Deets Please.

Man, Vogue is all the rage lately! Since the launch of  Voguepedia late last week, all I’ve wanted to do is write faux research papers about Carolina Herrera, et al. just so I could cite “Voguepedia” as a source [scholarly, right?].  A few days ago, I stumbled upon another gem on the magazine’s website: “Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl,” which I hope is pretty self-explanatory. If the archive is any indication, this isn’t a regular feature [dislike] but maybe with enough ‘clicks’ it will be- shoo, I know I’ve done my part to help!

 Clearly, these women have ginorm amounts of expendable income [no less than 3 Cartier Love bracelets spotted on any given click-through..must contain jealousy…] and can match fabulous bags with the finest textiles. However, while I obviously looooove the outfits/accessories, I’m most fond of the photographs and the spotlight they shine on the small accoutrements that can pull an outfit together. Such particulars can also serve to define the wearer, as I’m sure we all know someone who wears [insert repeated jewelry/accessory item here] everyday and it has become a staple of his/her look. I know I felt nekkid yesterday when I forgot the 3 or 4 bangles I always wear on my right wrist. My Vogue slideshow [photo shoot date TBA..] would definitely include a snap of said bracelets. [all lovely snaps courtesy of Vogue.com, natch]

I’ve always thought that true style is in the details- anyone can buy an outfit off a mannequin and wear it just fine- but not everyone can create a “look” as these women do day after day. Obviously, if I knew Vogue was going to be taking my photo for five days in a row, I’d bring it [after going shopping, maxing out credit card, etc.], but I also feel a genuine sense of moxie in each spread and I love how every slideshow has a few close-ups of the goodies that give the outfit flare [see: bright nails, stacked rings].

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! In what ways do you use details to enhance personal style?

OH, I almost forgot… NAIL TIME:
A co-worker remarked “birthday party” when she saw them today, a fitting description.
Signing off for this pose!

PoseCity xo.