BCS=Best Championship Style

Yeah yeah, a little something called the Golden Globes happened on Sunday. I watched and judged and swigged bubbly. Be patient, you know my thoughts will be made public. However, I went on a sunshiney long weekend trip [hi MCB!] and am going to instead put the GGs on hold and introduce a PoseCity first: Guest Post!

My followers know that I am most interested in fashion as a form of expression, a way to communicate in a way different from spoken and written language. Case in point was my visit to the IMA over the holidays and my delight in seeing the Madeline Albright exhibit featuring accessories as a means of diplomacy during Ms. A’s years as Secretary of State [revisit post here].This idea can be seen in politics, in Hollywood and as I am learning, in the sports world. Crafting a look off the court/field/rink is just as important to the successful marketing of an athlete as his/her skills on the clock. I am a huge fan of the men and women in sports who care about looking good. Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure as shiz can buy some swanky duds!

So imagine my fascination with this year’s uber aesthetically pleasing University of Oregon football team. I am nothing if not a humble bloggie and I certainly know my limits. Therefore, I am turning over continuation of the sports fashion topic to our most revered guest poser, er, poster of the hour. Reed on and enjoy!

Oregon Ducks National Runners-Up, but #1 in fashion.

Hello PoseCity followers: A week ago, as a few of you that reside here in the Rose City might recall, a football game was played in Arizona.  It pitted our Ducks of the University of Oregon against the Tigers of Auburn University.  As you now know, Auburn won the game and BCS title on a last-second field goal kick.  This post has nothing to do with a dissection of the game, but more of a dissection of the fashion and culture of sport between two polar opposite programs.

NW vs. the South / Trend vs. Tradition / Innovation vs. Status Quo / UO vs. AU

photo: goducks.com

Oregon finished behind Auburn on the scoreboard, but is the clear winner in the battle of sports fashion. No other athletic program in the country is more fashion and style oriented than the Oregon Ducks.  For those of you that don’t know, UO has the power of the Nike corporation behind it.

Its football program boasts 5 different uniform colors of which the combinations of helmet, jersey, and pants can be arranged in a billion different ways.  On this special night, the team received a color combination designed for the BCS title game only.  No stage is bigger in college football so why wear what you wore in Pullman WA???  It would be like Tom Hanks wearing his Cast Away wardrobe to the Oscars.  The day-glo yellow accents on the lettering and socks simply rocked.  The mixture of white and silver worked well and made the yellow really pop.  The new uni combo also introduced the numbering on the undershirt sleeves.  INNOVATIVE!!!

My favorite portion of the newest uniform are the detailed wings on the shoulder pads.  It looks like a detail off of a fashion brand such as Rock & Republic.  The type on the uniform is specific to Oregon only and is known as “Belotti Bold” (named after a former coach) and is tapered from top to bottom to accent the muscles of the players from top to bottom to make them more imposing.  The Oregon unis are a one of a kind in college football.  They make people talk.  The talk is sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, but they serve a purpose.  The BCS championship game is to college sports fashion what the Oscars are to red carpet fashion and in my humble opinion the UO unis were somewhere between hardcore traditional in manner of Tom Hanks:

and bat shit crazy (or BSC) like Mickey Rourke:

The Ducks are more like classy Mr. Jamie Foxx:

Totally non-tradtional and yet haven’t gone too far.

All in all, mega-props for arriving in style UO and making Auburn look, well what they are: old, southern and traditional, just like the women at the game sipping on cocktails in dresses and pearls that they bought in 1970.  I know if I were a recruit I’d want to go to UO just to see how they would outfit me.  Plus, all sorts of free swag from Nike!  In sum, Oregon was to Auburn what H&M is to Coldwater Creek.

For more on the Duck unis, go here.

And also be sure to visit the Oregonian photo blog from the BCS National Championship game here.

Until then pose-rs, this is your substitute blogger reminding you that in the world of sports it really isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you look competing.

[End Guest Post, Begin Applause]

PoseCity xo.