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Hiya! Am currently glowing post-mail delivery today; about two weeks ago, I attended Radish Underground‘s 3 year anniversary party and won a gift certificate for a free top from Una, an apparel line based in Seattle. Radish is one of my favorite PDX shops because of its stellar inventory, yes, but also because the two women who own the store are so darn delightful. So I ordered a striped, three-quarter length sleeved top from Una’s website and it arrived today in the most darling, personalized packaging I’ve ever seen:

I don’t do a lot of online shopping, but up until now the PoseCity Packaging Award [what, you don’t watch the ceremony every year?!] went to Piperlime, mostly because the company actually makes an effort to make your bundle o’ joy(s) arrive looking thoughtfully placed – not haphazardly thrown – into a cardboard box. But shoo, this blows away the competition. A handwritten note?! That’s like, Mom Status as far as thoughtfulness goes. I didn’t even pay for it! I know I seem mega enthusiastic about this, but really it is in my mind what separates business from one another and captures the all-important repeat customer. I would’ve probably never visited Una’s online shop unless I’d won the gift certificate but they have a loyal shopper now! Love button.

Other stuffs:

Not to go all artsy fartsy on you these last two posts, but I’ve come across a few artists lately via blogs that I think are really cool. [all images linked to source]

Kelly Reemsten:

God, I want a giant one of these in my apartment! They totally make me think of Betty Draper shooting a gun at the end of that Mad Men episode [ep name & season escaping me, sorry] and are just Betty-esque in general.

Michael Cina:

Many of his images [the first two pictured here] remind me of a favorite craft of ours when I was little: The Warming Tray. My mom would cover a warming tray – intended use: to keep casseroles and such heated at potlucks and parties – with aluminum foil and we would melt crayons on the top, then press sheets of paper over the wax and pull up to reveal a colorful mish-mash of ambiguous designs. We’d use the results as wrapping paper or the base for a collage or hang them up as mini-works of art on the wall- go Mom! Maybe Mr. Cina knew about The Warming Tray, too??

That’s all for now, Pose-rs! Hope you’re enjoying this fresh month thus far.


PoseCity xo.