Wise Words.

In a stack of articles, xeroxed by my mom and sent to me via snail mail, she included a page containing only a lone quote. She knew I would like and identify with it and for that reason [plus a bazillion others],  I am one lucky daughter.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

– attributed to Yves Saint Laurent

How ohso astute YSL, RIP!
I have no idea what magazine the page came from or even if YSL ever said these words, but I do know that this quote reminds me that individuality is why I love fashion so much. It is difficult for me to imagine some of the most iconic frocks on mannequins, simply because they have become famous due in large part to the woman inside. To the left is one of my all-time favorite dresses, we’re talking Top 5 ever here. But I honestly don’t think it would work on anyone else, in any other time period. Anjelica Huston gave life to this emerald green drapery, made it a “look” to remember. Her smile, her hair, her choice of jewels, her pose are what make the dress so memorable.

Similarly, I hear this quote ringing true in many cinematic moments. Could you really picture any of Grace Kelly’s to-die-for dresses in Rear Window looking as divine on someone else?! NO… unless of course that person is me, natch.

The clothes don’t make the woman, the best ones just enhance the contents of the package. Wink!

PoseCity xo.

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