Blue & Gold today.

Dress: Goodwill, Portland, OR
Belt: Little Edie’s Five & Dime, Portland, OR
Bracelet: Broad Ripple Vintage, Indianapolis, IN
Rings: Fringe Vintage & Radish Underground, Portland, OR
Nails: Sephora

Plan B [which beats Plan A, and is still golden]

Another successful trip to Little Edie’s Five & Dime today! As I’ve written before, Little Edie’s is one of my go-to shops for thrifting. Truth be told, my end-of-event retail therapy sesh goal today was to acquire these:

Photo cred: theshoedish.com

I envisioned them as the perfect reward at the end of a demanding few weeks at work. Alas, Nordie downtown did not have my size, or any size for that matter, boo hiss,  in the glittery gold version of this popular slip-on. [Sidenote: I don’t see many around town so who the fuzz is snapping up all of them?! Tweens? Vampires? I’d sure like to know.] My army green TOMS are well-loved and I’ve been wanting another, flashier, alternative for months. I may take to the interwebz to get my pair, I may just wait it out and check a few other locations around town. Needless to say, I walked home in the rain, tired as balls, dejected that my reward plan was foiled.

ENTER: Little Edie’s!
Stopped in today totally on a whim after checking out Milepost 5 for my GalTime article this week. As a part of their “grand opening weekend,” Milepost 5 advertised a free writing workshop and I figured it sure as shiz couldn’t hurt, plus I’ve been wanting to check out this self-proclaimed “Community for Creatives” for a while now. On my way home, I was zoning out like ya do on the highway [JK, mom!], and I realized I could swing by Little Edie’s quite conveniently if I took the next exit. DONE and oh yes that’s right DONE. Behold my findings:

I still cannot believe this purse score. It sat in a case that was new since my last visit and I noticed it en route to the register. I struck out in the garment department, yes even with the $1 bin on my side, so I picked up the gold belt [keeping with the color theme of the day] and was going to be on my merry way when I saw “it” behind the glass. It looked luxe, vintage Gucci-esqe, and definitely out of my spending range even though I know Little Edie’s keeps prices low. I opened the flap to reveal the price, $11, and I let out an audible squeal. It would be mine! Such a glorious [and rare] shopping moment when desire and reality meet so perfectly. Another prosperous venture to one of my favorites.
Now currently in need of night out to debut purse. Hmm….

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. And to those of you in the great state of Oregon, keep those poses extra flashy; we could all use some light amongst the gloom!

PoseCity xo.

Oscar Eve Eve!

Hi Pose-ys! A quick ‘ello before the excitement of Oscar weekend commences. I hope you all have wonderful plans to watch the ceremony….or at least the arrivals. I am so hoping for a great spectacle of glaaaa-mour on the Red Carpet as I’m about to write off [blog off?] Awards Season 2K11 as a snooze fest. I am also curious to see how the Academy’s shot at “sexing” up the show by introducing young/hott hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway goes over with viewers. Honestly, I am excited and I appreciate the effort because it is needed. It does seem like a move that could either seriously sink or swim. Here’s toasting some bubbly to the latter!

I stumbled upon a great site yesterday by way of Little Edie’s Five & Dime Facebook page. I must gush about this store for a hot minute. Check out their official website for the shop’s manifesto of “thrifty vintage.” The ‘thrift v. vintage’ argument is on my mind a lot when wandering about town, and I hope to expand on that thought more in the future as my views become more clear. Although I cannot artfully explain my opinions at the moment, I do know that Little Edie’s is the perfect blend of thrift and vintage, a testament to a shop that is thoughtful and purposeful in it’s stock, but also ridiculously affordable. The store features quite possibly…bold statement alert… my best discovered gem in the city: a ONE DOLLAR BIN. Paging my inner Dumpster Diver! And no, it is not all stained polos and smelly old man cardigans [notice I said not all… you do have to search for the good shiz], but rather items that are truly worth about a dollar. Used and worn and loved, but still with a few breaths of life left. During my Snow Day aka Spend Day visit yesterday, I found 3 items, walked up to the counter and handed over $3.00 [no sales tax, thank you Oregon!]. So refreshing. I’m almost glad Little Edie’s is out of my way or else I’d be booty up in that bin every darn day.

Photo cred: facebook.com

Photo from the outside of the shop. Most definitely visit the Waypost for shopping fuel.

Photo cred: facebook.com

A view inside [can you spot a furry friend?]:

Photo cred: facebook.com


So yes, by way of Little Edie’s Facebook, I discovered Ms.Ms. The aim of Ms. Ms., as asserted on their website, is to “offer a curated event calendar for the greater Portland area. The inspiration for MS.MS. comes from our love of this many bridged city and our excitement to promote and support the people and projects that make our local community so wonderful.”  Um, okay! Count ME in. They also have a blog [duh], which led me to the tunage for this post: A Sonic Youth “Mixed Tape”. Been on repeat in #5!

Such a great day of local discoveries yesterday. Rose City lurve all around. I am very grateful to have an unexpectedly longer long weekend. Perhaps it speaks of my mood during 9-5, but any time away and to myself feels like the creative forces are storming my brain. I scramble to keep up for fear of them retreating without being captured! I don’t know why I’ve suddenly taken to explaining in terms of battlefield metaphors. That’s my cue.. white flag, white flag!

Much love, as always.

PoseCity xo.