Outfit Envy.

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As mentioned in my ode to Pinterest last year [“Pin It, Pin it Real Good“], I have a board titled “Outfit Envy” where I pin ensembles that not only catch my eye stylistically, but that I could actually see myself wearing and working on my body type. There’s been a whole lot of pretty floating around my Interwebz circles thus far this week. Sure, the fugs is always lurking, but I’ve felt that the positive is far outweighing the negative, yay. Behold some of my recent desires:
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Jennifer Lawrence – who I think is doing pretty well outfit-wise during her Hunger Games promo bonanza – in a badass jumpsuit by Elizabeth & James. Yes, I know that jumpsuits look best on the long & lean but, lawdy! I just want to a) try it on [in black, obvi] and b) have somewhere to wear it.

This lacy dreamboat came into my life via one of my favorite Portland blogs, Honey Kennedy, last week in a post dedicated to the line it’s from, Kelly Love: Into the Woods. I hate the footwear styling, but the belt is a perfect addition. If this were mine, I think I’d carry a rose around just for the hell of it, too!

Ok, I don’t quite fully understand my love for this…this.. top/skirt/reverse cape thing.. perhaps it’s inexplicable, but I want it. I love this look. I found it gazing through the 10 Best Dressed on Vogue.com  – like ya do every Monday – and immediately flagged it for further investigation post-work. The woman’s name is Astrid Bergés-Frisbey and the outfit is Chanel and it’s gorgeous in its unique intricacy. That’s actually way more information needed to simply covet this like cray!

These next two are especially lust-worthy because they actually have the potential to be mine [!!!!]:

 Above, a sunny summer frock at Flutter, and below, a teal dress with fuchsia accents at Animal Traffic on Mississippi Ave.

Gah!!! I don’t even know what to say anymore. Maybe these two speak to my desire for a season change; maybe I just f*ing love vintage dresses. Whatever it is, let’s just say that you can count on seeing my bloggin’ booty up on Mississippi within the next few days.

Hope I’ve pampered yer peepers with these pretty outfits, but don’t take my word for it. What do YOU think of these? Would they go on your “Outfit Envy” or “Outfit Enemy” board [oh yeah]?!

Unrelated to “Outfit Envy” – because I don’t think anyone else could do it justice – I must share this look before I sign off:

Drop-dead-gorgeous-like-better-than-Grace Kelly-MUCH?? Queen Kate in Jenny Packham. Bow down!


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Pin it, pin it real good.

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Thanks to an invite from my lovely friend over at bonne independence, I recently joined Pinterest. Like I’ve said before, I’m not the earliest of adopters when it comes to new gadgets/services and in this case, I resisted Pinterest for many months on the grounds that it would be one more thing to keep up with and take away from what I see as more productive uses of time […..yeah…]. The service is simple: users add a “Pin It” button to their bookmarks bar and when an image of interest comes up online, one can “pin” said visual to a virtual board. These boards can be categorized as the user sees fit; Pinterest generates a few generic suggestions like “For the Home” or “Places I Want to Go” and your pins show up in a newsfeed-type format where other users can comment, like, &/or repin to their respective boards. I am really glad that they let you personalize the names of your boards, as I cannot imagine being locked into the ones they provide. As of now, my board categories are: Prints, Fashion, Bling, Crushes, Inspiration, Hair, Outfit Envy, and Fail.

Examples of Pins to “Crushes” [left] and “Outfit Envy” [right]

I can’t say that I’m a Pinterst nut or that I’ll keep up with it with the same enthusiasm I felt upon signing up [I was self-concious about having “naked” boards so I went a little overboard in my first hour..] , but I really like that there is no expectation to be verbose; you can be as involved or active as you want to be, where as a blog is a format dependent on the user posting and posting often.

I struggle with being concise [see: most of my blog entries] and working within a word count restriction is really difficult for me as a writer. It’s definitely not that I think I have SOOOOO much genius to share, it’s just that I’m not skilled at describing things in a succinct manner. That skill is one I envy in others and I think it is what makes a writer marketable and most importantly – depending on the outlet – REED-able. Last thing you want as a writer is that big “TLDR” from your audience [too long didn’t reed]. I like that Pinterest is an outlet where I can simply add an image I like – for whatever reason – and that is all. I’m even annoyed that the site requires that you say something about your Pin; I tire of typing generic sentiments like “love it,” “pretty,” “yes please,” so I’ve just been posting a “.” [take that!].

It is a nice departure from feeling like I must describe things in ultra-detail and also the pressure of a word count. For now and for fun, go Pinterest!

More from my boards [that I will not go into any detail about]:


PoseCity xo.