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In the grand tradition of retail therapy on my 1/2 day Fridays, I stopped by one of my downtown favorites, Living Threads Vintage this afternoon. I walked away with an amazing “carpet bag” purse with quite the roomy interior [to be used as a work bag alternative to my trusty Samsonite] and yet another tiny porcelain vessel to hold jewels. Both for $20?! SOLD.


Off the beaten path.

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First and foremost, I want to make good on my promise to share a photo of my clogs. I picked them up on Friday afternoon and quickly decided they would make their debut later that evening [thank you, dry weather]. I’ve been quite enamored by the clogs + tights pairing this winter and now that we’re moving into *air quotes* spring, my infatuation shows no sign of waning.

An appointment late in the week took me to N. Williams, a stretch of town that I rarely visit, except for the occasional Little Edie’s/Waypost doubleheader. And even then, those fine establishments are further removed from what I’d call the “main stretch,” home to many popular dining & shopping destinations. I hadn’t been up that way since I had the privilege of meeting & interviewing Rebecca Pearcy, owner & designer of Queen Bee Creations, a line of locally made handbags and textiles [you can reed that “Movers & Makers” feature here, wink wink]. That was early November, and well, it’s now late March. It was high time to return, and with no business to conduct, my wanderings could be purely pleasurable.*spoiler alert* they were!!

I started with proper fuel, as one should, at Ristretto Roasters. It was nice out and their $2 in-house coffee comes with one refill, so I ensconced myself at a sun-drenched table and did some scribing. I appreciate the sturdy mugs there – they also come in white – and might purchase one next visit. Oh, and I almost forgot: the java was delicious!

Post-java, I strolled down to the double-trouble danger zone of Lodekka and Wanderlust, two very well-stocked and affordable vintage shops, both operating out of busses [yes, really].

I’d say it’s criminal to have these darling shops-on-wheels right next to each other, but that only speaks to my weak willpower when it comes to vintage dresses. Really, it’s a dream set-up: they cater to the same consumer, thus doubling the pool of potential buyers. Instead of spreading out – Wanderlust used to be on Alberta and Lodekka at a different location on Wililams – they combined forces, much to the delight of shoppers and, apparently from their sunny dispositions, the respective shop owners. The shared astroturf “yard” between the two busses begs for lingering and chatting, especially on a warm day.

Pictured are the items I came away with after bus shopping. Contrary to what I envisioned, checking out without a register is damn easy, thanks to iPads that can accept plastic and the ability to settle up at either shop. You also don’t have to worry about remembering what came from where or putting unwanted loot back, as the ladies will take care of it.

I really like how the Wanderlust labels have the approximate era of the item in addition to the price; an educational and informative label, like!

Please make a trip N. Williams on your next visit to Portland, or take the time to linger and explore further if, like me, you haven’t been in a while. So much to see, discover, experience, and yes, BUY! Get out and support local gems like Ristretto, Lodekka, and Wanderlust.


PoseCity xo.


Fact: two Kims are better than one.

West End flourishes but keeps its funky urban vibe:” Arty from Oregon Live that relates to my last post re: West End shopping. Apparently calling it ‘downtown’ is so pre-gentrification… so I guess a more accurate post title would’ve been “West End Girl”….. ok fine, cue it up:

Darn you, Oregonian, this song will be in my head for the rest of the day. But yeah, nice to see Flora & Radish Underground mentioned!

One of my *many* fashion philosophies is that clothing and accessories should be given life; if you have a drawer/basket/box full of shiny happy jewels, for example, then for the love of Jebus wear them! This notion contributes greatly to my love of antique, vintage, thrifted, and/or hand-me-down items because if one person isn’t going to wear it, somebody should [except gaucho pants]. I recently visited SB, my favorite shop owner, and imagine my delight when she presented me with a simple cardboard box containing earrings of hers that she was not going to wear by Portland line Ms. Wood.

I purposely didn’t show the entirety of these babes pre-wear, that’d be sacrilege! Kidding, but I am very excited to find the perfect ensemble to pair these with, hopefully this week. Ms. Wood items can be a wee bit out of my price range, so the gift means even more knowing that I probably wouldn’t have bought them for myself.

Let this be a prompt to start thinking about spring cleaning; if you aren’t using it, consider gifting it to someone who will. And don’t wait for a special occasion, either- trust me, you’ll make his/her day!


PoseCity xo.

PS: I’d like some sort of recognition for keeping the “wood” jokes to a minimum.