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Dino J guides this post, FYI:

My work week has come to a close [woot!] and my weekend will be glorious. My mom is en route and I am so excited to see her and have a “shadow” for the next two days. Nothing big planned, just want her to see how I live my life….and fund some groceries.

Some great stuff via my HuffPost friends today:

As I first wrote here (a month ago?! really?), I was very excited to learn that Takashi Murakami is exhibiting work in Versailles through December 12, 2010. Given the historical significance of the locale, however, controversy was bound to follow such a juxtapositional pairing. The artist himself addresses the issue head on in this piece, as well as providing seven new images of the exhibition [one of which is now my new background on my work computer LIKE!]. I agree with his assertion that one of art’s most principle roles today is to stir things up, challenge the status quo, serve as an igniter of conversations. Go ahead and put contemporary art in a sacred historical setting, why the fuzz not?! At the very least, it gets people talking about art, which goes back to that old saying “any publicity is good publicity.”

Also via HuffPost, an exciting announcement that Lesley M. M. Blume’s column, Let’s Bring Back will come to life in print on November 1! The article, featuring the lovely Josephine Baker, served as the first in a two-week showcase on Icons of Style, photos and writings about some of the “twentieth century’s seminal tastemakers, designers, and muses” all leading up to the celebration of Blume’s book release. Maybe I will finally learn why/when women stopped carrying those fancy compact cases I see in antique stores. Who’s pumped?! [arm raised]

And finally, I leave you with the following image of beauty…


Photo cred: Huffington Post Style


Michelle Williams: Plain Jane Dawson’s alum-turned Red Carpet Pro. The woman cannot miss lately. And by lately I mean ever since her stunning turn at the 2006 Oscars below.

Photo cred:

Sheesh, I just devote a post to her, right?! That first image of her coquettish look upwards? So adorbs. It is true that lace might be my favorite detail in the world right now, but I am not usually a fan of animal prints, especially when they are dubbed the trend for a season. Michelle proves that leopard can look classy, trends can be successfully mixed and that red is a way hotter color on a pixie shorn babe than on a carpet. Point, MW. Bravo!

Alright, PDX Taxi must depart soon. Bidding you farewell till next time!

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