Gotta wear this babe more often!
Ring: Forever 21
Nails: chipped Sephora

No really, WTF?!

#nowplaying Pixies Complete “B” Sides 

Because Grammy fashion sucks, here are two looks via Red Carpet Fashion Awards that I’ve been staring at all evening from the BAFTA awards that were held in London on February 12, 2012:

Fearne Cotton in Moschino

At first glance, I disliked this look – and you might still – but upon further inspection, it won my heart. It’s unique and playful without being silly or inappropriate for a major awards show. I don’t know who this person is exactly, other than a Madonna-circa 2009 look-alike, but I like her style and her big blonde hair, of course.

Melissa George in Victoria Beckham

DAYUM. Again, not familiar with this woman’s accomplishments- aside from looking like a stone foxx in this ensemble – but she knows what she is doing by pairing a second-skin dress with simple accouterments and a “come hither” pout. I really like that the dress is actually very modest despite its snug fit; keeps it from veering into hooch-territory. Seriously though, what a bod! Or at the very least, what a mighty pair of full-body Spanx.

So after seeing these fine specimens, my only lingering question for the BAFTA peeps is… why all the accolades for The Artist?! I thought it was a snoozefest. Help me understand, dear reeders!

In other news, I’m wondering if the Honestly…WTF ladies have discovered my blog after seeing this post lauding the watercolor illustrations of Bernadette Pascua – the same subject you read about first on PC mere days ago! What the what?!

Kidding aside, I’m happy to see Ms. Pascua getting tons of WonderfulWideWeb love these days. I’m sure it was Miss Moss who directed me to her work initially, so clearly this is just a big example of paying it [fashion] forward.

VDay is quickly approaching this week. I’m not feeling particularly in the mood,*ahem*, but I thought I’d make an effort on at least one, very important, front: NAILS.

Until next pose!


PoseCity xo.

Smile, you’re on PoseCity!

#nowplaying Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”
[yeah, GarbanzoGreen & I have been Zumba-ing this week….]

I’m in the midst of an experiment this week: I’m trying to make a conscious effort to smile at every person I make eye contact with. As someone whose primary mode of transportation is walking, I see A LOT of faces in one day. Depending on my state of mind, this can either be exhilarating or incredibly isolating. The former makes me wildly grateful to live in a city where there are all shapes and sizes of people [oh, glorious humanity!], while the latter can spark almost debilitating loneliness [SO MANY STRANGERS …hold me…]. In an effort to maximize the joyful part, I’m smiling more to see if it helps. Attention all hobos, homos, and handsomes: I’m grinnin’ at ‘cha until further notice!

SEE, smiling does look nice.

I’m only four days into this & I’ve actually had to remind myself to smile as I’ve adopted a sort of  default “bitch face” when I’m in walking mode; it has become more natural as the week goes on though so, yay, already a small success.
Author’s Note: I’m still an advocate for looking down frequently whilst walking to avoid stepping in/on something/someone – very important in this city.
More things that make me smile from my week thus far:

Happy December, PDX.


Fact: Sparkly tips make data entry more enjoyable.

Love from Mom ❤

Much love in this last month of 2011!


PoseCity xo.

Hoarding Tendencies.

I’ve been collecting receipts lately. I say “collecting” because this isn’t for any financial reason, but rather a sort of extension of journaling. It all started when I stumbled upon a receipt from my road trip to Oregon in 2008 and I was pleasantly surprised how much joy I got out of reminiscing by looking at the date, time, and whereabouts of the purchase made. A simple, boring? piece of paper conjured up so many memories and thoughts, who knew?!

Literally days later, I discovered illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt. Reason #127 I adore the Internet is the way one click can be the beginning of a journey of discovery. You just never know what you are going to find, which, depending on the site/place, can be good or bad (NSFW, anyone?!). In this case, it was delightful. I started following Clair Vintage Inspired clothing on Facespace and the owner posed (wink) this question to her Internet posse.

Long story shorter, the artist in question is Ms. Bingaman Burt and I was eventually led to her website where I learned that since 2006, she has been sketching simple line drawings chronicling every purchase she makes. Calling them “Daily Purchase Drawings,” KBB has compiled months of them into small books called Obsessive Consumption. Fascinating! Like illustrated receipts, KBB draws the item and includes the price and date. What a cool idea and quite timely for me, as I have been so interested in purchase records as a way to chronicle life.

Follow KBB on the Twit @katebingburt & check out her website, The Office of Kate Bingaman Burt, where there is much more to view.

Meanwhile, back in #6…. Summer is here, but not the heat and humidity elsewhere. A lot of fab purchases have been made, a lot of great manis have been self-applied, a lot of loving, of sorrow, of confusion; aka somewhat normal. I’ve struggled to manage my time in front of a computer screen, thus explaining bouts of absence from blogging. I don’t want to be sitting on my tushy when it’s glorious outside, or when I’ve been a sloth at my desk at work all day. But I also have assignments and such that must be completed. It’s a constant balancing game, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel quite resolved about how I spend my time. #whitegirlproblems

Speaking of assignments, my Neighborhood Notes editor made an awesome aside on the style page where peeps are encouraged to communicate ideas and comments with me directly via email and the Twit. I needed a vote of confidence from that gig and this has really helped boost my morale. I hope I get some responses!

Ok, now for some eye candy. Some recent purchases, some recent manis. As always, enjoy!

As you can see, even without my stack o’ receipts, I have not been skimping in the shopping department. DUH.

Farewell for now, Pose-rs!

PS. hope you like the new theme.


PoseCity xo.

Things that make you go “uhhhh.”

This photo was posted by the indie record label Jagjaguwar on their Facespace page recently and it makes me smile. Nirvana’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, September 25, 1993; I should submit it to awesome people hanging out together, no?

In other news, I have returned intact from Midwest Invasion: Summer 2K11 Edition. Perhaps the best trip home I’ve ever had, I’m now fully readjusted to the time change [I’m such a wuss when it comes to the that] and being alone again after a few days of intense “togetherness.”  I can’t deny how much I miss my family, or the guilt I feel at moving so far away, but being right here right now here feels good. For the time being, at least.

We did take our traditional journey to the Indianapolis Museum of Art so I could nut out in the Fashion & Textiles exhibit hall. The current exhibition, Material World, left a lot to be desired; it was composed of many garments I’d seen multiple times before, which was pretty disappointing, but I also realize that not every show will please all patrons.
A few snaps from the exhibit:

Love this slinky Halston number:
And this badass Prada peacock skirt:

   In closing, two interesting reeds for you, both via New York Times online:

Nail Polish is the New Lipstick: no surprise here! Nails, FTW.

Married, With Infidelities: pretty long, but definitely worth it. Very thought-provoking for me as my views on relationships of all types evolve as I get older comma wiser.

Happy Fourth o’ July weekend everyone! Make sure to strike a patriotic pose in whatever you wear this holiday, even if it is an Old Navy American Flag t-shirt [insert year].

PoseCity xo.

I’m still aliiiiiiiiive [cue the Pearl Jam].

[insert apology for being out of touch here]

I finally saw Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller, Vertigo. Portland has so many awesome theaters that replay old movies , ones that you think you’ll never get a chance to see on the big screen. Even better: most offer these viewings at a hella cheap rate ($4 last night), which increases my potential for enjoyment tenfold. I knew venturing out of #6 would improve my blue mood, plus I love Hitchcock films.. for the fashion of course, not necessarily for the plot [don’t act surprised].

The costumes in Vertigo were done by the legendary Edith Head, bow down, and definitely did not disappoint. I always try to picture myself in a time where people dressed the heck up no matter what they were doing. Women in heels, men in hats not of the baseball variety, I can’t decide if it would be my fashion dream or nightmare [no skinnies/flats/neon nail polish?!?].  Either way, it’s damn nice to sit back and take it all in- and by ‘it’ I mostly mean Kim Novak in this particular instance.

Babe-o-rama for sure. I’m bummed that I couldn’t find a photo of my favorite look of hers from the final sequence in the movie: a long-sleeved black dress with a deep v-neck worn with a badass pink & gold necklace [which happens to be a very important detail, wink].

Costumes aside, I did enjoy the movie, even with the hokey effects and James Stewart’s character going a little psycho (ahem) at the end, if you ask me. When trying to persuade Novak’s character to change her  hair color he remarks “as if it makes a difference to you.” Yeaaaaaah, women don’t care about their hair at.all.

All in all, two well-manicured thumbs up. And I mean it…

Until next pose,

PoseCity xo.

Deets Please.

Man, Vogue is all the rage lately! Since the launch of  Voguepedia late last week, all I’ve wanted to do is write faux research papers about Carolina Herrera, et al. just so I could cite “Voguepedia” as a source [scholarly, right?].  A few days ago, I stumbled upon another gem on the magazine’s website: “Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl,” which I hope is pretty self-explanatory. If the archive is any indication, this isn’t a regular feature [dislike] but maybe with enough ‘clicks’ it will be- shoo, I know I’ve done my part to help!

 Clearly, these women have ginorm amounts of expendable income [no less than 3 Cartier Love bracelets spotted on any given click-through..must contain jealousy…] and can match fabulous bags with the finest textiles. However, while I obviously looooove the outfits/accessories, I’m most fond of the photographs and the spotlight they shine on the small accoutrements that can pull an outfit together. Such particulars can also serve to define the wearer, as I’m sure we all know someone who wears [insert repeated jewelry/accessory item here] everyday and it has become a staple of his/her look. I know I felt nekkid yesterday when I forgot the 3 or 4 bangles I always wear on my right wrist. My Vogue slideshow [photo shoot date TBA..] would definitely include a snap of said bracelets. [all lovely snaps courtesy of Vogue.com, natch]

I’ve always thought that true style is in the details- anyone can buy an outfit off a mannequin and wear it just fine- but not everyone can create a “look” as these women do day after day. Obviously, if I knew Vogue was going to be taking my photo for five days in a row, I’d bring it [after going shopping, maxing out credit card, etc.], but I also feel a genuine sense of moxie in each spread and I love how every slideshow has a few close-ups of the goodies that give the outfit flare [see: bright nails, stacked rings].

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! In what ways do you use details to enhance personal style?

OH, I almost forgot… NAIL TIME:
A co-worker remarked “birthday party” when she saw them today, a fitting description.
Signing off for this pose!

PoseCity xo.