Sunday Best.

Happy Easter PoseCity Reeders!

Yes, that is an actual photo taken by me. My sweet mother upped the style factor in my Easter basket by including a few fashion magazines AND BY PUTTING OUTFITS ON MY PEEPS! Nothing says “He has risen” like a Peep [Fashion] Show. Amen!

Most of my memories of Easters past revolve around what dress I wore to church. My mom sewed a lot of my holiday attire as a kid and Easter was an especially crucial Sunday to have the right dress, the one that would get all the compliments, all the “Look at yous!” from the old geezers. I am equal parts disappointed and relieved that photos documenting my Easter looks are far far away from me right now or else I would definitely share a few. Bravo to my mother for catering to my bizarre requests, which included a year when I demanded bloomers to wear under my dress [during my long standing Little House on the Prairie phase].

I am grateful for those times and for the way fashion fits into my memories. Having a reason to dress up is still one of my most favorite aspects of holidays, occasions, etc. Which ohso conveniently segues into my latest dress acquisition, win!

Yesterday I attended a wedding, the epitome of a dress up event, and the freakishly nice weather threw my outfit planning for a loop. Not that I minded a) the sunshine or b) the excuse to shop for a new ensemble. With time running out, I headed to Magpie [no website, obnox], an always dependable shop downtown on SW 9th. Within 10 minutes, I was in, tried on a versatile blue dress, bought it for $20, and was off sprinting up Burnside to get home in time to get ready. I felt rushed assembling my look, but it turned out alright. Behold:

It looks so boring on the hanger and if I weren’t afraid of it scaring me in the night, I’d seek out a dress mannequin for makeshift photo seshes. For now, bear with me. Polyester is great because it flows so nicely and is generally a flattering material for a dress cut like this; it is not so great because it is often see-through, and isn’t exactly silky soft on the skin. I paired it with a vintage slip and the gold belt I bought at Little Edie’s last week and voila, outfit done. The wedding was beautiful and sweet and tear-inducing.. in other words, perfect.

Another item from this week to share is this lovely blue wrap-around robe, rescued and hand-dyed by my friend Kate. The lace applique on the shoulders is my favorite detail. The robe hits just above the knee and will be great for layering over slips for a fancier look, as well as over black skinnies and a tank for a more casual vibe. Thank you, KMV!  Check out her Etsy site, Joyelement, where she will be adding more wares very soon [pleeeeeeeease].

So many song lyrics referencing the color blue are going through my head right now. I’m clearly in a phase, thank you risen Jebus that it is not of the Laura Ingalls Wilder sort this time, wink!

One more snap for yer PEEPers before darting off to your respective egg hunts:

Have a very Happy Easter one and all!

PoseCity xo.