#dailybling & Sunday Adventures


Had to show my Indy pride on Race Day!

Indiana quarter ring: AutoPilot Empires, by way of Animal Traffic downtown
Stackable cheapies: H&M
Nails: Sephora


Wall of beautiful boots at Centerville Western Stores


Bolts of perfect prints at Pendleton Woolen Mills Outlet


Kitschy Heaven at SC’s

Good friends know me well. Can’t wait to pick through this bounty from SB!

You’re a stone fox.

The streak continues! For realz, the Dunster is my #1 lady crush right now. Yeah, you hear that, RiRi?! Just check out these photos of her from Vs. Magazine [all photos linked to source]…..

SWOON!!!! See more here or better yet, check out the issue in person if you can find it. Vs. is one of those gorgeous magazines I always want to buy, but it’s around $10 so I never do. Of course, that’s a meager bar tab or 4.5 days of coffees… #perspective. JSYK: if you live in PDX, Magazine Mecca= Rich’s Cigar Store. I’ve been stopping in the downtown location on my lunch break lately to get lost in a dreamy publication for a few minutes. Plus, it smells amazing in there and makes me want to smoke a pipe like the man behind the counter always is…at work… love it!

More KiKi, just ‘cuz:

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now. That last one is from NYT’s T Magazine shot by Terry Richardson, FYI.

I had to run a rando work errand on Thursday for an Account Executive who has Pendleton in her portfolio of clients who run workplace giving campaigns on behalf of the non-profit I work for. She needed a box returned to the home goods store a few blocks away, and given the beautiful fall weather and chance to escape my cube, I jumped at the chance to help. On the second floor of the retail space are the company offices and it was SO COOL to see the history of the company and how its many prints have become iconic. The brand has coupled with uber hip retailer Opening Ceremony, in the past, and is currently wooing a whole new generation of fans with its Portland Collection. The walls are lined with a timeline of photos and memorabilia; here are two pics I snapped.

A humdrum errand that turned into a fashion history lesson of sorts- like button!

Yesterday I stopped into Betsy & Iya for a post-payday treat; obvi I was not disappointed. Not only was there a 15% off sale through the weekend, but I also got to chat with B briefly and I enjoy keeping in touch with her. I often hear people say that Portland is a small town, and these connections really emphasize that to me and I like being able to get to know shop owners and employees. I scored a sweet hand-painted top and a gold cuff at B&I… and was quite taken with their clever dressing room occupancy indicator:

*Squee*! It pulls down like one of those tests at the eye doctor. Clearly, I got a kick out of it.

I headed up to N. Mississippi over the weekend, a veritable paradise for a fall day wanderin’. Paid visits to all my faves up thurr, including Flutter, where I was quite taken with the neckline of this peach colored slip/nightgown:

Not quite sure what’s going on with the wonky stuff job, but lumpy boobies cannot ruin this, goshdarnit! This was gorgeous in person, flowing all the way to the ankles. Can you imagine wearing something like this to bed?! I wear my lacrosse sweats from high school [cut off, oh hai] and old t-shirts, swap sweats for shorts in the warmer months- try and contain your arousal. I can’t help but think sweet dreams would be inevitable in such a garment.

Signing off for now.


PoseCity xo.