New kitschy obsession: deer!!
“Deer” is my last name spelled backwards, a fact I discovered right around the time I learned that “Anna” is a palindrome [the wonders of youth!]. I found the porcelain dish below at Lodekka a few months ago and it now sits on the radiator in my bathroom and holds a few rings. I love the sweet deer family pictured in the top right corner.

I’m going to start looking out for tiny deer figurines and start a collection [results will be documented of course!]. Here are a few cuties via Etsy:

Deer with GOLD BOW TIES?! I mean, c’mon! Need.

Deer at rest.

Deer friends.

Page One.

#nowplaying Wilco, Wilco A.M.

I’m now three weeks into my Writing+Art class at PNCA. I am enjoying it very much and have made a nice little post-work routine for myself in the hour I have before heading to class at 6:30. Just being able to say &/or write “class” in relation to myself again feels really positive. It has been great to get my hands dirty during the art projects, to forget the thoughts that plague me all day, to NOT be in front of a screen. Since writing– what I’d consider my ‘hobby’ in life – has been strictly a solitary activity for me thus far, it’s also nice to be sharing and reeding what I’ve scribbled in the company of a small group of people.

During the first class, we read a short piece by Stephen S. Hall called “I, Mercator.” It is dense despite its short length, the kind of reeding where you find yourself underlining so many sentences that eventually entire paragraphs and pages are marked up for frequent revisiting. What resonated most with me from Hall’s writing is his assertion that none of us ever travel – near or far – without some sort of map. Our personal maps are constructed from nature and nurture, and pull from memory, nostalgia, and visceral desire to form the latitudes and longitudes that guide all of our actions and decisions [most of the time, subconsciously]. The following excerpt speaks to the need we all have for a “home base” of some sort for our wanderings:

“…we need some secure oasis of order, even if only a memory (or a fiction), as a home port for our various explorations, our attempts to make sense of the unknown. This is the place we call “home,” which appears on page one of every private atlas. Home can literally be home, an abode, or our notion of family, or even a comfortable spot apart from our dwelling place, like work; whatever it is, home is where the lines are straight, the order clear, where even disorder seems predictable and the displacements tolerably temporary.”

I guess I love these lines so much because quite simply, I wholeheartedly agree with Hall and can relate to needing a “page one” for my own life’s atlas. Where it is for me I don’t exactly know how to explain, but I do know it isn’t a physical place, but rather an idea of family but also of extreme autonomy. I might even say it is the possibility and comfort I see in a blank page. I feel safe there and my thoughts make more sense when I acknowledge them in writing. I also think that each person’s  page one can be fluid, morphing and adapting as we grow older, hopefully also wiser.

I imagine that moving often as a kid or moving far away as I did in young adulthood can really affect the idea of “home.” I know it has for me, yet I still feel strong ties to where I grew up in Indiana. Which brings me to a recent acquisition. You didn’t really think I’d let a whole post go by without some bling action, DID YOU?! #offended

When I saw the array of State Quarter rings in the glass case of jewelry at the downtown Animal Traffic, I knew one had to be mine. I inquired about an Indiana version and although none was already made, the extremely helpful woman offered to get in touch with the designer – AutopilotEmpires – and have one made for me. SWOON!

I picked it up a few days after reeding the Hall piece and my mind immediately linked the two. Surely my affinity for home state memorabilia is more than just an obsession with accessories and ephemera, right?

Before I sign off and leave you to ponder your own 1st page, two important occasions to note [important only to me, yes, but hey, it’s MY blog!]:

1. May 1st is my journa-versary. Don’t ask why/how I remember, but on May 1, 2002, I started very purposefully documenting all my days. I have many journals from before that date and there were definitely very consistent writing periods in my youth, but none as purposeful as the past 10. TEN.  I don’t recall what, if anything, sparked such a desire to diligently document, but I’m sure as hell glad I did!
2. The first weekend of May marked one year in my current apartment. Cheers to #6!

Until next time,

PoseCity xo.

Sunday Best.

Happy Easter PoseCity Reeders!

Yes, that is an actual photo taken by me. My sweet mother upped the style factor in my Easter basket by including a few fashion magazines AND BY PUTTING OUTFITS ON MY PEEPS! Nothing says “He has risen” like a Peep [Fashion] Show. Amen!

Most of my memories of Easters past revolve around what dress I wore to church. My mom sewed a lot of my holiday attire as a kid and Easter was an especially crucial Sunday to have the right dress, the one that would get all the compliments, all the “Look at yous!” from the old geezers. I am equal parts disappointed and relieved that photos documenting my Easter looks are far far away from me right now or else I would definitely share a few. Bravo to my mother for catering to my bizarre requests, which included a year when I demanded bloomers to wear under my dress [during my long standing Little House on the Prairie phase].

I am grateful for those times and for the way fashion fits into my memories. Having a reason to dress up is still one of my most favorite aspects of holidays, occasions, etc. Which ohso conveniently segues into my latest dress acquisition, win!

Yesterday I attended a wedding, the epitome of a dress up event, and the freakishly nice weather threw my outfit planning for a loop. Not that I minded a) the sunshine or b) the excuse to shop for a new ensemble. With time running out, I headed to Magpie [no website, obnox], an always dependable shop downtown on SW 9th. Within 10 minutes, I was in, tried on a versatile blue dress, bought it for $20, and was off sprinting up Burnside to get home in time to get ready. I felt rushed assembling my look, but it turned out alright. Behold:

It looks so boring on the hanger and if I weren’t afraid of it scaring me in the night, I’d seek out a dress mannequin for makeshift photo seshes. For now, bear with me. Polyester is great because it flows so nicely and is generally a flattering material for a dress cut like this; it is not so great because it is often see-through, and isn’t exactly silky soft on the skin. I paired it with a vintage slip and the gold belt I bought at Little Edie’s last week and voila, outfit done. The wedding was beautiful and sweet and tear-inducing.. in other words, perfect.

Another item from this week to share is this lovely blue wrap-around robe, rescued and hand-dyed by my friend Kate. The lace applique on the shoulders is my favorite detail. The robe hits just above the knee and will be great for layering over slips for a fancier look, as well as over black skinnies and a tank for a more casual vibe. Thank you, KMV!  Check out her Etsy site, Joyelement, where she will be adding more wares very soon [pleeeeeeeease].

So many song lyrics referencing the color blue are going through my head right now. I’m clearly in a phase, thank you risen Jebus that it is not of the Laura Ingalls Wilder sort this time, wink!

One more snap for yer PEEPers before darting off to your respective egg hunts:

Have a very Happy Easter one and all!

PoseCity xo.