Friday-before-three-day-weekend Edition!
Gold knot ring: Fringe Vintage, Portland, OR
Thumb ring: Radish Underground, Portland, OR
Stone cuff: Grayling Jewelry, handmade in Portland, OR (thanks, Mom!)
Nails: Given the holiday treatment last night with glitter top coat courtesy of Rite Aid



From where I sit..
Sweater: swap score
Blue & white bracelet: H&M, Las Vegas, NV
Butterfly: Lulu’s Vintage, Portland, OR

PS: hi, mom!

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#nowplaying Vetiver The Errant Charm
**thanks to Bonne Independence for introducing me to this album via the Spot!**

A lovely, downright Spring-ish day charmed the city on the first of February. I skipped out of work for TWO extended fresh air breaks; must take advantage, natch. Lots to share from the glorious WonderfulWideWeb and a few personal snaps from my phone [all other images linked to source].

I just can’t get enough of the Spring ’12 Stella McCartney ads; I wish I could make it giant-sized and just slap it on my wall for permanent smile-inducing power. Can’t wait to start seeing it in print!

Oh, to be emerging – nakey?? -from a technicolor flower curtain in Stella McC. shades!

New Daily Diversion alert: Historiful, a Tumblr dedicated to providing “your daily dose of Old Hollywood glamour, style, and culture. Established in 2010 as an effort to make history more accessible to the public, HISTORIFUL has since bloomed into a widely recognized visual dedication to the splendor, beauty, and lost charm of yesteryear.”

Actress Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), date unknown.

Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), with his wife, Coretta Scott King (1927-2006). Photographed by Charles Moore in Montgomery, AL, 1958.

This site was sent to me by my notoriously fashion-averse-but-history-loving friend, Allison. I love how both our interests collide so perfectly in the stylish images posted.

The fashion illustrations of Bernadette Pascua take my mind to a far-off land of whimsy where everything smells like Chanel No. 5 and the whole of society is well dressed.

This woman is quite admirable; in addition to her “Illustration & Creative Services,” she writes a daily blog documenting her life and musings in NYC called DECADE an illustrated diary. Check out both the blog and her website for tons of visual sugar, sugar.

And now, from the Rose City:

I spent an extended amount of time at the Central Library last week for a work project and I was so taken with the carpet on the second floor. I mean, totally hideous, right?? But in a gloriously gaudy sort of “ab fab” way. It fits perfectly with the stacks and shelves….and homeless people…

Look, a little friend! I used to see this often around town- toy horses affixed to the rings on the sidewalk where actual horses used to be tied up – but I haven’t in so long that I nearly forgot about them entirely. Then this guy appeared on my walk home tonight. Aaaaaand through the magic of the Internets, a simple “portland, or toy horses” Google search led me here. PDX LUV!

Q: How do you make sparking water even more snooty? A: Brand-collab with a luxury jeweler, of course! Yeah whatever, this label makes me really happy anyway. Reed more about the limited edition S. Pellegrino + Bulgari labels here.

Yes, I’m listening to something nice and mellow now, but I must admit to recent audio-binges featuring South African group, Die Antwoord. It’s just bizarre & dirty enough to be a welcome departure from what I usually like. #thumbsup
**Mom, don’t listen to this, please.**

BUT, speaking of mom: behold, on my doorstep this evening! So grateful and excited to dig in.

That’s my cue.


PoseCity xo.


#nowplaying Silver Jews Pandora Radio

Day after Christmas: Marked in my youth by immense sadness that another 12/25 was 364 days away- marked today by great joy that I have the day off work and can recoup alone post-travel/time change/lack of solid sleep. I started the day as I do seemingly every Dec. 26th with “Brick” by Ben Folds stuck in my head [“6 am, day after Christmas, I throw some clothes on in the dark..”]. Surely I’m not the only person that happens to, right? However you find yourself on this day, I hope that you and yours had a very merry whatever you celebrate/are still celebrating.

I took a bit of an Interwebz hiatus as indicated by my lack of posts. I have December off from NN commitments and it has been nice, but also… odd. I miss it and am curious to learn what changes await from them in 2012. I’ve struggled to put a name on the identity we create for ourselves on the world wide web (e-dentity? web-self? robot?) but whatever you want to call the online persona constructed to represent yourself – the tweets that come via your smartphone, the blog you update sporadically, the Instagram photos you edit & upload [guilty] – can become quite overwhelming for me in tough times. Strangely, it is this detached, often embellished representation of myself that I most immediately want to pull away from when I am feeling down. But “hide mode” is no good long-term and I’m feeling better so, without further #whitegirlproblems, a project!

Gratitude Box: Crafty project 2K11 [yes, there was only one…]

There are many reasons why I don’t consider myself to be “crafty. Mainly, not wanting to spend the money on such endeavors is usually reason number one. But I’m learning from all my friends on my Google Reeder that this is a silly excuse and that many projects detailed by impossibly adorable bloggettes use found objects or items that can be bought on the cheap at second-hand &/or antique stores. Lack of space was another big hindrance for me whilst living with roommates and in a studio apartment. I hated the feeling of immediately having to clean up a project even if I wasn’t finished; now that I have more space to spread out, this is also a lousy excuse. So for those keeping count, I’m 0-2 in valid reasons against my desire to be crafty. Enough!

I found this project via one of the aforementioned adorable blogs, Design*Sponge and you can view the entire DIY post here, titled “Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal.” It was suggested as a gift idea for the holidays and I sent it to my mom expressing my delight at the simple  yet stylish way of recording events of the day. Since I journal so gosh darn much anyway, I thought if I in fact followed through on attempting this project, I’d make the purpose very specific. Thus, the idea of a Gratitude Box where each day I’d write a word, phrase, or short sentence expressing thanks. Each card has multiple lines, so the idea is to keep the box for years, making reflecting on life’s joys easy and organized.

A few snaps of our assemblage from antique store to counter top:

Picking out only 12 postcards was difficult; so many gems!

A few that made the cut.

Cutting & stamping with mom (she made one, too!)

All done!

Will begin on January 1, 2012

I hope the simplicity and ease of this project is enough to encourage me to try more, as I really enjoyed putting everything together and doing it alongside an enthusiastic pal [hi, mom!]. So many projects are adaptable to your needs and desires; make this as a gift, keep it for yourself, write down whatever you want to on the lines, it’s totally up to you!


PoseCrafty xo.