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Hello my dears! Sigh… a heavy heart befalls me on the eve of my work week. The last hour or two have been the only times where it seems like I have stopped moving the whole weekend and I am left with my thoughts….which happen to be all over the place at the moment. This Nada Surf song sounds the way I feel. It’s probs not helpful to use one sense to describe another, but hopefully you understand. And if not, go read Perez Hilton cuz you dumb!

Sassy tonight! Sheesh! But onward I write, as even amid all the weird teenage emo in my head right now, there is much good news to report from PoseCity. After a two year hiatus [and roughly two thousand cups of coffee], my teeth are clean and sparkly post-dentist visit. I scored a fedora-style hat from Urban for only $4.99. I caught up with a great friend over a bottle of vino, which incidentally cost less than my hat. I might have pre-orderd the new Rihanna album [YES!]. And in the best news of the weekend, I had another surreal experience on assignment for The Neat Sheet yesterday.

My Neat People (or Neat Peeps as I like to call it) feature this time profiles jewelry designer Ms. Betsy Cross, the brains and brawn behind the betsy & iya [bet-see & eye-uh] accessories line. I’d unknowingly seen Betsy’s work all over town, specifically at two of my favorite local shops, Radish Underground and Tender Loving Empire. I had the privilege of interviewing her in betsy & iya’s newly expanded showroom and studio in NW Portland. The grand opening of the space is this coming Friday, thus the reason for my piece.

In conducting my research on Sunday morning, I knew that Betsy and I would hit it off. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading her blog and her website, whether due to the beauty of her colorful creations or the way reading her words made me feel like she was in the room with me [mega compliment!]. You’ll have to wait for the full interview…..oh the suspense!……but my Pose-y VIPs deserve some sort of sneak preview. I cannot wait to attend the party on Friday and get my mf-ing SHOP ON.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

I really hope to keep in touch with Betsy. Her and her husband Will had such a positive energy and I was so flattered at how they treated lil ol’ me [and kept my coffee mug full to the brim! wee!]. They were so enthusiastic about the interview and Betsy was very responsive to all my questions. Their relationship is one of true collaboration and is what I aspire to have in a mate someday. Please check out her blog, it is so charming and well-written. If I was the recommending type, [which BTW I am] I also suggest keeping up with betsy & iya on almighty Facespace. Points for spotting the status update mentioning an interview [which was done BY ME!!!!!!].

The draft is off to the magician, hope it goes up by Thursday. Stay tuned!

Betsy’s designs are inspired by the collision of opposite ideas into one beautiful object. The joining of old and new, vintage and DIY, in an effort to create uniqueness and showcase personality. So much of life is found in the crux of opposing forces. Finding the middle ground, the uniting aspects is where all that beauty and personality becomes unearthed.

Allow yourself space to sit with the thoughts that get lost in the shuffle. It can be uneasy to suddenly be alone and forced to deal with decisions or actions that are tinged with regret. Combine all that scary stuff with all the good news in yer lives and that’s what it’s all about. That’s where I find myself, at least. See you there?

Until next time…imma let you finish, but PoseCity has the foxiest readers around. BAM.

PoseCity xo.