Smile, you’re on PoseCity!

#nowplaying Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”
[yeah, GarbanzoGreen & I have been Zumba-ing this week….]

I’m in the midst of an experiment this week: I’m trying to make a conscious effort to smile at every person I make eye contact with. As someone whose primary mode of transportation is walking, I see A LOT of faces in one day. Depending on my state of mind, this can either be exhilarating or incredibly isolating. The former makes me wildly grateful to live in a city where there are all shapes and sizes of people [oh, glorious humanity!], while the latter can spark almost debilitating loneliness [SO MANY STRANGERS …hold me…]. In an effort to maximize the joyful part, I’m smiling more to see if it helps. Attention all hobos, homos, and handsomes: I’m grinnin’ at ‘cha until further notice!

SEE, smiling does look nice.

I’m only four days into this & I’ve actually had to remind myself to smile as I’ve adopted a sort of  default “bitch face” when I’m in walking mode; it has become more natural as the week goes on though so, yay, already a small success.
Author’s Note: I’m still an advocate for looking down frequently whilst walking to avoid stepping in/on something/someone – very important in this city.
More things that make me smile from my week thus far:

Happy December, PDX.


Fact: Sparkly tips make data entry more enjoyable.

Love from Mom ❤

Much love in this last month of 2011!


PoseCity xo.

Hott & Cold.

#nowplaying Jason Lytle Yours Truly, The Commuter [thank you, Siskosbaseball]

It’s getting chilly in the Rose City – #likebutton – although, I still haven’t procured black boots or a suitable winter coat to be thoroughly prepared for winter’s onset. I’m cozy in #6 at the moment and have Mama J to thank in part:

Hot chocolate get in my belly! Even sweeter topped with some post-PBC birthday pie Cool Whip [SMD, Reddi Whip].

I want to share some images that have stuck with me the past few days because, as my friend Emily often captions her twit pics, “meditation on beauty: a lovely photo makes my world a better place.” First photo courtesy of her!

Maggie Gyllenhaal looking gloriously disheveled.

Generally, I dislike polka dots and bows, but hey here’s this photo I love, courtesy of my latest favorite “so-annoyingly-cute-I-can’t-look-away” blogs, A Beautiful Mess [see, even the name is obnox!!!]. I’ve regulated this site to the aforementioned hyphen-happy category largely out of speculation – are these bitches really that happy & crafty & beautiful EVERYDAY?! – which I know deep down is really jealousy at the fact that women like this really exist and that I am not one of them, ho hum. I admit, I’m charmed by Elsie & co. and hell, you can be whatever you want on the Interwebz so who cares if a) it’s genuine or b) if your real-or-faux cuteness annoys a few peeps.

I DIGRESS…. I like that picture up there, that’s all I really wanted to say [Pinterest really is helping, I swear] and I’ve totally been coveting the over-sized, collar-bone-adorning bows on these adorable women.

Dammit, they got me hook, line & sinker. Bravo, cuties.

Quick, need something to feel normal again: enter Sofia!

Holy shiz I need this photo in my life everyday. I flip for menswear on women, this you know, and what’s not to love about Ms. Coppola-Mars in a suit?

Le YAWN- time for dream blog-land; much love to my reeders!


PoseCity xo.

Slow to judge; quick to pose.

#nowplaying RiRi!

Balance has been restored to the RiRi Force, hurrah! The video, meh- I mean it’s melodramahhhh x 10 [and quite laughable at times, see “MINE” being forcefully tatted on her booty, hilar!] but I really like the song. In related news, check out her purdy stint in the November issue of British Vogue, cover below- so beautiful against the bright blue.

I’ve been pondering ‘judgement’ this week after a particular “you just got served by the universe” incident on Wednesday at work. I’m grateful for these moments when I am so obviously put in my place, but am often ashamed by the thoughts and events leading up to them. I’m striving to remember the saying “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” [the Internet is having a battle of its own trying to attribute that quote to someone- Plato is the winner it seems] in terms of snap judgements on relative strangers. Now, judging someone you actually know and quite possibly might even love? GO AHEAD!!!!

More to report from the Rosy Posy City:

  • I got my hurr cut at Gold + Arrow salon on Tuesday. Does it look like St.Vincent? No. Does it look much different at all? Not really. But it feels better to me, and I am very happy with Melissa’s handiwork. She thinned it out a lot and understands how curly hair needs to be snipped in an almost random way to achieve the ‘bed head’ look I like. I told her I like big hair and she replied “you want big hair, I’ll give you big hair, baby”- lifetime customer, made!


  • Weather has been lovely lately, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really difficult to stand out in fall/winter here. I’m not going for a Lady Gaga look by any means, but with each passing lady, I start to notice that we’re all pretty much dressed the same, give or take a scarf or two. Just an observation that further reinforces my thought that true style is in the details. It’s the addition(s) of unique accessories that serve as an extension of our personalities– that are certainly not all cookie-cutter –that keep us from looking like we all stepped out of the window of [insert trendy store].
  • Still on the hunt for black boots. I’ve lowered my standards considerably already due to bleak results from all my favorite haunts; I was determined to find THE PERFECT pair, and I had saved up to pay for them, too. But “they” are no where to be found thus far. I’ve succeeded in procuring brown and – gasp- even red boots at vintage shops, but it seems like every pair of black boots I try on makes me look like I’m getting ready to board a space shuttle. Moon boots, WTFuzz? – not cute. Search continues……….

You dissin' my look, Reed?

  • Colored tights are going to be “my thing” for fall; first order of biznass is to get more than two pairs [purple and teal]. Also see above where I write that ladies start to all look the same in the cooler months: tights, boots, scarf, etc. – hoping this adds extra flair to my outfits, but they are also on trend right now, so we shall see.
  • My mom is the wisest woman I know: this is not news, but I recently caught up on the blog she writes for, SpouseConnect. When my dad retired from ministry after 35+ years, I thought her commitment to the site – aimed at providing supporting words to clergy spouses – had ended, but it has actually morphed into a way for her to share what to expect post-“pastor’s wife/husband” status. This particular list of items called “Ten Foundations for your House” resonated with me. Regardless of your place in life or your faith or lack thereof, this is just good advice. Thanks for sharing, MJR ❤
  • My arty Flux: Fashion on Lend: Reflections on Six Weeks of Swaps  was posted on Monday and I am extremely happy with how it turned out and especially that my own iPhone photo was included to give it a nice personal touch. It was the first “first person” piece I’ve done for NN and I enjoyed it very much [and Laura approved, too- phew!]. I am disappointed at the lack of comments; maybe people just do not care about such a service, but the piece got picked up by a few media outlets here and still received little actual reader feedback. Something to note for the future of this idea, for sure.

Just call me 'Anna Leibovitz'

That’s the good word from #6 for now; I hope my reeders are having a great weekend thus far. I reiterate: “be kind, for there are a lot of fashion victims out there.” Er……wait…. well, you get my drift.
PoseCity xo.