Jingle all the damn way.

Happy December, kittens. The last few weeks of 2010.. mind blown! It is now within this strange three week window when Christmas tunes do not annoy me and the “Folk Holidays” station on Pandora streams nightly. A shitty cover of River came on said station last night and I immediately went to my itunes to listen to the original, only to realize that in the Great Data Transfer of July 2010, none of my Joni made it to my new computer. Gasp! Oversight immediately corrected. This is one of my favorite “not really a Christmas song Christmas songs” [see also King’s Crossing by Elliott Smith and the entire Little Women soundtrack]. I remember it playing as BG and I drove across Idaho at night during my own Oregon Trail migration, two years ago this week. Always makes me tear up a little, it’s just so gosh darn purdy.

This week has been cray cray. I participated in the Jingle Bell Run 5K this morning and it felt so. good. to. move. To use my body. To feel the spirit of the crowd. Cold air is invigorating, cleansing in my lungs. The course took all 3,000+ of us along Naito Pkwy, meaning I got the chance to say “Good Mornin” to almost all of my Willamette bridge buddies. SWOON. Am mega grateful for Portland, for races, for the foxy lady running in front of me wearing red fishnets, booty shorts and an elf hat [note to self: must step up race day ensemble next year].

Work was the main stressor for me this week. I’ve felt equal parts excitement, nervousness and disappointment as a result of a promotion. I know it is for the best, however I cannot help but feel taken advantage of in many ways. I’ve struggled with resentment and jealousy towards other co-workers, but ultimately I need to NUT UP and realize that some things are never going to change in my current place of employment and be grateful to have a job period. I must focus on this new role and take as much out of it as I can so someday I can move on and be compensated fairly (blogging doesn’t pay the bills, kids). End rant.

Aside from knowing that photographic evidence has surfaced confirming the budding romance between Taylor Swift and Jakey G [he’s dead to me], I am way behind on my news this week. I was planning on seeing Black Swan today, but alas, it doesn’t open in PDX until next week. Am hoping to get some gift shopping done today and must carbo load/take bath in sanitizer for my inagural trip to the G’will bins tomorrow with K & S.

Buuuut, I couldn’t let a post go by without some fashion talk! Behold…

In an effort to make us all feel better about ourselves, Ms. Berry stepped out in this shiny mess, reminding the world that even she can hit the stylish skids sometimes.

Photo cred: people.com

Leighton Meester demonstrates how NOT to don menswear:


Photo cred: people.com

YSL documentary?! Can’t wait!!! Plus, I think I could watch just about anything if it were narrated in French… c’est magnifique!

This dress is unbelievable:

Photo cred: nytimes.com

Truly a work of art! The print reminds me of dishes and also this Roberto Cavalli number:

Photo cred: victoriabeckham-jenna.blogspot.com

Love ’em both.
Ah, yes, all is right in Pose-land. Off to enjoy this cold, sunny Sunday. Wishing you well in making your list, checking it twice and picking the perfect shopping ensemble. Hearts!
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So fresh, so clean.

On a big Outkast kick right now, hope ya can dig on it, too.
Speaking of, talk about major boner-kill: you pick up a CD [Aquemini] from the hold shelf at the library, one that you’ve no doubt been waiting patiently for, then getting home and realize it is a “CLEAN” version. Um, what?! I wasn’t aware those were still made. Ugg…gross! Seems so wrong to censor like that. Reminds me of when Wal-Mart would not carry Nirvana’s In Utero unless “Rape Me” was edited. Damn! “Gee, whiz!!!”

Oh mah lordy, so much going on and, per us, I feel so behind. I must resign myself to the fact that I will most likely never feel completely caught up and aware of all that is happening in the style/entertainment world. I am so sorry to break this news to my faithful….must counteract all negative energy with FASHION! GO!


Tiny bun in teeny oven: RZ confirms preggo rumors, obvi relying on Twatter to spread the joyous news. Bet that womb is littered with venti Starfucks cups and bug-eye sunglasses.

You’re too kind: Check out these tricked out friendship bracelets from Frieda and Nellie. Badass! And yes, I will accept multiple versions as holiday presents. You can finally scratch “Favorite Fashion Blogger” off your gift list. YER WELCOME.

Kate Moss gets big honor from Vogue: ‘Best Dressed Woman o’ the Decade’ does have a nicer ring than ‘Cocaine Kate.’ I cannot argue with this accolade. Miss Moss is fabu, even in wellies and bum-exposing hot pants!

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards: They happened. On Monday. These people looked good. I want to go.

This arrived:

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Thank you, Betsey Facebook and free overnight shipping! xo

More Miss Berry goodness:

Photo cred: people.com

Gah! Perfection yet again.

And this was actually worn. In public:

Photo cred: people.com

Had to end on a laugh. Just makes me sleep better.

Until next post, ponder this… if a major life announcement is made and no one Tweets it, has it really happened?!

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“When I don’t write, I feel my world shrink. I lose my fire, my color.” -Anais Nin

Wise words that are ringing true for me this week. I feel my fire is dim and my color muted over the past few days. Just a little zapped, that’s all. Work= in front of a screen, static, tied to a desk, a phone, a keyboard… but not able to use any of those resources for joyous tasks, but rather ones that make me feel like a drone. I went to a fancy party last night with lots of pretty people. I had on flowery suspenders. I drank free wine that made my belly warm and my cheeks flush. I indulged in a Swishy Sweet or two [vice alert]. I scribbled in my journal romantically, something about only wanting to look at beautiful things, to surround myself with that which gives me sensory pleasure, like stepping into a world crafted in manner of the jewelry shelf in my apartment [the happiest spot I know]. Tipsy musings, funny in hindsight.

I do feel behind in my interwebz reading, but I will share a few things from my week thus far.

This song is on repeat in #5. I like it a lot, but the vid is lacking. It’s all down hill after the dude/shadow lady make-out session. LAME. I know nothing about this band? performer? person? but I suspect it is somewhat of the hipster variety. Yeah yeah, judge away.

But don’t Be a Tactless Bitch! Funny. And backhanded compliments are for the spineless! [see also: quite effective].

WhoCaresAboutThisAward Show fashion: CMAs were last night? A few nights ago? Like I said, who gives a fuzz?! Especially when country stars insist on looking like this..

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

Ug, ick, ack, this spectacle is making me sound like ‘Cathy’! Yikes x 10. But let’s be real, no one expects these people to bring it, and I do not want to be mean anymore (tonight). So moving on..

In other news: Halle Berry is not human.

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

Photo cred: people.com

What is she, like 22? No.. past 40? GD!! Bravo for looking sexy but not like you’re trying to be Miley’s bestie.

Ah, deep sigh… the fire is gaining gusto and the color is slowly seeping in… I feel better already. Thanks for coming along, Pose-rs! Also, special thanks to people.com for apparently sponsoring this post, me love you long time!

Veterans of wars get a national holiday; veterans of good style get blog space. Land of the free, home of the foxy!


PoseCity xo.