Talking points.

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There is something to be said about the “made ya look” factor in fashion. Obviously, not every outfit or design will appeal to the masses, even if it is worn by someone you really like. Whole genres of garments [turtlenecks, I’m talking to you] are shunned by people for various reasons, but just because I don’t love them doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate someone who does wear them well. And if you waltz by in a leopard print turtleneck? Congrats, you made me look….aaand probably silently applaud your gusto.

So behold: two looks that I happen to admire and like very much, but I can certainly understand why the next Jo(sephine) on the street would give the big “thumbs down.”

See more of Ms. Knightley’s look here, courtesy of our pals at Celebuzz.

Ms. Bosworth in a totally badass Proenza Schouler top and skirt, photos courtesy of People & Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Love ’em or hate ’em, these ensembles respectively teeter on that fine line between “hit and miss.” What do you think?  Other than how it’s awesome that “teet” is in that last sentence, of course.

Cheers to the double take,

PoseCity xo