When in Venice….

Apparently there is a film festival going on there right now? I don’t really give a fuzz cuz all I can see is that peeps are bringing it: behold Kate, Diane, & Marisa.

I am delighted to see each of these ladies looking so good! Although the three ensembles are very different, each is appropriate for the occasion [Kate & Marisa are at photo calls for their respective films, while Diane is working it at a premiere] and fitting for the actress’s age and frame. The photos here are courtesy of people.com, but also check out Celebuzz and InStyle for more [caution: not all are as well dressed as these three].

Which conveniently brings us to our next subject– or rather our next question– of the post: Keira Knightly or Anna Wintour? Pretty sure we now know who will be playing the notorious Editrix in her posthumous biopic. Let’s just hope it premiers in Venice!

In follow-up news: apparently I wasn’t the only one aghast at RiRi’s feathered garb. HuffPost reports that animal rights group PETA has scolded her for wearing ostrich feathers that “might have been collected in a cruel or harmful way — possibly while the animal was still alive.” SHOO, and I thought it was just a fashion crime! #goawaypeta

Also of note: PoseCity heroine Carine Roitfeld answers some Q’s from the NYT, including one regarding the charms of another PoseCity esteemed citizen, Tom Ford. #wanthernewbook

And finally, in news of the truly bizarre, I’m taking this holiday weekend and going…CAMPING.

 Normally, <— this would totally be my attitude if such an activity was presented. However, I feel extremely lucky to have the holiday off this year, and I’ve been craving a bit of an escape from the almighty SCREEN [computer, phone, computer, computer, phone, glazed, not focusing just zoning, etc.]. My friends were generous enough to invite me along, and for a very economical rate, I will be in the wilderness for 48 hours! Wish me luck.






Remember: a foxy pose per day keeps the animal activists away. Surely my exursion into nature [and my aversion to ostrich] will keep ME off their hit-list for the time being…

Until next post!


PoseCity xo.

Well Red.

My Pose-rs know that red is not my favorite color. It just doesn’t look good on me, a fact I blame on my skin tone and aversion to things like hot sauce, artificial cherry flavored candies, and Fruit Punch. I much prefer to dress in a neutral palate [aka black & blue] and let my accessories be the bold part of my look. But every once in a while, it shows up; on my nails or on a celeb’s amazing dress, and really makes me question my disdain.
LIKE TODAY! [photos linked to source]

Look at these foxy ladies in red: Rachel Bilson in a lacy number by French Connection and Diane Kruger [#audiblesigh] in a saucy red dress, by YSL.

It’s good to have your views shaken every once in a while, especially if these two are involved. Reed more about Rachel’s “Best Dressed” status on Nylon Blogs; view more photos of Diane at Celebuzz.

File this post under:
“Things I’d Rather Do Than Pack & Go To Bed Early Before 6am Flight.”

PoseCity xo.

Met Gala B & W.

The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art gala was Monday, May 2nd, and true to form, the event brought out just about every celebrity, model and/or designer on the planet. This year’s exhibition, Savage Beauty, celebrates the work of the late, great Alexander McQueen:

“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality.” -Alexander McQueen

What I wouldn’t give for a ticket to NYC to view this collection! My hope is that sometime waaaay down the road the exhibition will land itself in the Textile & Fashion Arts Gallery at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and I will get to see it then. Cross yer well-manicured fingers!

This shin-dig never ceases to amaze me at the caliber of celebrities it draws. Now that I work more closely with events, I could not imagine the logistics involved in catering to a roster of attendees that includes Madonna and Karl Lagerfeld. My guess is that would include a lot of room temperature San Pelligrino and white flower petals.

I digress. Let’s judge some fashion! All photos linked to source, you know how I do.


Peter & Maggie:
One of my favorite H’wood couples, so happy to see them looking great.
An amazing dress,  no accessories needed [besides man candy]

Diane & Pacey, er, Joshua:
Um WOWSA. If you’re going to wear a dress with a slit to the pelvic bone, you better bring it and Diane most definitely does. She is my best dressed of the night/year so far. Crushing hard. Thanks to Jason Wu for the lovely gown.

Another one, just because:

I’m not one for “matchy matchy” accents, but I love how her lipstick, nails and toenails are all the same shade of f@#k me red. Well done, Diane!

Emma Roberts:
Who knew?! The kid’s got style. The midriff cut-out on this dress is perfectly sexy without showing too much.

[aka a whole lotta fug, to quote a friend]

Naomi Campbell:
This makes me wanna throw a ginorm flip phone circa 2002 at someone!

Kristen Stewart:
Ill-fitting, unflattering print.

Freida Pinto:
I hate this dress. That’s all.

Mary-Kate Olsen:
WHAT IS THIS? A nightie? A moo moo? At least her sister took a risk. This is just plain yawn-inducing and ages her 10 years.

Andre Leon Talley:
Oh ALT, all devoted Vogue readers know about your struggles with weight. Why add bulk with this ridic tent thing? At least it has a train, which is sorta fab.

I’m forcing myself to stop there with the “worsts” as I could go on all night. But that is part of what I love about the Met Gala, it always showcases the highs and lows of fashion perfectly. I gotta give cred to everyone for wearing all this crazy shiz, as very few looks could be considered boring (besides yours, MK!!!) or thoughtless. Bravo to all!

A nail update from #5 before I sign off:

I know that I’ve been using lines a lot lately, but I just love them so much I can’t stop!

Hope you enjoyed my overview and feel free to share thoughts via comments [do it].

PoseCity xo.

Miss Frizzle Frazzled.

I have been hitting the music jackpot lately. A bunch of holds have come in at the library seemingly within a week and a half time period of each other and it is bomb.com. Side note/mega bummer: I HAVE LOST MY LIBRARY CARD. It pains me to type and speak, I’ve barely told anyone. One of my first real ‘belongings’ from Portland is missing and I’m sad. I felt such pride upon securing it, like I had officially joined the city. Luckily, my interwebz at work has remembered my account # so I have it written on an aging post-it note so I can still check out items, phew. Big side note, but an important one in case you know, anyone reeding might have seen it around town [puhleaze return to blogger]. So yeah, tons o’ tunes from the ‘brary AND a nice stack from a special someone have kept my ears/heart/mind somewhat happy/content/sane over the past few days. Emphasis on the ‘somewhat’… so it goes.
As a huge Nirvana fan, I’ve always loved the Pixies not only for their influence on Kurt & co, but as a rocking force all their own. This is one of their most mainstream hits and is not particularly amazing in anyway, but has managed to be on repeat this whole week. If I have headphones on at work, it is usually something a bit ‘angrier’…or the Nelly station on Pandora, check it out [you’re welcome]….and the Pixies usually fit the bill. PLUS y’all know my thang for lady bass players in 90s bands! Enjoy the tune.

I had a classic ‘foot in mouth’ moment to start my day today, and honestly it is still on my mind. I want a take back, a redo, a motherfing ‘un-send’ button. I want to hide and forget. I have learned a valuable lesson from this faux pas already and I’ll say these words of caution: make sure you know who it is you are responding to via email. Yeah…. Sometimes things happen that do make me want to retreat, to disassociate myself with how I was feeling at that moment, to make excuses for my behavior when I am ashamed of it for one reason or another. But obviously, I cannot hide and neither can you when/if you find yourself in a similar situation. I sought sisterly and co-workerly (?) advice on how to smooth over the incident today, and both gave me wise words. My thoughts now are still on my mistake because I will no doubt dwell on it for a few more days, but also on the kindness and forgiveness that others can extend. Putting all of this in my ‘pay it forward’ pipe and smoking it, we all mess up!
[ok maybe not FLOTUS, but that is neither here nor there]

I confess to feeling out of it in terms of what the fuzz is going on in the style-sphere. Not sooo out of touch that I didn’t catch the spawn of Rachel Zoe making his interwebz debut, but more in the vein of I sent myself five articles to read on Munday and I haven’t even opened that email. Ho hum, werk sucks, is sucking a lot of life out of me this week and will continue to do so for a while, blah blah. Which is why this post is text heavy thus far. Yer poor eyes! I will get to fixing that in 3-2-1…

[photos courtesy of instyle.com]
Lots of famous folk were out and about last night for Net-A-Porter’s Green Collection launch at…oh geez, who cares! These bitches look fine. Diane [right] is a favorite, I could look at photos of her for a lot longer than I should admit, and I love the loose braid with the fancy dress here. Olivia [left] is a newbie-ish and I honestly do not know for what she is famous, but every time I see her I think to myself that I need to investigate further. Her look here is perfect, taking details that can sometimes be trashy (mini skirt, lace) and keeping it hella classy by covering up her chest and arms. Clearly, both are quite fond of the left leg cross-over pose, high heels and neutral colored clutches. Almost makes me care about the environmental cause you are supporting, bravo ladies!

A gem via EJJ, my interwebz soulmate/coworker that I must share: OMG that dress!
A tumblr site self-described as “a blog for fashion and history,” this fulfilled my zone out/ladywood inducing needs yesterday and I cannot stop sneaking looks at dress after mind blowing dress. Can you even imagine wearing some of these numbers?! Some I would do just about anything to touch, let alone put on my body.

Just try to look through a few pages without uttering the namesake “OMG.” I dares ya!

Time to part for this post mah deers. Which as you know is ‘reed’ backwards. Forwards and backwards, wish me luck as I try to avoid channeling my inner Miss Hannigan the rest of the week!
But ohso fab! Wink.

PoseCity xo.