Off [s]he goes…

Beaut from PJ’s No Code. If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to include a tune in every post. Most often, it’s the music playing whilst I write, or just a song that I’ve had on repeat. Hope it makes yer ears happy frappy.

In blog-related news, I want to make my site better, more organized, easier to navigate. I want more people to read. I want specific content to be housed in one place. Desired improvements are possible, I just do not know WordPress well enough to make them happen at this moment. Seeking help. Results pending..

Once again, it is nast outside today! Must be winter in the Rose City. In such instances, putting ‘Calm Radio’ on itunes and reading on the couch about my heroine, Louisa May Alcott, for hours seems inevitable [and also like I am age 78+]. Have combatted potential all day hermitage with the following images of goodness. Enjoy, kittens!

Photo cred:

From V Magazine’s “Who Cares About Age?” issue. Um, not me if this is what awaits over the hill.

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet - Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

When I purchased Loud from itunes, it included a “digital booklet,” the contents of which I just discovered today. It is super great to have the album artwork, but it also seems like another sign that compact discs are near demise, no? I did catch a vid of my love’s AMA performance last night…*grumbles of discontent/confusion*… but since we are focusing on the positive in this post, I must not comment [burn!].

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Is this for real?! A report, per NYT, that new Celine accessories will be wrapped up like candy when purchased. Talk about sweet packaging! As if buying something from Celine wouldn’t already send my insulin levels through the roof.

Hope all them photos made yer insides all warm and sunny. In keeping with my ‘Money Is Not Real’ life motto [see also: ‘The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God’ & ‘Fake It Till You Make It’], I plan on visiting the ohsocharming Palace today- 15% off on Mondays, I mean, how can I resist?! This after dropping a ridic amount of $$$ at Folly yesterday on an amazing, super warm sweater with pockets. It is essentially a blanket that can be worn in public. Love button! Special thanks x 10 to Sarah for the VIP treatment. Misooo lucky.

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..” – Shut up, Carpenters! Go forth and prosper, Pose-rs. Until next time..

PoseCity xo.