So fresh, so clean.

On a big Outkast kick right now, hope ya can dig on it, too.
Speaking of, talk about major boner-kill: you pick up a CD [Aquemini] from the hold shelf at the library, one that you’ve no doubt been waiting patiently for, then getting home and realize it is a “CLEAN” version. Um, what?! I wasn’t aware those were still made. Ugg…gross! Seems so wrong to censor like that. Reminds me of when Wal-Mart would not carry Nirvana’s In Utero unless “Rape Me” was edited. Damn! “Gee, whiz!!!”

Oh mah lordy, so much going on and, per us, I feel so behind. I must resign myself to the fact that I will most likely never feel completely caught up and aware of all that is happening in the style/entertainment world. I am so sorry to break this news to my faithful….must counteract all negative energy with FASHION! GO!


Tiny bun in teeny oven: RZ confirms preggo rumors, obvi relying on Twatter to spread the joyous news. Bet that womb is littered with venti Starfucks cups and bug-eye sunglasses.

You’re too kind: Check out these tricked out friendship bracelets from Frieda and Nellie. Badass! And yes, I will accept multiple versions as holiday presents. You can finally scratch “Favorite Fashion Blogger” off your gift list. YER WELCOME.

Kate Moss gets big honor from Vogue: ‘Best Dressed Woman o’ the Decade’ does have a nicer ring than ‘Cocaine Kate.’ I cannot argue with this accolade. Miss Moss is fabu, even in wellies and bum-exposing hot pants!

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards: They happened. On Monday. These people looked good. I want to go.

This arrived:

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Thank you, Betsey Facebook and free overnight shipping! xo

More Miss Berry goodness:

Photo cred:

Gah! Perfection yet again.

And this was actually worn. In public:

Photo cred:

Had to end on a laugh. Just makes me sleep better.

Until next post, ponder this… if a major life announcement is made and no one Tweets it, has it really happened?!

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