my outfits, but they are also on trend right now, so we shall see.
  • My mom is the wisest woman I know: this is not news, but I recently caught up on the blog she writes for, SpouseConnect. When my dad retired from ministry after 35+ years, I thought her commitment to the site – aimed at providing supporting words to clergy spouses – had ended, but it has actually morphed into a way for her to share what to expect post-“pastor’s wife/husband” status. This particular list of items called “Ten Foundations for your House” resonated with me. Regardless of your place in life or your faith or lack thereof, this is just good advice. Thanks for sharing, MJR ❤
  • My arty Flux: Fashion on Lend: Reflections on Six Weeks of Swaps  was posted on Monday and I am extremely happy with how it turned out and especially that my own iPhone photo was included to give it a nice personal touch. It was the first “first person” piece I’ve done for NN and I enjoyed it very much [and Laura approved, too- phew!]. I am disappointed at the lack of comments; maybe people just do not care about such a service, but the piece got picked up by a few media outlets here and still received little actual reader feedback. Something to note for the future of this idea, for sure.

Just call me 'Anna Leibovitz'

That’s the good word from #6 for now; I hope my reeders are having a great weekend thus far. I reiterate: “be kind, for there are a lot of fashion victims out there.” Er……wait…. well, you get my drift.
PoseCity xo.

When in Venice….

Apparently there is a film festival going on there right now? I don’t really give a fuzz cuz all I can see is that peeps are bringing it: behold Kate, Diane, & Marisa.

I am delighted to see each of these ladies looking so good! Although the three ensembles are very different, each is appropriate for the occasion [Kate & Marisa are at photo calls for their respective films, while Diane is working it at a premiere] and fitting for the actress’s age and frame. The photos here are courtesy of, but also check out Celebuzz and InStyle for more [caution: not all are as well dressed as these three].

Which conveniently brings us to our next subject– or rather our next question– of the post: Keira Knightly or Anna Wintour? Pretty sure we now know who will be playing the notorious Editrix in her posthumous biopic. Let’s just hope it premiers in Venice!

In follow-up news: apparently I wasn’t the only one aghast at RiRi’s feathered garb. HuffPost reports that animal rights group PETA has scolded her for wearing ostrich feathers that “might have been collected in a cruel or harmful way — possibly while the animal was still alive.” SHOO, and I thought it was just a fashion crime! #goawaypeta

Also of note: PoseCity heroine Carine Roitfeld answers some Q’s from the NYT, including one regarding the charms of another PoseCity esteemed citizen, Tom Ford. #wanthernewbook

And finally, in news of the truly bizarre, I’m taking this holiday weekend and going…CAMPING.

 Normally, <— this would totally be my attitude if such an activity was presented. However, I feel extremely lucky to have the holiday off this year, and I’ve been craving a bit of an escape from the almighty SCREEN [computer, phone, computer, computer, phone, glazed, not focusing just zoning, etc.]. My friends were generous enough to invite me along, and for a very economical rate, I will be in the wilderness for 48 hours! Wish me luck.






Remember: a foxy pose per day keeps the animal activists away. Surely my exursion into nature [and my aversion to ostrich] will keep ME off their hit-list for the time being…

Until next post!


PoseCity xo.

A tale of two photos.

#nowplaying American Water -Silver Jews

For all intensive purposes, I was having a jolly good AM. I was planning on going to yoga later in the day, but woke up early and felt rested, so I caught the early class which was great. [side note: the studio I’ve been going to, Yoga on Yamhill, is ab fab: donation-based fee, full schedule, chill teachers- check it out PDX-ers!] I get home, settle into my java and interwebz routine, and…

Photo cred:

GAH! Now you might not recognize the person above- I know I had difficulty doing so- but it is in fact dear Ri Ri. I don’t really know where to start about my disdain for this look, but I will say it ages her about 25 years and nearly dimmed my morning glow. Let us not linger, but cleanse our eyes!

Ah, much better. The above image was reblogged on Jane’s Vanity‘s tumblr, The Vanity Enchantment, which incidentally has me quite enchanted lately. Conversely, this photo makes me smile; I love the matte, bright colors, and of course the jewels. And what is she sipping? I think a milkshake, probably chocolate. Phew, all better.

In far more important news, I am very excited to share that I am a part of an experiment in consumerism (or lack thereof) called Flux: Fashion on Lend. By one of those magical Interwebz connections, I learned about this through a Tweet by Marjorie Skinner, the fashion writer for The Mercury, and immediately sought involvement with Laura Allcorn, the woman behind the project. Long story shorter, Laura and I met last week and I agreed to participate in her lending library 6 week trial consisting of 10 women who can borrow/”check out” one item of clothing at a time from her prime space in the Galleria Building right downtown [just a block away from Central Library, perf!].

I am very interested in the idea of “alternative libraries” and have often pondered how awesome it would be to have a clothing/accessories library. I know that some form of this exists online for handbags [Sex & the City Movie anyone?!] but doing this locally and with predominantly thrifted items- as Laura is doing- is most appealing. I went to the space this weekend and selected my first item, a sheer lacy top that I wore out last night with a high waisted skirt and big silver necklace. I am going to wear it again this week to work and will try and get a photo, as I’d like to document all of my borrowed items and how many times I wear them. A priceless added bonus: Laura and I hit it off right away and I am grateful to have a new friend AND a new top. Win x 2.

That’s all for now Pose-rs. Wishing you all happy thoughts in your dear heads and sweet images on your screens; there is so much beauty to be seen!


PoseCity xo.

Fringe benefits.

Greetings and salutations my dears! Hope my Guest Pose-r’s guide to March Madness is proving helpful to your bracket. I think the Fashion Goddesses will indeed reward those coaches who put an effort into looking good. Time will tell! Tick tock.

Please enjoy this tune from Mrs. Jack White. Before Karen, the only model in a music video appearance I could get behind was the supermodels of the 90’s writhing about/lip synching in George Michael’s Freedom [PBC]. But Ms. Elson changed all that, and I’ve loved this song and video ever since her album came out last year. It is so simple- no flashy effects or product placement [I’m talking to you, Britters!]- just Karen, beautifully lit as if she was actually under the moonlight she is referencing in the song. And c’mon, that dress! Swoon x 10. Full disclosure: I have a huge lady crush on her, so I’d probs approve if she was strumming “Old MacDonald” in front of a dirty sheet.
Some more glimpses of her just because: striking a fierce pose/making Bozo the Clown hair look hott in Tom Ford’s eyewear campaign from a few years ago, and also looking gorgi in a photo shoot from marie claire magazine in 2010 :

Alright, enough gushing. The meat and taters of this post will be of the “Shopping Excursions” variety. With birthday ca$h in tow, I headed to one of my latest “can’t go in without buying something” shops, Fringe Vintage. Particularly troubling/awesome is the fact that Fringe is within walking distance of #5 AND very close to beloved Folly, which I am bound to visit once a weekend. Gah! Self control… never a strength of mine. Lucky for me, Fringe is extremely affordable and always seems to have some sort of sale special going on. My last two visits the entire shop was 15% off and this time, the super friendly owner gave me a card granting 10% off whenever presented at the register. Um, OKAY! Such perks are incentives to keep coming back, as if the amazing selection was not enough. Below: Receipt & card against my new floral slip with black lace trim!

During my trip today, I also scored the bitchin’ ring you’ll see when you hop over to check out my jewels o’ the day and a floral top. Perhaps I’m in a flower phase in anticipation of Spring’s calendar arrival in a few days? A gal can dream!
Please add Fringe Vintage to your must see list next time you are out and about lookin’ all fine in the Rose City. I accept ‘thank yous’ in the form of store merchandise, FYI.

One more bit of great news before I dash off: BOYCOTT OF RI RI IS OVER!

Just arrived in my mail box today. Sigh… so lovely. The photos inside are not as beautiful as the cover, but are enough to end our spat/bring balance to the Ri Ri Force once again. I know I’ll sleep better tonight!
[bonus points for noticing the teaser to the right re: Mary Kate & Ashley article, woot!]
[double bonus for noticing promise of an Amar’e feature inside, woot comma woot!]
Evening plans: night on the town getting cozy with mah Vogue.

Singing models, flowers showing up on clothing and in nature, love restored.
A good day indeed.

PoseCity xo.


Is there any other song to post right now?! Methinks NOT. Lots [LOTS] can be said about Ms. Gags, but true to form, this tune gets my body moving! And c’mon, what’s not to love about an empowering message? Madge/Cher rip-off accusations be damned. I just can’t wait to be on a dance floor when this is played for the first time of the night!

Speaking of Lady G, the Grammy’s happened on Sunday and were the typical fashion nightmare they always are. Am in a 2011 boycott of RiRi. Yes it is shocking, but girlfrand needs to pull herself togeth:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Ok, I can sort of overlook the ridic performance garb because it is for a dramatic stage effect blah blah blah. But the white Jean Paul Gaultier for the red carpet?! Somebody help me understand cuz I don’t. The boycott continues until further notice. Tragic.

Opposite of a Rural Jerk: I’d love to call attention to a subject I don’t often focus on for what should be obvious reasons: DUDE FASHION! Take a look around the Rose City however, and it is clear that this topic needs plenty of attention. Am reminded of a quote from Clueless

So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair – ew – and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.

Fo realz, trade ‘baggy’ for ‘nut hugging’ and you’ve got PDX Dude Fashion 2K11. Unacceptable. Enter The Urban Gentleman [TUG], an uber user friendly life & style site that features tips for guys on everything from manscaping to where to take yer lady on a night out. There’s even a “Cars & Electronics” tab so it is safe for dude in question to have open in a public place! I don’t mean to tease- guys need a lot more help than most girls. I’m merely suggesting a way to get that help. And ladies, the site is fun to read for us, too- aaaaaand TUG does provide plenty of eye candy for all the sexes, ahem:

Photo cred:

Oh yes, yer welcome.

For extra giggles:
To Mugg or Not to Mugg?

Am soliciting insights for future EyeCon posts, FYI. I really want to have more Guest Posts to present other opinions and points of view as I obvi don’t have the end all/be all say on everything fashion…….just don’t tell my blogging alter ego that, WINK!

Mucha lova,

PoseCity xo.


Greetings my loves, hello 2011. Hope you all had a fantastic NYE/NYD! I rung in the New Year dancing to a Lady G montage underneath a disco ball, champagne in hand… methinks a good sign for what is to come.

I am really enjoying the newish Kanye West album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Thanks, EJJ! I usually like Kanye’s “radio hits” as great workout/dance tunes, but I don’t really listen to him that often. This video is simple and I love the dancers in their black ensembles. Graceful ballerinas and calm piano notes give the video a softness which is unexpected from Mistah West. Hopes ya likes!

I’ve been contemplating an epic “BEST OF 2010” post where I wrap up the year in style in my own words. However, imma let these two peeps from NYT do it for me because 1) honestly, I’ve had the blues this week and do not feel like devoting that much time to it right now and 2) they do a great job… which is why they write for the NYT and I… no time for comparisons, it is a new year GD it! Focus on the positive.

Cathy Horyn’s Key Fashion Moments of 2010
Eric Wilson’s Key Fashion Moments of 2010

Some overlap there, clearly the suicide of A. McQ should be on all end of year lists, but a few unique points brought by both [bravo for Wilson’s nod to Jeggings!].

My personal style hero of the year should be no surprise:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

I don’t always agree with Rihanna’s choices, however I applaud her consistently fearless approach to fashion and her willingness to change it up often.

Right there with RiRi is FLOTUS:

Photo cred:

The woman DOES NOT miss. Always looks polished, current, hott. The picture of class. Get chu some, Barry!

The casual styles this past year made me very happy (boots, skinnies, scarves) and I hope to see such a trend continue:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

So there ya have it, in brief. Keep it stylin, because looking drab is sooooo last year!

PoseCity xo.

Off [s]he goes…

Beaut from PJ’s No Code. If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to include a tune in every post. Most often, it’s the music playing whilst I write, or just a song that I’ve had on repeat. Hope it makes yer ears happy frappy.

In blog-related news, I want to make my site better, more organized, easier to navigate. I want more people to read. I want specific content to be housed in one place. Desired improvements are possible, I just do not know WordPress well enough to make them happen at this moment. Seeking help. Results pending..

Once again, it is nast outside today! Must be winter in the Rose City. In such instances, putting ‘Calm Radio’ on itunes and reading on the couch about my heroine, Louisa May Alcott, for hours seems inevitable [and also like I am age 78+]. Have combatted potential all day hermitage with the following images of goodness. Enjoy, kittens!

Photo cred:

From V Magazine’s “Who Cares About Age?” issue. Um, not me if this is what awaits over the hill.

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet - Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

When I purchased Loud from itunes, it included a “digital booklet,” the contents of which I just discovered today. It is super great to have the album artwork, but it also seems like another sign that compact discs are near demise, no? I did catch a vid of my love’s AMA performance last night…*grumbles of discontent/confusion*… but since we are focusing on the positive in this post, I must not comment [burn!].

Photo cred:

Is this for real?! A report, per NYT, that new Celine accessories will be wrapped up like candy when purchased. Talk about sweet packaging! As if buying something from Celine wouldn’t already send my insulin levels through the roof.

Hope all them photos made yer insides all warm and sunny. In keeping with my ‘Money Is Not Real’ life motto [see also: ‘The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God’ & ‘Fake It Till You Make It’], I plan on visiting the ohsocharming Palace today- 15% off on Mondays, I mean, how can I resist?! This after dropping a ridic amount of $$$ at Folly yesterday on an amazing, super warm sweater with pockets. It is essentially a blanket that can be worn in public. Love button! Special thanks x 10 to Sarah for the VIP treatment. Misooo lucky.

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..” – Shut up, Carpenters! Go forth and prosper, Pose-rs. Until next time..

PoseCity xo.