Outfit Envy.

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As mentioned in my ode to Pinterest last year [“Pin It, Pin it Real Good“], I have a board titled “Outfit Envy” where I pin ensembles that not only catch my eye stylistically, but that I could actually see myself wearing and working on my body type. There’s been a whole lot of pretty floating around my Interwebz circles thus far this week. Sure, the fugs is always lurking, but I’ve felt that the positive is far outweighing the negative, yay. Behold some of my recent desires:
*all photos linked to source*

Jennifer Lawrence – who I think is doing pretty well outfit-wise during her Hunger Games promo bonanza – in a badass jumpsuit by Elizabeth & James. Yes, I know that jumpsuits look best on the long & lean but, lawdy! I just want to a) try it on [in black, obvi] and b) have somewhere to wear it.

This lacy dreamboat came into my life via one of my favorite Portland blogs, Honey Kennedy, last week in a post dedicated to the line it’s from, Kelly Love: Into the Woods. I hate the footwear styling, but the belt is a perfect addition. If this were mine, I think I’d carry a rose around just for the hell of it, too!

Ok, I don’t quite fully understand my love for this…this.. top/skirt/reverse cape thing.. perhaps it’s inexplicable, but I want it. I love this look. I found it gazing through the 10 Best Dressed on Vogue.com  – like ya do every Monday – and immediately flagged it for further investigation post-work. The woman’s name is Astrid Bergés-Frisbey and the outfit is Chanel and it’s gorgeous in its unique intricacy. That’s actually way more information needed to simply covet this like cray!

These next two are especially lust-worthy because they actually have the potential to be mine [!!!!]:

 Above, a sunny summer frock at Flutter, and below, a teal dress with fuchsia accents at Animal Traffic on Mississippi Ave.

Gah!!! I don’t even know what to say anymore. Maybe these two speak to my desire for a season change; maybe I just f*ing love vintage dresses. Whatever it is, let’s just say that you can count on seeing my bloggin’ booty up on Mississippi within the next few days.

Hope I’ve pampered yer peepers with these pretty outfits, but don’t take my word for it. What do YOU think of these? Would they go on your “Outfit Envy” or “Outfit Enemy” board [oh yeah]?!

Unrelated to “Outfit Envy” – because I don’t think anyone else could do it justice – I must share this look before I sign off:

Drop-dead-gorgeous-like-better-than-Grace Kelly-MUCH?? Queen Kate in Jenny Packham. Bow down!


PoseCity xo.

Visual Feast.

#nowplaying Nothin’ but keyboard pecks and falling rain.
Hope this finds you well; not much to report from #6 other than my Gratitude Box project is on day 9 and going strong. I’ll have to pack sheets Jan. 13-16th as I will be out of town this MLK Jr. weekend. Am predicting one line per day will not be enough space to contain all my thanks! I’m also still on my “smile more kick“, although I confess I haven’t been as toothy the past few days. We’re all a work in progress.

Here are a few images that have made my day delightful. All linked to source…enjoy!

Season 5 of Mad Men premieres March 25th: how long until it streams on Netflix?! Le sigh….

Happiness is a warm [toy] gun [held by Saucy Red Riding Hood].

I love this dress.

Frontal view.

Moon Lady.

Carole Lombard: beautiful profile, awesome neckline.

Desiiiiiiire [Bono voice].

Can’t get enough of Richard Prince’s Nurses: Nurse Barclay’s Dilemma, 2002

Runaway Nurse, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Page! BA guitarist/ hair god.

Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these?! via This/ or / That ? / my Tumblr diversion of the day

Amazing! via Kitten Covers

“Those who seek beauty will find it.” -Bill Cunningham


PoseCity xo.

Where there’s a will(iam) there’s a way.

Happy Wedding day (still I think?) to William & Kate! I love me an over-hyped event and good Lord, what a spectacle! I did not stay up to view the nuptials due to feeling crummy, but I admit that I went straight to my computer when I woke up to view the photos. And oh man, were there ever photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen coverage like this for a strictly pop culture event. As a recent Twatter convert, the amount of Tweets tagged #RoyalWedding was a bit overwhelming. I simply cannot fathom the amount of pressure on those two people [who are pretty much the same age as me] and somehow from what I’ve seen, they both look cool, calm and collected- not to mention impeccably dressed. Dare I name it, could it be…. love?!

A few of my favorite snaps so far, all linked to source:

I loooove this one, my absolute favorite so far- probably because I have a sister who I know I would need thisclosetome throughout the entire event, and I love how Pippa is beaming at Kate whilst helping with her dress. I really like Pippa’s dress [note the tiny buttons down the back, swoon!], but am surprised that it is white.

Speaking of dresses, I must gush over Kate’s choice of Alexander McQueen for her big day. After McQueen’s death in February 2010, I was anxious to see how his successor Sarah Burton would continue a brand that was so distinctly characterized by its designer. This is truly a classically beautiful dress and prominently features lace, my favorite feminine detail. I’m happy that she chose a female, British designer and that they were able to keep this collaboration hush hush. Kate as a capital F, capital I, Fashion Icon is a bit safe for my liking [except when she wears those dramatic hats!] and could pass as Britney Spears’ brunette, emotionally stable relative- am I totally alone on that one?- but again, I cannot comprehend the pressures and expectations of a role such as the one she ‘officially’ took on today. Paging Royal Doctor: Bring on the Xanax!

Reed more about the Middleton/Burton dress alliance courtesy of Vogue.com here.

Oh and I guess I should include at least one shot of the dude involved in this union, as I do love all his man-bling:

Twice as nice- goes for smooches, but hopefully not marriages. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Okay back to Rose City reality [does that mean I have to acknowledge the Blazers loss? Boo, hiss]: Stateside, I’ve been very bizzy covering my theme o’ the week: NUDITY! Needless to say, after writing about my first Naked Shopping Spree experience at Red Light on Sunday and attending my first Nekkid Lady Party clothing swap at Golden Rule last night, I am a bit hot and bothered here in #5. I must share some of my findings from the swap, as it was so much fun and motivated me to get rid of some shiz. I took two heaping bags of clothes and came home with only one, not stuffed to the brim might I add. WIN. All photos by yers truly.

The pile at the beginning of the evening:
Two purses, two scarves that are newly mine:

And if I ever decide to cook, this adorbs apron will be quite fitting! If not, maybe working it as a skirt over skinnies, thoughts?
I know that such swaps are not a new occurrence, but this being my first one, I am still so giddy over the whole idea. Each time a new lady entered the room, I felt my animalistic instincts kick in, my body wanting to strategically position itself as to have the ideal first view of the new items on the pile. Everyone was so pleasant and complimentary of each other. Added perk: all clothing not snatched up by the end of the weekend will be donated to a charitable organization. Thank you so much to the Golden Rule gang for being such wonderful hostesses. I cannot wait for the next one.

All in all, a great week for fashion in PDX, as usual. I love that there is always something going on in this fair city, often times that something is free or at the very least accessible to the masses. Looking ahead, I am very excited to attend the Modified Style Fashion Show on Sunday as a volunteer. Hopefully it will be the subject of my GalTime article for the week. Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with plenty of nakedness! Hey, just keeping with the theme here. Now excuse me, I must drive off into the horizon in my Aston Martin. PEACE OUT.

PoseCity xo.

Fringe benefits.

Greetings and salutations my dears! Hope my Guest Pose-r’s guide to March Madness is proving helpful to your bracket. I think the Fashion Goddesses will indeed reward those coaches who put an effort into looking good. Time will tell! Tick tock.

Please enjoy this tune from Mrs. Jack White. Before Karen, the only model in a music video appearance I could get behind was the supermodels of the 90’s writhing about/lip synching in George Michael’s Freedom [PBC]. But Ms. Elson changed all that, and I’ve loved this song and video ever since her album came out last year. It is so simple- no flashy effects or product placement [I’m talking to you, Britters!]- just Karen, beautifully lit as if she was actually under the moonlight she is referencing in the song. And c’mon, that dress! Swoon x 10. Full disclosure: I have a huge lady crush on her, so I’d probs approve if she was strumming “Old MacDonald” in front of a dirty sheet.
Some more glimpses of her just because: striking a fierce pose/making Bozo the Clown hair look hott in Tom Ford’s eyewear campaign from a few years ago, and also looking gorgi in a photo shoot from marie claire magazine in 2010 :

Alright, enough gushing. The meat and taters of this post will be of the “Shopping Excursions” variety. With birthday ca$h in tow, I headed to one of my latest “can’t go in without buying something” shops, Fringe Vintage. Particularly troubling/awesome is the fact that Fringe is within walking distance of #5 AND very close to beloved Folly, which I am bound to visit once a weekend. Gah! Self control… never a strength of mine. Lucky for me, Fringe is extremely affordable and always seems to have some sort of sale special going on. My last two visits the entire shop was 15% off and this time, the super friendly owner gave me a card granting 10% off whenever presented at the register. Um, OKAY! Such perks are incentives to keep coming back, as if the amazing selection was not enough. Below: Receipt & card against my new floral slip with black lace trim!

During my trip today, I also scored the bitchin’ ring you’ll see when you hop over to check out my jewels o’ the day and a floral top. Perhaps I’m in a flower phase in anticipation of Spring’s calendar arrival in a few days? A gal can dream!
Please add Fringe Vintage to your must see list next time you are out and about lookin’ all fine in the Rose City. I accept ‘thank yous’ in the form of store merchandise, FYI.

One more bit of great news before I dash off: BOYCOTT OF RI RI IS OVER!

Just arrived in my mail box today. Sigh… so lovely. The photos inside are not as beautiful as the cover, but are enough to end our spat/bring balance to the Ri Ri Force once again. I know I’ll sleep better tonight!
[bonus points for noticing the teaser to the right re: Mary Kate & Ashley article, woot!]
[double bonus for noticing promise of an Amar’e feature inside, woot comma woot!]
Evening plans: night on the town getting cozy with mah Vogue.

Singing models, flowers showing up on clothing and in nature, love restored.
A good day indeed.

PoseCity xo.


Haven’t we all desired a little of what this song is about from time to time? I know I’m coming off a few weeks where I’d like to numb my insides for a while just to not feel so goshdarn much. Stress, pressure, anxiety, can all weigh on one’s soul and taking a time-out sounds quite alluring. But I suppose that’s where outlets come into play, a way to escape momentarily. And since I’m pecking away at one of mine, let’s get to da news!

Shhh…what’s that you hear?! Noooo, not the buzzing from the hip kids huddled around their iMacs debating which song off The King of Limbs is their new faaaaaaaavorite [although that certainly is legitimate noise pollution in the Rose City since Friday]. It’s actually a quiet, a lull after the last chair has been folded up and the last spotlight dimmed. Fashion Week is over. Tear!

NYT’s Cathy Horyn on NYFW: part one, part two
Two nice videos narrated by her highness to encapsulate the week (1) and offer insights on specific designers (2). Annoyed that NYT vids cannot be embedded. Grrrr…

A mega cute snap of Mick Jagger playing oh so supportive BF at his lady L’Wren Scott’s show:

Photo cred: nytimes.com/pages/fashion

Who can blame him for wanting to capture a moment or two of his woman’s amazing collection?! Check it out here.

As far as the other shows, you know I recommend NYT for the best views. All shows are posted with the “Launch Big Photo” option, which allows for maximum zooming potential and the ability to move around the frame to see details like shoe buckles and blouse buttons as best as one can sitting 3,000 miles away. Luv!

In other news…

Jeggs go corporate: Hope boss in question isn’t lurking around MY place of employment.. [#heartbrokenwithoutmyjeggs]

Any relation to Edie?: Sedgwick is a super young brand started by two besties from Sedgwick County in Kansas [Spring Break 2011!!!!]. They had a tiny feature in February Elle and I was immediately drawn to the lacy clutch below.

Photo cred: sedgwickstudio.com

Y’all know how much I dig lace, espesh when used so uniquely as a handbag adornment. There isn’t a lot on the website in terms of product, although I did enjoy skimming their blog. A quick trip to Sedgwick’s Facebook features a “Fall 2010” album of amazing purses, as well as photos of other items I love such as: nail polish, cats and snow.
Wonder if they are currently accepting others into their BFF-verse?!

Photo cred:www.free-extras.com

Oh Pose-rs, our time together is through for this post. How I appreciate thee like a perfectly worn-in vintage shirt.

Numbers don’t lie: 9 outta 10 doctors agree, reeding PoseCity on the reg is essential for your non-novocained soul. And that 10th doctor had on fugly shoes anyway, WINK.


PoseCity xo.

It’s in the way that you use it.

CLAPTON IS GOD. And apparently always prepared, please note the spare cig tucked between guitar strings. Not usually a Phil Collins fan (thank you, sister), but I can tolerate if he’s getting it done on the drums for EC as he is here. Let it Rain is an upbeat love tune, but meant quite literally for my Rose City Pose-rs this week. Natch!

My writing is at a bit of a crossroads (keeping with the Clapton theme). The Neat Sheet has all but vanished from the interwebz world, leaving me confused and worried. My emails have gone unanswered and yes, I did check to see if it was just a pass-agress way of telling me to bugger off. Hmmm…. needless to say, January goal #1 will be finding another outlet. I was just starting to feel in the groove with it all and felt so lucky to meet the ladies I was able to interview. Who knows, maybe it will liven up again in 2011?

Personally, I am rollin and tumblin (Clapton) along, heading home to the Midwest in exactly a week. Looking forward to family time and wintery weather. It is always a bit stressful, making time to say hello to old friends (Clapton) but also ensuring that the majority of my visit is spent hanging with the family. Still debating whether to take my computer with me… mostly because I doubt PoseCity parentals know their wireless password, but also because I think it will be nice to take a few days off. I’ll keep my faithful updated! PoseCity >>> CircleCity?

Yesterday I saw Black Swan with two lovely lady friends. I have had mega ladywood for this movie for several reasons and could not wait to see if it lived up to my expectations. OMG… INTENSE. My stomach was clenched the whole time. I cannot give too much away, but I will say that the costumes were incredible, the lezzy scene was brief, and I still have a lot of questions. I didn’t loooooove it but it was definitely worth my time and $8 motherfin .50.

In fashion news, I just stumbled upon this gem about the Sartorialist. Please be sure to watch the video, it is super short and narrated by the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. I am a huge fan of his blog and the fact that he is from Indiana [We Hoosiers have to stick together, as per Vonnegut]! I find it interesting that he primarily considers the photographic composition over the fashion statement, as most people would categorize his blog as a study in street style. Follow me:
http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/>Bookmarks>Add Bookmark>Add. GOOD JOB!

Also from my NYT buds, a great homage to lace as the detail of late. YAY!!!! So sexy, so revealing, yet subdued. Le sigh…so great, I can’t stand it (ok, last one)!!!

And finally, I know you are wondering who I think looked good or bad out and about over the weekend. Let the wait end:

I know nada about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden except that SHE’S A BABE! What a dress. Royal garb has always been whimsically appealing to me and seeing these photos only serves as reinforcement.

Photo cred: huffpost

Photo cred: huffpost

Was this Kate Bosworth’s home-ec project gone wrong?! WTH??

Photo cred: people.com

Big surprise, FLOTUS looked amazingly festive for the “Christmas in Washington” concert. She does not miss.

Photo cred: huffpost

Ok Pose-ys, stay fresh this week. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out (LAST ONE FOR REAL THIS TIME) and lookin a mess!
Much love.

PoseCity xo.