Hoarding Tendencies.

I’ve been collecting receipts lately. I say “collecting” because this isn’t for any financial reason, but rather a sort of extension of journaling. It all started when I stumbled upon a receipt from my road trip to Oregon in 2008 and I was pleasantly surprised how much joy I got out of reminiscing by looking at the date, time, and whereabouts of the purchase made. A simple, boring? piece of paper conjured up so many memories and thoughts, who knew?!

Literally days later, I discovered illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt. Reason #127 I adore the Internet is the way one click can be the beginning of a journey of discovery. You just never know what you are going to find, which, depending on the site/place, can be good or bad (NSFW, anyone?!). In this case, it was delightful. I started following Clair Vintage Inspired clothing on Facespace and the owner posed (wink) this question to her Internet posse.

Long story shorter, the artist in question is Ms. Bingaman Burt and I was eventually led to her website where I learned that since 2006, she has been sketching simple line drawings chronicling every purchase she makes. Calling them “Daily Purchase Drawings,” KBB has compiled months of them into small books called Obsessive Consumption. Fascinating! Like illustrated receipts, KBB draws the item and includes the price and date. What a cool idea and quite timely for me, as I have been so interested in purchase records as a way to chronicle life.

Follow KBB on the Twit @katebingburt & check out her website, The Office of Kate Bingaman Burt, where there is much more to view.

Meanwhile, back in #6…. Summer is here, but not the heat and humidity elsewhere. A lot of fab purchases have been made, a lot of great manis have been self-applied, a lot of loving, of sorrow, of confusion; aka somewhat normal. I’ve struggled to manage my time in front of a computer screen, thus explaining bouts of absence from blogging. I don’t want to be sitting on my tushy when it’s glorious outside, or when I’ve been a sloth at my desk at work all day. But I also have assignments and such that must be completed. It’s a constant balancing game, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel quite resolved about how I spend my time. #whitegirlproblems

Speaking of assignments, my Neighborhood Notes editor made an awesome aside on the style page where peeps are encouraged to communicate ideas and comments with me directly via email and the Twit. I needed a vote of confidence from that gig and this has really helped boost my morale. I hope I get some responses!

Ok, now for some eye candy. Some recent purchases, some recent manis. As always, enjoy!

As you can see, even without my stack o’ receipts, I have not been skimping in the shopping department. DUH.

Farewell for now, Pose-rs!

PS. hope you like the new theme.


PoseCity xo.

Plan B [which beats Plan A, and is still golden]

Another successful trip to Little Edie’s Five & Dime today! As I’ve written before, Little Edie’s is one of my go-to shops for thrifting. Truth be told, my end-of-event retail therapy sesh goal today was to acquire these:

Photo cred: theshoedish.com

I envisioned them as the perfect reward at the end of a demanding few weeks at work. Alas, Nordie downtown did not have my size, or any size for that matter, boo hiss,  in the glittery gold version of this popular slip-on. [Sidenote: I don’t see many around town so who the fuzz is snapping up all of them?! Tweens? Vampires? I’d sure like to know.] My army green TOMS are well-loved and I’ve been wanting another, flashier, alternative for months. I may take to the interwebz to get my pair, I may just wait it out and check a few other locations around town. Needless to say, I walked home in the rain, tired as balls, dejected that my reward plan was foiled.

ENTER: Little Edie’s!
Stopped in today totally on a whim after checking out Milepost 5 for my GalTime article this week. As a part of their “grand opening weekend,” Milepost 5 advertised a free writing workshop and I figured it sure as shiz couldn’t hurt, plus I’ve been wanting to check out this self-proclaimed “Community for Creatives” for a while now. On my way home, I was zoning out like ya do on the highway [JK, mom!], and I realized I could swing by Little Edie’s quite conveniently if I took the next exit. DONE and oh yes that’s right DONE. Behold my findings:

I still cannot believe this purse score. It sat in a case that was new since my last visit and I noticed it en route to the register. I struck out in the garment department, yes even with the $1 bin on my side, so I picked up the gold belt [keeping with the color theme of the day] and was going to be on my merry way when I saw “it” behind the glass. It looked luxe, vintage Gucci-esqe, and definitely out of my spending range even though I know Little Edie’s keeps prices low. I opened the flap to reveal the price, $11, and I let out an audible squeal. It would be mine! Such a glorious [and rare] shopping moment when desire and reality meet so perfectly. Another prosperous venture to one of my favorites.
Now currently in need of night out to debut purse. Hmm….

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. And to those of you in the great state of Oregon, keep those poses extra flashy; we could all use some light amongst the gloom!

PoseCity xo.