Sunday Scores.

#nowplaying Sonic Youth Pandora Radio [treating me extra nice tonight]

I want to share two finds from the weekend, both found on one of those magical, no agenda, no time frame shopping excursions with a lovely friend in tow. The first is a dress from Fringe Vintage, which I’ve declared my love for previously, so I’ll spare you all of the gushing that I am capable of when it comes to this shop. I am almost hesitant to post this photo, as per usual, it does not do the dress justice, but I want to have some visual [sorry that said visual also includes my closet door, the cropped version would not upload, grrr]. It’s one piece; the top is white with a subtle line pattern and very thin material – old faithful brown bra will have to sit this one out- with a black skirt on the bottom, pink belt to cinch the waist. I saw it on the “New Arrivals” rack, and fell in lurve. So happy that it fit and was only $29.99 for an awesome 80s sexy secretary dress. I can’t wait to wear it with my black peep-toe sling backs.

If you live in PDX and haven’t been to Fringe, puh-lease go, especially on the weekends when all merch besides New Arrivals is 15% off already affordable prices. If you force me, I will go with you.

After our predictably successful foray into Fringe, we were walking home when I spotted a pop-up estate sale in a tiny space I had never even noticed before. I kid you not! I investigated further, of course, just to make sure this wasn’t some sort of urban retail oasis.

I am still unsure of the whole business model of such a place, but logistics are rarely on my mind when potential treasures await. Most of it was overpriced and some downright fugs, but a few items were stand-outs, including an amazing bright orange dial telephone, which didn’t seem quite so charming after the man working told me it was $50 [what the what].

What I did walk away with is this lovely antique jewelry box, the kind that plays music when you wind it up and has a soft velvet interior. I’m in love! And get this, it was only ONE DOLLA. HOLLA.

Doesn’t it just beg to be filled?! I don’t want to be the one to let down such a lovely object, so I will oblige.

More great finds from the Rose City are always waiting, which is slightly maddening if I let myself think about it too long, but also extremely exciting.
PoseCity xo.

Fringe benefits.

Greetings and salutations my dears! Hope my Guest Pose-r’s guide to March Madness is proving helpful to your bracket. I think the Fashion Goddesses will indeed reward those coaches who put an effort into looking good. Time will tell! Tick tock.

Please enjoy this tune from Mrs. Jack White. Before Karen, the only model in a music video appearance I could get behind was the supermodels of the 90’s writhing about/lip synching in George Michael’s Freedom [PBC]. But Ms. Elson changed all that, and I’ve loved this song and video ever since her album came out last year. It is so simple- no flashy effects or product placement [I’m talking to you, Britters!]- just Karen, beautifully lit as if she was actually under the moonlight she is referencing in the song. And c’mon, that dress! Swoon x 10. Full disclosure: I have a huge lady crush on her, so I’d probs approve if she was strumming “Old MacDonald” in front of a dirty sheet.
Some more glimpses of her just because: striking a fierce pose/making Bozo the Clown hair look hott in Tom Ford’s eyewear campaign from a few years ago, and also looking gorgi in a photo shoot from marie claire magazine in 2010 :

Alright, enough gushing. The meat and taters of this post will be of the “Shopping Excursions” variety. With birthday ca$h in tow, I headed to one of my latest “can’t go in without buying something” shops, Fringe Vintage. Particularly troubling/awesome is the fact that Fringe is within walking distance of #5 AND very close to beloved Folly, which I am bound to visit once a weekend. Gah! Self control… never a strength of mine. Lucky for me, Fringe is extremely affordable and always seems to have some sort of sale special going on. My last two visits the entire shop was 15% off and this time, the super friendly owner gave me a card granting 10% off whenever presented at the register. Um, OKAY! Such perks are incentives to keep coming back, as if the amazing selection was not enough. Below: Receipt & card against my new floral slip with black lace trim!

During my trip today, I also scored the bitchin’ ring you’ll see when you hop over to check out my jewels o’ the day and a floral top. Perhaps I’m in a flower phase in anticipation of Spring’s calendar arrival in a few days? A gal can dream!
Please add Fringe Vintage to your must see list next time you are out and about lookin’ all fine in the Rose City. I accept ‘thank yous’ in the form of store merchandise, FYI.

One more bit of great news before I dash off: BOYCOTT OF RI RI IS OVER!

Just arrived in my mail box today. Sigh… so lovely. The photos inside are not as beautiful as the cover, but are enough to end our spat/bring balance to the Ri Ri Force once again. I know I’ll sleep better tonight!
[bonus points for noticing the teaser to the right re: Mary Kate & Ashley article, woot!]
[double bonus for noticing promise of an Amar’e feature inside, woot comma woot!]
Evening plans: night on the town getting cozy with mah Vogue.

Singing models, flowers showing up on clothing and in nature, love restored.
A good day indeed.

PoseCity xo.