Off [s]he goes…

Beaut from PJ’s No Code. If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to include a tune in every post. Most often, it’s the music playing whilst I write, or just a song that I’ve had on repeat. Hope it makes yer ears happy frappy.

In blog-related news, I want to make my site better, more organized, easier to navigate. I want more people to read. I want specific content to be housed in one place. Desired improvements are possible, I just do not know WordPress well enough to make them happen at this moment. Seeking help. Results pending..

Once again, it is nast outside today! Must be winter in the Rose City. In such instances, putting ‘Calm Radio’ on itunes and reading on the couch about my heroine, Louisa May Alcott, for hours seems inevitable [and also like I am age 78+]. Have combatted potential all day hermitage with the following images of goodness. Enjoy, kittens!

Photo cred:

From V Magazine’s “Who Cares About Age?” issue. Um, not me if this is what awaits over the hill.

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet - Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

When I purchased Loud from itunes, it included a “digital booklet,” the contents of which I just discovered today. It is super great to have the album artwork, but it also seems like another sign that compact discs are near demise, no? I did catch a vid of my love’s AMA performance last night…*grumbles of discontent/confusion*… but since we are focusing on the positive in this post, I must not comment [burn!].

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Is this for real?! A report, per NYT, that new Celine accessories will be wrapped up like candy when purchased. Talk about sweet packaging! As if buying something from Celine wouldn’t already send my insulin levels through the roof.

Hope all them photos made yer insides all warm and sunny. In keeping with my ‘Money Is Not Real’ life motto [see also: ‘The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God’ & ‘Fake It Till You Make It’], I plan on visiting the ohsocharming Palace today- 15% off on Mondays, I mean, how can I resist?! This after dropping a ridic amount of $$$ at Folly yesterday on an amazing, super warm sweater with pockets. It is essentially a blanket that can be worn in public. Love button! Special thanks x 10 to Sarah for the VIP treatment. Misooo lucky.

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..” – Shut up, Carpenters! Go forth and prosper, Pose-rs. Until next time..

PoseCity xo.

Fit for a Queen.

A recent day-off shop visit has my Pose-worthy panties all in a twist… for all the right reasons. Wink!

Palace came heavily recommended to me by a trusted source. I did my research and found out that they are closed on Mondays [keep reading for an update on this… foreshadowing!], so I made a rare Sunday visit to the east side after my time at Folly. As if I needed an excuse to make a venture to my old stomping grounds! After properly caffeinating courtesy of nearby Stumptown on Belmont, I headed across the street to shop/scout/judge.

Stepping into Palace is like stepping into a Sofia Coppola movie. Very Virgin Suicides to me; little details of whimsy here and there, porcelain figures adorned the counter of an antique chest of drawers in the dressing room- a room that is concealed not by a hum drum curtain or door, but by a patchwork quilt [mom, can you hear me?]. I half expected an ethereal Kirsten Dunst as Lux Lisbon to emerge and help me zip up the dress I was trying on. It was amazing and the very essence of why boutique shopping is so special. These shops create an ambiance, an experience that is unattainable in a mall or Nordstrom Rack. And the best part? Palace is actually just as affordable as the generic, mass produced big guys.

Photo cred: PoseCity

Ok, so the BEST part might actually be the cassette of Live Through This that I scored along with the items above, but in any case, Palace is a destination for all ranks of fashion royalty. Immediate Facebook support followed my visit, and I am thrilled to report that starting November 1, they will not only be open on Mondays, but will offer 15% off on all purchases on the most manic day of the week. LIKE.

My visit to Palace clearly got me a few stylish and affordable finds, but in the grand tradition of retail as therapy, it also got my mind working. Life has been ridiculously good lately… so much so, that I am wary to even “put it in writing” for fear of a jinx. Sure, not everything is perfect in PoseLand [shocked?!], but the amount of positive energy I’ve felt since I started writing has been intoxicating. When work/life struggles zap my mind, it is so comforting to know that I have carved out a sanctuary of sorts for my creativity to manifest itself. And the fact that I get to share it with the people that I care about makes it all the more rewarding.

Earlier this week, I got the chance to do my first interview feature for The Neat Sheet. Talking with my charming subject, Red Light store manager Erica Easley, helped me join together a few random thoughts that had been aimlessly wandering in my mind for a while now, thoughts having to do with shopping locally and what that means vs. shopping at a retail powerhouse like H&M [coming at long last to PDX 11.11.10!]. Erica drew the parallel between the trendy movement to eat locally [buying in season fruits/veggies, patronizing restaurants that source from regional farms, giving business to the neighborhood bar, etc.] and what should be an equal push towards shopping locally [boutiques, independent retailers, crafty friends, etc.]. For some reason, when she started talking about those two ideas being connected, my visit to Palace, my time at Folly, my contributions to The Neat Sheet, all started to coalesce into something beyond my original intention of expanding my mind outside of 9-5 life. If communities were collectively committed to supporting local establishments, would it slowly become more affordable to do so? Could a uniting sense of commonality come from the mere act of buyer autonomy? Can I create constant choruses of creatively composed alliteration?

I’m a sucker for Forever 21 and the like just as much as the next underpaid Jane perusing the mall on her day off. I sure as shit do not plan on abandoning my bargain shopping ways anytime soon, but rather I find it essential to the sustainability of the city I inhabit, the city I love, the city in which I strike such a foxy pose (and thus have material to write..) to make an effort to purchase from places like Palace. Of course, in the event of a ginorm raise, I would obvi consider diverting all fashion expenditures to the local yokels.

Until then, I urge you to bring awareness to the power of your dollar. Where it goes can have an impact on what goes up around you. It is the same reason why living in Portland I wouldn’t dream of going out of my way to choose a Starbucks when there countless independent alternatives that offer a better quality cuppa joe than the corporate sludge. If you want to see more gems like Palace, then support those types of establishments. It sounds simple, but spending the extra dollar or twenty to shop at boutiques really gets you so much more than the article(s) you leave with. I describe my visit to Palace as an experience, not an errand. I devoted a whole post to it, for chrissake! And it is prescisely that type of stimulation, of sensory arousal that makes the extra money worthwhile.

Pose-rs spend their bucks wisely. You are what you eat AND where you shop.

Until next meal, er, post…


PoseCity xo.