Wish fulfillment.

#nowplaying The Boss’s “I’m on Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Mix)”
Note: I do not endorse the image set to this song, WTF?

My Miss Moss “fangirl status” grows every time I reed each amazing post and listen to one of her music mixes. I wish she didn’t live in gosh darn South Africa so we could be friends! I just know that we would get along famously.

This song is on the “There’s Something About Us” compilation and although it was created a year ago, I just had my first listen last week [you can rest easy tonight knowing that I now have all of them downloaded, praise Jebus]. The original version is one of my favorite “wish it were longer” songs [also see: this ink-inspiring tune] and now, guess what?! it has doubled in length and been set to a catchy beat thanks to some dude named Cousin Cole. Woot!
I also really like the version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” be found on the same mix. I heart you, MM!

That’s all for now. Gotta go gaze at some #NYFW photos!


PoseCity xo.

Peace OUT, 2011!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

My “Blogging Year in Review” just arrived in my inbox from WordPress. How timely!

Super fun- thanks, WP.

A few of my bests from the past year:

Beauty Product: Medieval lip color by Lipstick Queen

I love this sheer, flattering color so much! It wears light like a stain, but is packaged more conveniently in my opinion [fits perfect in my lipstick mirror/case]. Apparently I’m not the only one who is wild about this product, as it is notoriously difficult to find in-stock. I was on a waiting list for it at Blush Beauty Bar for months! #worthit

Hair Product: Spray wax by Sachajuan

Spray what?! Yes, I know. I had no idea that this styling product – which, BTW, I cannot pronounce – would change my follicle life forever when my hair fairy at Gold + Arrow used it on my mane just a few months ago. It was way more than I usually spend on such an item, but the hold is truly unique and I had to have it. NO REGRETS! I definitely recommend this for thick, curly/wavy hair; use on the second or third day after shampooing for optimal styling ease. The hold is strong but not crunchy or sticky… and it creates great “JBF hair” during those dry spells.

Best New Portland Store: tie, abrahams&duffy and Eden
I couldn’t choose between these two! Grateful to be able to feature both in the Local Alternatives series on NN.

abrahams&duffy – Granted this NE Alberta boutique is more of a “look with your eyes” establishment for me, but I still love going in and perusing the racks and chatting with the owners. If I were to envision the perfect closet for myself, I’d stuff it full of items from a&d for both work and causal wear. My sister is also a huge fan after her visit in October and I got her two pairs of earrings from here for Christmas [after stalking her a&d “likes” on Facebook, tee hee!]; one is pictured below, along with the plaid dress she bought from local line Bridge & Burn and the festive decor in the shop during the holiday season.

Eden – The sister store to N. Mississippi’s dreamy Flutter, Eden opened in the Pearl over the summer. I love this place because it exists as an oasis to its surroundings; the Pearl can sometimes seem stuffy and hoity toity, but one step into Eden and all is forgotten. The colors are bold and the patterns anything but subtle. Seemingly every surface is covered with wares: candles, lotion, coffee table books, jewelry, and of course, a small but stellar selection of vintage dresses and scarves.

Best Music: Bon Iver, Bon Iver

I’m no music critic, but this is my “alBUM of the year” based purely on number of plays. I think most fans were a bit wary about a Bon Bon release in June, but this was our office stand-by at work and got us through a particularly gloomy spring just fine. View more of the ethereal album art by Gregory Euclide here and read a Q&A about his process for creating these images for Vernon & Co.

Best Website: Twitter

I can’t believe it took me so long to hop on the Twit wagon! Twitter has essentially become my main online news source and I’ve discovered so many awesome and inspiring links, blogs, and people from my feed. Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, yeah!

Best Blogs: Miss Moss, Honey Kennedy, Man Repeller, clever nettle
Just go look at them, mmmkay?

For more opining [from the pros!] about Fashion & Style in 2011:

NYT’s Cathy Horyn “Recounts the Year in Fashion

WWD’s very detailed, month-by-month breakdown “Fashion Moments in 2011

I hope this past year was happy and healthy for you. Personally, I enjoyed so many great moments it’s difficult to wrap-up concisely, so I won’t try but rather list some words that represent my year: Neighborhood Notes, nails (nails, nails), magazines, old love/new love/deeper love(s), bigger apartment, new job, “professional wardrobe,” San Diego, Eugene, Indiana, Seattle x 2, writing, writing, writing. Thanks for sharing the ride.

Much love as you greet 2012!


PoseCity xo.

Quick Thoughts & Happy Dad’s Day.

Le sigh my friends! I confess, I am in a bit of a slump. Physically, mentally, CREATIVELY. I find it difficult to concentrate on the simplest tasks, let alone more complex ones.
A few things on my mind:

– I am in a bona finde, skip-button-happy music slump. No song/artist/album will do these days. The only song that I’ve been unable to stop listening to is “Bad Kids” by Ms. Gaga- and this streak is about 5 more plays away from being temporarily retired. On the horizon, however, is Bon Iver’s new album set to come out on Tuesday. I’ve been listening to it on NPR’s First Listen over and over and it will be no longer available to stream post-release, so I must own it!!!

[quite the pair, eh?]

– I have ended my weekly commitment with GalTime. This is mostly due to being slightly overwhelmed by my Neighborhood Notes assignments, and partly due to a disconnect in values with the national site. I want to be proud of what I am contributing to, and while I had total freedom with GT, my writing was still associated with a larger force. I feel extremely lucky to have 14 articles that I am proud of, and am especially honored to have met my editor, Liz, who graciously left the door open for me to return whenever.

– I got my first check for writing in the mail last week. It felt great, even a bit emotional… and then of course the self-doubt crept in (“I’m not worthy! Wait, am I worthy? I totes am… right???” ah geez, Reed). Cue up the scene in Little Women when Jo learns that the paper is publishing one of her stories and she skips about, holding her $5 check, proclaiming “I’m an author!”

– In somewhat related news, even with money as a motivator, I am struggling to recapture the joy I once felt in writing. It might go along with the aforementioned fleeting focus, but I’m afraid it’s indicitive of deeper…”issues.” I won’t go all keyboard psychologist on you, but I feel like maybe if I acknowledge the problem pseudo-publically, it will help to overcome it in some way. Pen to paper helps; nothing like a good journal sesh to make me feel slightly less freakish.

-It’s Father’s Day for a few more hours on the Best Coast and I have to announce that my dad rules. There was a point in my life- maybe around age 12 or 13- when I realized that not all dads are like mine. Up until then, I thought that all girls had fathers who read to them at night (Hardy Boys, no less!), coached their sports teams, and treated them to goodies outlawed by mom. It is a bittersweet moment to know that you are in the minority of father/daughter relationships. My non-Catholic Catholic guilt is overwhelming at times, with feelings of gratitude towards my dad equaled by my intense sadness for those who are not as lucky as me and my sister. To my dad, who is my shining example of how a man can be sensitive and sweet just as much as he can be a strong defender and protector.

I tear up just thinking about how much I love and respect him, so Imma stop. Love you.

Alright Pose-rs, that is all for now. I am departing the Rose City for the Circle City later this week and I cannot wait to spend some QT with my family. It will also be nice to escape obligations for a few days and hopefully recharge.

Wishing you well with whatever weighs on your minds and hearts this week; much love.

PoseCity xo.