Alberta Adoration.

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Hello Pose-rs! Hope this finds you all wrapped in your coziest knits. I had a Portland-tastic day; headed out early for NN arty research at Frock Boutique on NE Alberta and oh ya know, since I was up there just decided to stay. I made a to-do list for the day, and “traipse about on Alberta” was on there, so I couldn’t just go home. I freaking love that street and if I thought I could live there and not go broke, I might consider moving. As it is though, I prefer to keep my distance and leave visits for special reasons or for a treat.

Post-Frock [BTW, co-owner Ali is a complete DOLL; go visit just to hang out with her and her cute pixie self.], I walked up to Caffe Vita for some joe and writing; it was a warm refuge for a few hours AND they were playing the Pixies, so my heart was full x 10. Then I hit the shops, yo!

I scored this sweet charm – which conveniently affixes to a standard necklace chain – at BillyGoat Vintage. The wearer can adjust the month & date to match any anniversary; since I don’t have a romantic date of note that I celebrate, I chose the most basic of special days, my birthday. I love going to BillyGoat because 1) it’s affordable & 2) they offer products that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. I know that is the case with most vintage/antique stores, but BGV seems to pay special attention to trinkets that are unique to days of yore.

This lipstick holder/mirror is another BGV score; so practical, yet I don’t see these sold anymore. Perhaps the popularity of lipgloss diminished these based on logistics, but it always garners approving comments from da ladies. Unique accessories: always in style.

Among my other purchases today: some sneaky Christmas gifts [see, I DO shop for others… sometimes….], a long-sleeved version of one of my favorite basic black summer dresses, and my favorite trail mix from Alberta Street Co-Op  [fashion fuel]. Success!

Until next time: if you see me anywhere around Alberta Street, kidnap me and take me home- I gotsta pay December rent soon!


PoseCity xo.

Seen & heard.

#nowplaying The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs: Vol. 3

I just couldn’t resist. This blog be blowin’ up!

A nice, chill Sunday today; I went to yoga in the AM and headed to Alberta in the PM for a pen-to-page session at Caffe Vita.

I’ve finally gotten around to using the Instagram app on my phone that I downloaded months ago and I think it’ll aid my quest to take more photos of my day-to-day actions.

A few things of note:

  • I spent some time this evening cleaning out, rearranging, and sorting my jewel closet. For me, if I can’t see an item it basically doesn’t exist, so I tried my best to bring a lot of pieces to a more visible position. It also got the wheels a’ churnin’ for another 30 Days of Jewels challenge…. be excited!!
  • Marilyn Minter is one of my favorite artists and I’m giddy reeding all the press she is getting for her exhibition opening at Salon 94 in NYC. I think I’d wet myself if I ever got to see one of her works in person; they speak to me so much on the tiny computer screen that thinking of them larger than life is wonderfully overwhelming. Behold the video component of this exhibition “I’m Not Much, But I’m All I Think About.”

Cheshire (Wangechi), 2011

Meltdown, 2011

Heavy Metal, 2011

SO FU#@ING COOL!!!! Reed whole article here and another from NYT’s TMagazine here. MM, FTW!

A fun Halloween game for my PDX peeps: costume or real life? Never a shortage of contestants.


PoseCity xo.