#dailybling & Sunday Adventures


Had to show my Indy pride on Race Day!

Indiana quarter ring: AutoPilot Empires, by way of Animal Traffic downtown
Stackable cheapies: H&M
Nails: Sephora


Wall of beautiful boots at Centerville Western Stores


Bolts of perfect prints at Pendleton Woolen Mills Outlet


Kitschy Heaven at SC’s

Good friends know me well. Can’t wait to pick through this bounty from SB!

Living Threads scores

In the grand tradition of retail therapy on my 1/2 day Fridays, I stopped by one of my downtown favorites, Living Threads Vintage this afternoon. I walked away with an amazing “carpet bag” purse with quite the roomy interior [to be used as a work bag alternative to my trusty Samsonite] and yet another tiny porcelain vessel to hold jewels. Both for $20?! SOLD.




I’ve always wanted a second pair of hands!
Gold cardigan clip: Gilt Jewelry, Portland, OR
Printed scarf: Denver, CO
LBD: Forever 21

Shoe-ly you jest!

Happy Easter!

A glimpse of the swag in my “basket” this year. My mom is so amazing at assembling the most thoughtful collection of items: number stamps with ink, a cufflink that belonged to my Granddad repurposed as a bracelet charm, and some sparkly crayons have all already been used. Thanks, mom and a very happy Easter & Passover to all!

IT WAS SUNNY ALL WEEKEND. I’ve blurted that sentence out multiple times today as I’ve mentally [and financially…eh….] taken stock of my weekend wanderings. This part of the country is so bizarre to me sometimes. I mean, people literally alter or altogether abandon plans when the giant, blazing orb in the sky comes out for the first few times in spring. Today, for example, I got a call from my bestie while I was at yoga, as we had plans to catch up at some point in the day; I got her message when I got home and texted her back saying “I’ll call you later- the sun is out.” ‘NUFF SAID. Thankfully, she lives in Seattle now, so she completely understands. I guess it’s not that different than the first nice day on campus during my college days in the midwest; now it’s just much more pronounced in a strangers high-fiving each other &/or smiling for no particular-reason way.

A new season –  literally or figuratively – is always exhilarating for me. The promise and potential of the ‘unknown’ ahead scares the bejesus out of me, but in a way that makes me also really excited and usually creatively stimulated. Before I moved here and even up until pretty recently, I didn’t buy into the whole S.A.D or “woe is me it’s winter” as a justification for being down/depressed/stifled. But there is just no denying the power of a sunny day or stretch of days [preferred]; my thoughts have most definitely changed.

Alright, back to my aforementioned recent wanderings. I’m going to rely on my trusty phone camera roll-turned Instagram uploads to tell most of the tale for me. Seeing is believing: that goes for sunny days and shopping sprees.

Made a trip to the new-ish downtown Animal Traffic late last week to check out these cool, locally handmade bracelets [only $20!!]:

Those are all well and good, but I decided on something a bit more… Western. Definitely a new accessory family for me, but I think this will look great worn as a necklace with a black dress & boots:

Here’s one of my #dailybling snaps from the week that I especially like because it showcases the unique detailing often seen on vintage attire. The thoughtfully accented pocket square is sewn in and the pin is added by me- and yes, the locket really opens [but is empty, must change that].

A sweet, adorably labeled bright violet blouse I scored at Backtalk, the new boutique on Alberta that opened where The Factory used to be [obviously I also went in their new location just down the street, upgrade!]:

I love the name Josephine [Jo March!] and the top fits great and can be worn to work, so yeah, SOLD!

This next photo is of the bag purchases made at Solestruck shoes are sent home in:

So what can you deduce from this photo, you smart, beautiful human?
Yep, I bought some new kicks!

Ok… not these. Although this pair of Miu Miu “inspired “ [*cough* knock-off ] glitter booties did get me all hot and bothered and are the closest to the real thing Imma get for quite sometime.

No, I came away with these booty-kickin’, strut-inducing, BA gold studded black boots:

Ya know, for not being a “shoe person” I’ve certainly been posting about them a lot lately, eh? While my accessorizing allegiance will always be with jewels over purses/bags, scarves, belts, and shoes, I’m coming to have a very…let’s say ‘healthy’ relationship with the latter. I’m a bit surprised they came home with me but I have not an ounce of buyer’s remorse [not like I ever do]. I love them and since you can get away with wearing boots nearly year-round in the PNW, they’ve already been worn a few times.

As always, so much to do and see in this fair city, and most definitely when the weather is equally as lovely. Cheers to seasons and wandering without destination.

Much love,

PoseCity xo.


Fact: two Kims are better than one.

West End flourishes but keeps its funky urban vibe:” Arty from Oregon Live that relates to my last post re: West End shopping. Apparently calling it ‘downtown’ is so pre-gentrification… so I guess a more accurate post title would’ve been “West End Girl”….. ok fine, cue it up:

Darn you, Oregonian, this song will be in my head for the rest of the day. But yeah, nice to see Flora & Radish Underground mentioned!

One of my *many* fashion philosophies is that clothing and accessories should be given life; if you have a drawer/basket/box full of shiny happy jewels, for example, then for the love of Jebus wear them! This notion contributes greatly to my love of antique, vintage, thrifted, and/or hand-me-down items because if one person isn’t going to wear it, somebody should [except gaucho pants]. I recently visited SB, my favorite shop owner, and imagine my delight when she presented me with a simple cardboard box containing earrings of hers that she was not going to wear by Portland line Ms. Wood.

I purposely didn’t show the entirety of these babes pre-wear, that’d be sacrilege! Kidding, but I am very excited to find the perfect ensemble to pair these with, hopefully this week. Ms. Wood items can be a wee bit out of my price range, so the gift means even more knowing that I probably wouldn’t have bought them for myself.

Let this be a prompt to start thinking about spring cleaning; if you aren’t using it, consider gifting it to someone who will. And don’t wait for a special occasion, either- trust me, you’ll make his/her day!


PoseCity xo.

PS: I’d like some sort of recognition for keeping the “wood” jokes to a minimum.


#nowplaying Atlas Genius “Trojans”
Yet another tune I first heard via a Miss Moss playlist. I kinda hate how much I like this song as it’s way too peppy for how I’m feeling lately. Whatcanyado?

I’m sharing a photo that is entirely unremarkable in all aspects, except for the very obvious fact that there are two subjects:

Quick backstory: my paternal G’ma Hazel [we called her ‘Gran,’ RIP] gave me these diamond studs on my 16th birthday and I’ve worn them nearly everyday since. They were on my ears during my driving test, my high school graduation, the move to Portland, the night I wrote my first blog post. They are perfectly simple and go with everything and are my most treasured jewels that are mine [i.e. have not been handed down or bought second-hand/vintage].

All that said, I’ve almost lost them a hundred times. I take them off every night and put them “somewhere” in the bathroom for safe keeping until the next wear. On Saturday, I thought they were finally gone- for good this time. I was at a party and went to sweep my hair behind my left ear when I realized that my earring was not in. I panicked and left abruptly. I tore apart my bathroom and jewel closet to no avail. It was gone and it served me right for not picking a more protective resting place. I cried. Oh, cruel jewel karma!

Earlier that day, I’d gotten my roots touched up. After a few days of moping about my sentimental loss and exhausting all potential hiding places, I decided to go back to the salon and ask if anyone had seen my sweet earring. I figured why not, although I held little hope. I went in on my lunch break and there it was; promptly put into my palm by the cheerful woman at the front desk. I walked back to work in shock, yet my feet knew what was up because they skipped the whole way.

I am not as interested in hearing what walls would have to say if they could talk as I am in ponying up to a bar with a well-worn pair of earrings or someone’s wedding band. The jewels have  heard all the juicy gossip, seen all the double-takes, the heartache, the make-ups and break-ups. These certainly know me well and I am grateful to have them back in my life.

Surely my Grandma Hazel angel had a part in this pre-Christmas Christmas miracle.


PoseCity xo.

Eyecon: Elizabeth Taylor

This week brought the sad news of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor’s death at age 79. She is one of the first celebrities I remember identifying as beautiful. Her delicate features and raven hair made me take notice even as a young in watching her in National Velvet. The marriages, the scandals, the 80s: Taylor lived through it all, and is remembered for her tireless humanitarian work in support of AIDS research as much as she is for being a rare a two-time Oscar winner (Best Actress for Butterfield 8 & Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?). Enjoy the following images of Ms. Taylor looking uber marvelous.
All photos linked to source.

Amazing green dress, fur stole, obvi diamonds. Reminds me of Viven Leigh in this photo.

I could/should/will do a whole post devoted to Cleopatra. Swoon!

In the iconic white silk slip from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Diamonds + cleave= win

Hair raising pose for Richard Avedon

Forever immortalized by Andy Warhol

Coiffed to the nines, often dripping in jewels, always g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.
Somewhere Charlotte York is weeping.
Much Love,

PoseCity xo.