Eyecon(s): Louise Brooks & Clara Bow

Yes, this Eyecon post is plural and devoted to two ladies from the era of Prohibition and multiple strands of pearls. Prompted by this HuffPost Style feature, I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday gazing at photos of flapper fashion and reading up on the movement itself. In its time, “flapper” was a somewhat derogatory term for a fun-loving, rising hem-line wearing, booze drankin’ young woman. A woman who went against the status quo, who danced and smoked and probably did her fair share of barney-mugging [yes Imma make you click on that link for a definition]. Now days, it conjures up images of overdone Halloween costumes and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly in Chicago, neither of which are nearly as fabulous as this pair of trendsetters.

The epitomes of flapper chic, the photos I found of Ms. Brooks and Ms. Bow are almost eerily on trend in 2011. While at times decadently accessorized with beading and/or sparkly jewels, the clothes themselves were made for well, partying. For dancing and drinking and the kicking up of heels, all while still looking fancy. There is an ease and effortlessness to the luxe dresses and bobbed hairstyles of the flapper era, which is difficult to replicate in today’s often go-go-go pace of life. Let’s raise a glass of [legal] bubbly to these two beauties and their eyeconic style which is still referenced nearly 100 years later. Enjoy!
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Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985)

Striking a sexy pose in this sailor-inspired number: Who knew hot pants have been around for so long?!
Predicting the somewhat perplexing hair turban trend, proving that fashion is indeed cyclical and that Ashley Olsen is fab:

                      Inspiring this September 2010 Vogue cover featuring Halle Berry:


Clara Bow (July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965)

Advocating for all of us big haired ladies:

Influencing Drew’s look:

Demonstrating the cute and sporty advantages of the one-piece suit:


Bravo ladies, PoseCity thinks yer the bee’s knees.

PoseCity xo.