The Misses Mile High.

#nowplaying Leonard Cohen “Live in London, Disc 1

Tomorrow after work I leave for Denver to visit my beloved sis, commence anxious trip-eve state! Needless to say, I’m quite excited. I haven’t been to Denver in a year & a half and so much has happened for her within that time: moving to a new apartment, working at a different school, and meeting a steady beau [who I cannot wait to meet]. I’m also looking forward to a weekend out of Portland and a chance to experience lots of food, drink, & conversation with my closest friend.

Also on the itinerary is a stroll through “YSL: The Retrospective” at the Denver Art Museum.

I’m so excited to see this!! I love fashion/textile exhibits and I’ve never been to DAM [not quite as giggle-inducing as VAG, but still I chuckled…], so it’s a win all around. Plus, the chance to see some handiwork from one of the capital “G” Greats up close [aka not in a book or magazine] is always enticing. I wanted to watch the documentary about YSL, L’Amour Fou , on the ‘Flix before departure, but alas, it’ll  just have to serve as follow-up to the exhibition [and hopefully extension of the “couture-in-person” high]. My sis is the perfect museum companion as we tend to move at the same pace and are content to break off and go our own ways if desired. Stay tuned for the full review and *hopefully* plenty of ‘Gram material.

HuffPost Style had a great slideshow today accompanying an arty about a film version of the TV series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I’ll stop myself from launching into the “whys” of such an endeavor – really, are you that desperate for ideas, H’wood?? – and instead focus on the joyous photos of Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina rocking trends of the time that perfectly capture my Jr. High-early High School days [the series ran from 1996-2003].


"These dresses"

"Bejeweled bobby pins"


HOLY SHIZ. I had no idea how spot on the styling in this show was until seeing some stills in hindsight. These were exactly the trends that I followed and wanted *so badly* to pull off successfully [many a tardy due to picking  justtherightamount of hair from the low/mid-level ponytail to effortlessly frame the face…]. Ah, youth! Thanks for the flashback, HPS!

Until next pose,

PoseCity xo.


#nowplaying Atlas Genius “Trojans”
Yet another tune I first heard via a Miss Moss playlist. I kinda hate how much I like this song as it’s way too peppy for how I’m feeling lately. Whatcanyado?

I’m sharing a photo that is entirely unremarkable in all aspects, except for the very obvious fact that there are two subjects:

Quick backstory: my paternal G’ma Hazel [we called her ‘Gran,’ RIP] gave me these diamond studs on my 16th birthday and I’ve worn them nearly everyday since. They were on my ears during my driving test, my high school graduation, the move to Portland, the night I wrote my first blog post. They are perfectly simple and go with everything and are my most treasured jewels that are mine [i.e. have not been handed down or bought second-hand/vintage].

All that said, I’ve almost lost them a hundred times. I take them off every night and put them “somewhere” in the bathroom for safe keeping until the next wear. On Saturday, I thought they were finally gone- for good this time. I was at a party and went to sweep my hair behind my left ear when I realized that my earring was not in. I panicked and left abruptly. I tore apart my bathroom and jewel closet to no avail. It was gone and it served me right for not picking a more protective resting place. I cried. Oh, cruel jewel karma!

Earlier that day, I’d gotten my roots touched up. After a few days of moping about my sentimental loss and exhausting all potential hiding places, I decided to go back to the salon and ask if anyone had seen my sweet earring. I figured why not, although I held little hope. I went in on my lunch break and there it was; promptly put into my palm by the cheerful woman at the front desk. I walked back to work in shock, yet my feet knew what was up because they skipped the whole way.

I am not as interested in hearing what walls would have to say if they could talk as I am in ponying up to a bar with a well-worn pair of earrings or someone’s wedding band. The jewels have  heard all the juicy gossip, seen all the double-takes, the heartache, the make-ups and break-ups. These certainly know me well and I am grateful to have them back in my life.

Surely my Grandma Hazel angel had a part in this pre-Christmas Christmas miracle.


PoseCity xo.