You’re a stone fox.

The streak continues! For realz, the Dunster is my #1 lady crush right now. Yeah, you hear that, RiRi?! Just check out these photos of her from Vs. Magazine [all photos linked to source]…..

SWOON!!!! See more here or better yet, check out the issue in person if you can find it. Vs. is one of those gorgeous magazines I always want to buy, but it’s around $10 so I never do. Of course, that’s a meager bar tab or 4.5 days of coffees… #perspective. JSYK: if you live in PDX, Magazine Mecca= Rich’s Cigar Store. I’ve been stopping in the downtown location on my lunch break lately to get lost in a dreamy publication for a few minutes. Plus, it smells amazing in there and makes me want to smoke a pipe like the man behind the counter always is…at work… love it!

More KiKi, just ‘cuz:

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now. That last one is from NYT’s T Magazine shot by Terry Richardson, FYI.

I had to run a rando work errand on Thursday for an Account Executive who has Pendleton in her portfolio of clients who run workplace giving campaigns on behalf of the non-profit I work for. She needed a box returned to the home goods store a few blocks away, and given the beautiful fall weather and chance to escape my cube, I jumped at the chance to help. On the second floor of the retail space are the company offices and it was SO COOL to see the history of the company and how its many prints have become iconic. The brand has coupled with uber hip retailer Opening Ceremony, in the past, and is currently wooing a whole new generation of fans with its Portland Collection. The walls are lined with a timeline of photos and memorabilia; here are two pics I snapped.

A humdrum errand that turned into a fashion history lesson of sorts- like button!

Yesterday I stopped into Betsy & Iya for a post-payday treat; obvi I was not disappointed. Not only was there a 15% off sale through the weekend, but I also got to chat with B briefly and I enjoy keeping in touch with her. I often hear people say that Portland is a small town, and these connections really emphasize that to me and I like being able to get to know shop owners and employees. I scored a sweet hand-painted top and a gold cuff at B&I… and was quite taken with their clever dressing room occupancy indicator:

*Squee*! It pulls down like one of those tests at the eye doctor. Clearly, I got a kick out of it.

I headed up to N. Mississippi over the weekend, a veritable paradise for a fall day wanderin’. Paid visits to all my faves up thurr, including Flutter, where I was quite taken with the neckline of this peach colored slip/nightgown:

Not quite sure what’s going on with the wonky stuff job, but lumpy boobies cannot ruin this, goshdarnit! This was gorgeous in person, flowing all the way to the ankles. Can you imagine wearing something like this to bed?! I wear my lacrosse sweats from high school [cut off, oh hai] and old t-shirts, swap sweats for shorts in the warmer months- try and contain your arousal. I can’t help but think sweet dreams would be inevitable in such a garment.

Signing off for now.


PoseCity xo.

Hoarding Tendencies.

I’ve been collecting receipts lately. I say “collecting” because this isn’t for any financial reason, but rather a sort of extension of journaling. It all started when I stumbled upon a receipt from my road trip to Oregon in 2008 and I was pleasantly surprised how much joy I got out of reminiscing by looking at the date, time, and whereabouts of the purchase made. A simple, boring? piece of paper conjured up so many memories and thoughts, who knew?!

Literally days later, I discovered illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt. Reason #127 I adore the Internet is the way one click can be the beginning of a journey of discovery. You just never know what you are going to find, which, depending on the site/place, can be good or bad (NSFW, anyone?!). In this case, it was delightful. I started following Clair Vintage Inspired clothing on Facespace and the owner posed (wink) this question to her Internet posse.

Long story shorter, the artist in question is Ms. Bingaman Burt and I was eventually led to her website where I learned that since 2006, she has been sketching simple line drawings chronicling every purchase she makes. Calling them “Daily Purchase Drawings,” KBB has compiled months of them into small books called Obsessive Consumption. Fascinating! Like illustrated receipts, KBB draws the item and includes the price and date. What a cool idea and quite timely for me, as I have been so interested in purchase records as a way to chronicle life.

Follow KBB on the Twit @katebingburt & check out her website, The Office of Kate Bingaman Burt, where there is much more to view.

Meanwhile, back in #6…. Summer is here, but not the heat and humidity elsewhere. A lot of fab purchases have been made, a lot of great manis have been self-applied, a lot of loving, of sorrow, of confusion; aka somewhat normal. I’ve struggled to manage my time in front of a computer screen, thus explaining bouts of absence from blogging. I don’t want to be sitting on my tushy when it’s glorious outside, or when I’ve been a sloth at my desk at work all day. But I also have assignments and such that must be completed. It’s a constant balancing game, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel quite resolved about how I spend my time. #whitegirlproblems

Speaking of assignments, my Neighborhood Notes editor made an awesome aside on the style page where peeps are encouraged to communicate ideas and comments with me directly via email and the Twit. I needed a vote of confidence from that gig and this has really helped boost my morale. I hope I get some responses!

Ok, now for some eye candy. Some recent purchases, some recent manis. As always, enjoy!

As you can see, even without my stack o’ receipts, I have not been skimping in the shopping department. DUH.

Farewell for now, Pose-rs!

PS. hope you like the new theme.


PoseCity xo.

All you need is love [and Internet access].

Current status: overwhelmed by the Internets! Is there a love more pure, more vast than one for the world wide web? Behold!

I saw this pic of girl crush Ashlee Simpson-not Wentz on and swooned, so I was thrilled that NYLON picked up on it and dubbed her worthy of a “Best Dressed” post.

I obviously realize that this look is a bit fugs and that approx. 2% of women worldwide can actually pull off such teensy shorts, but I really like her style these days and especially the ballsy blonde pixie cut. It’s clearly a nod to Sienna Miller nodding to Ms. Sedgwick’s look of the Factory era,  and for that, I am unable to resist. Did that make sense?

Moving on. There are couture shows going on somewhere right now- Paris, I think- but I haven’t been keeping up as closely as I have in the past. All I know is that the few shows I have looked at have been amazing…
Elie Saab, Fall Couture 2011:

View the whole collection via Elle magazine here. Sure, a lot of the looks start to blend together, but they all have this wonderful ice queen glittery fab thing going on that I love. The couture version of Queen Frostine from Candyland, if you will.

Also digging:
Giambattista Valli‘s regal cloak..

and pink belted dresses [could do without the turbans, personally]

Christian Dior‘s fantastical mix of bright colors and bold patterns [I know the house got mucho criticism for this show, but given the circumstances, I think it’s okay]…

So yeah, by “okay” I actually meant “awesome.” It’s true, I like these outfits. Please don’t hold it against me.

Interesting, unpredictable, a bit schizo; just what a couture show should be, no?

Thanks to Elle for the great coverage. Keep those slide shows coming!

Rounding out my Interwebz love fest is this shot, courtesy of the “wish this was my blog” blog, Man Repeller….

This was uploaded on the blog’s Twitter feed this morning and I instantly made it my computer background. There is beauty in the excess and whoever said to remove one accessory item before leaving the house was full of shiz! Plus, any glimpse of a Cartier Love bracelet sends my heart a racing, as you know.

Off the Internet and into real life now, I must share my most recent ring acquisition from BillyGoat Vintage:

Scored during my Sunday tour of NE Alberta, it’s one I bought for its uniqueness and “work of art” quality….aaaand that it is big and gold, let’s be honest. This piece was made by the shop owner, and my instincts tell me it was once a brooch or even an earring converted into a ring. Whatever the story, I’m glad it is mine now!

I finally got the chance to see betsy & iya‘s new line “The Music” in person during First Thursday at Radish Underground.

Sigh.. I really just need a silent funder for my life. I’ve enjoyed supporting and following the growth of betsy & iya ever since I had the opportunity to meet and interview Betsy last fall. I hope “The Music” is a rocking good success and that maybe someday I’ll own one of those badass colorful necklaces.

Internet love, Cartier love, jewel love. I’m feeling it, are you?

PoseCity xo.

Pause button.

Hello my dears! Sigh… a heavy heart befalls me on the eve of my work week. The last hour or two have been the only times where it seems like I have stopped moving the whole weekend and I am left with my thoughts….which happen to be all over the place at the moment. This Nada Surf song sounds the way I feel. It’s probs not helpful to use one sense to describe another, but hopefully you understand. And if not, go read Perez Hilton cuz you dumb!

Sassy tonight! Sheesh! But onward I write, as even amid all the weird teenage emo in my head right now, there is much good news to report from PoseCity. After a two year hiatus [and roughly two thousand cups of coffee], my teeth are clean and sparkly post-dentist visit. I scored a fedora-style hat from Urban for only $4.99. I caught up with a great friend over a bottle of vino, which incidentally cost less than my hat. I might have pre-orderd the new Rihanna album [YES!]. And in the best news of the weekend, I had another surreal experience on assignment for The Neat Sheet yesterday.

My Neat People (or Neat Peeps as I like to call it) feature this time profiles jewelry designer Ms. Betsy Cross, the brains and brawn behind the betsy & iya [bet-see & eye-uh] accessories line. I’d unknowingly seen Betsy’s work all over town, specifically at two of my favorite local shops, Radish Underground and Tender Loving Empire. I had the privilege of interviewing her in betsy & iya’s newly expanded showroom and studio in NW Portland. The grand opening of the space is this coming Friday, thus the reason for my piece.

In conducting my research on Sunday morning, I knew that Betsy and I would hit it off. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading her blog and her website, whether due to the beauty of her colorful creations or the way reading her words made me feel like she was in the room with me [mega compliment!]. You’ll have to wait for the full interview…..oh the suspense!……but my Pose-y VIPs deserve some sort of sneak preview. I cannot wait to attend the party on Friday and get my mf-ing SHOP ON.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: iPoseCity

I really hope to keep in touch with Betsy. Her and her husband Will had such a positive energy and I was so flattered at how they treated lil ol’ me [and kept my coffee mug full to the brim! wee!]. They were so enthusiastic about the interview and Betsy was very responsive to all my questions. Their relationship is one of true collaboration and is what I aspire to have in a mate someday. Please check out her blog, it is so charming and well-written. If I was the recommending type, [which BTW I am] I also suggest keeping up with betsy & iya on almighty Facespace. Points for spotting the status update mentioning an interview [which was done BY ME!!!!!!].

The draft is off to the magician, hope it goes up by Thursday. Stay tuned!

Betsy’s designs are inspired by the collision of opposite ideas into one beautiful object. The joining of old and new, vintage and DIY, in an effort to create uniqueness and showcase personality. So much of life is found in the crux of opposing forces. Finding the middle ground, the uniting aspects is where all that beauty and personality becomes unearthed.

Allow yourself space to sit with the thoughts that get lost in the shuffle. It can be uneasy to suddenly be alone and forced to deal with decisions or actions that are tinged with regret. Combine all that scary stuff with all the good news in yer lives and that’s what it’s all about. That’s where I find myself, at least. See you there?

Until next time…imma let you finish, but PoseCity has the foxiest readers around. BAM.

PoseCity xo.