Where there’s a will(iam) there’s a way.

Happy Wedding day (still I think?) to William & Kate! I love me an over-hyped event and good Lord, what a spectacle! I did not stay up to view the nuptials due to feeling crummy, but I admit that I went straight to my computer when I woke up to view the photos. And oh man, were there ever photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen coverage like this for a strictly pop culture event. As a recent Twatter convert, the amount of Tweets tagged #RoyalWedding was a bit overwhelming. I simply cannot fathom the amount of pressure on those two people [who are pretty much the same age as me] and somehow from what I’ve seen, they both look cool, calm and collected- not to mention impeccably dressed. Dare I name it, could it be…. love?!

A few of my favorite snaps so far, all linked to source:

I loooove this one, my absolute favorite so far- probably because I have a sister who I know I would need thisclosetome throughout the entire event, and I love how Pippa is beaming at Kate whilst helping with her dress. I really like Pippa’s dress [note the tiny buttons down the back, swoon!], but am surprised that it is white.

Speaking of dresses, I must gush over Kate’s choice of Alexander McQueen for her big day. After McQueen’s death in February 2010, I was anxious to see how his successor Sarah Burton would continue a brand that was so distinctly characterized by its designer. This is truly a classically beautiful dress and prominently features lace, my favorite feminine detail. I’m happy that she chose a female, British designer and that they were able to keep this collaboration hush hush. Kate as a capital F, capital I, Fashion Icon is a bit safe for my liking [except when she wears those dramatic hats!] and could pass as Britney Spears’ brunette, emotionally stable relative- am I totally alone on that one?- but again, I cannot comprehend the pressures and expectations of a role such as the one she ‘officially’ took on today. Paging Royal Doctor: Bring on the Xanax!

Reed more about the Middleton/Burton dress alliance courtesy of Vogue.com here.

Oh and I guess I should include at least one shot of the dude involved in this union, as I do love all his man-bling:

Twice as nice- goes for smooches, but hopefully not marriages. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Okay back to Rose City reality [does that mean I have to acknowledge the Blazers loss? Boo, hiss]: Stateside, I’ve been very bizzy covering my theme o’ the week: NUDITY! Needless to say, after writing about my first Naked Shopping Spree experience at Red Light on Sunday and attending my first Nekkid Lady Party clothing swap at Golden Rule last night, I am a bit hot and bothered here in #5. I must share some of my findings from the swap, as it was so much fun and motivated me to get rid of some shiz. I took two heaping bags of clothes and came home with only one, not stuffed to the brim might I add. WIN. All photos by yers truly.

The pile at the beginning of the evening:
Two purses, two scarves that are newly mine:

And if I ever decide to cook, this adorbs apron will be quite fitting! If not, maybe working it as a skirt over skinnies, thoughts?
I know that such swaps are not a new occurrence, but this being my first one, I am still so giddy over the whole idea. Each time a new lady entered the room, I felt my animalistic instincts kick in, my body wanting to strategically position itself as to have the ideal first view of the new items on the pile. Everyone was so pleasant and complimentary of each other. Added perk: all clothing not snatched up by the end of the weekend will be donated to a charitable organization. Thank you so much to the Golden Rule gang for being such wonderful hostesses. I cannot wait for the next one.

All in all, a great week for fashion in PDX, as usual. I love that there is always something going on in this fair city, often times that something is free or at the very least accessible to the masses. Looking ahead, I am very excited to attend the Modified Style Fashion Show on Sunday as a volunteer. Hopefully it will be the subject of my GalTime article for the week. Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with plenty of nakedness! Hey, just keeping with the theme here. Now excuse me, I must drive off into the horizon in my Aston Martin. PEACE OUT.

PoseCity xo.