Let them eat [birthday] cake!

Happy Birthday to one of my fashion idols, Marie Antoinette!

Photo cred: wikipedia.org

Mucho thanks to my Facespace friends at Opening Ceremony for pointing this out to me. I have been meaning to start a tab or series of posts profiling my style influences. Ms. MA would be near the top, or at least the top of the “Historical Figures” sub-category that I would no doubt create. The epitome of decadence, the teen queen seemed endearing in her opulence because she truly did not know any better. I fell in lust with her after the Sofia Coppola biopic came out in 2006 (a film that I have to blame for my successful, albeit brief, experiment with pink highlights) and led me to read her biography by Antonia Fraser. She is pastels and petticoats, gold trim and luxe lace, powdered face and perfumed neck. All dripping with champagne, mind you. Hero.

A few more items of note from the interwebz, all via HuffPost Style (besties):

What.The.Hell. Another one of my aforementioned would-be style icons proves that we’re all human and make mistakes. I still love you, Sienna. Just go naked if you’re going to dress like this. (hmmm… uh, yes, back to blogging….. WINK)

Because Balmain RULES duh!!! I don’t really support the styling of any of those covers, however I think Natalia probs “wears it best” in this case. Reminds me very much of this cover gem:

Photo cred: facebook.com

[cannot ever resist a photo of Ri Ri, especially in Balmain… swooooon!]

And finally, a video-mmercial [word?] for H&M’s much anticipated collab with Lanvin. OMG.. this is so dreamy and clever. I think Blondie McFrizzy hair and I were separated at birth: I want Lanvin, not flowers/diamonds/weird sunglasses wearing dudes! Love match! As I’ve said before, I want to party with Alber Elbaz. What a guy.

Until next Pose, stay golden my pets!


PoseCity xo.

Adieu, September!

Hello Pose-rs! My week has been so irregular- due to the conference on my typical days off, I had Wednesday & Thursday as my “weekend” instead. It has been sort of a mid-week treat, but also a bit disorienting. I am grateful to be back in the Rose City, surrounded by Indian Summer sunshine. I still get giddy when a tourist asks me directions and I actually feel confident in my response. This happened to me today en route to the library and I gave possibly the most enthusiastic pointers of all time. Makes one feel like they belong, or at least blend in with the locals.

Feelings of disbelief tonight whilst drawing up my monthly calendar…I can hardly believe we’re on the verge of October! Portland Fashion Week (intrigued) and a mid-month visit from Mama PoseCity (!!!) will make for fun times ahead. Oh, and lest we forget to mention the mother of all costumed holidays, HALLOWEEN. Am already thinking of options… something bloody this year.

I will share two photos from my conference excursion up north. Might I say, I am glad I had low expectations re: Conference Casual. Ladies and gentleman, prince or pauper, one does NOT have to look shabby in unflattering materials! It is tragic the amount of ill-fitting polyester and solid colored polo shirts (boooring) I witnessed. I’ll just leave it at that. I was quite happy with my own “Biz Cas” picks and felt comfortable the whole time. Win!

I do not fancy tropical locals or sandy beaches, rather I take comfort in the waters of Puget Sound [Read more about efforts to protect the area here]. Ever since my trip to Seattle, WA in May, I have been captivated by this stretch. I still do not know that much about it, or the cities/towns that are along the water. But I do know that standing at the edge of that boat dock in Everett was intoxicating for me. I could stare at this [below] for hours in total calmness, my mind free to wander elsewhere. Must be the Pisces in me.

Back in PDX, I have been trying to enjoy the sunshine. Fashion waits for no weather pattern, however, and I have fallen way behind on the Spring 2011 collections still being shown in Fashion Weeks around the world. Tonight I did head over to NYT  to do a quick scan through the Balmain show. A long-time favorite of mine for their military inspired looks from a few seasons ago, I anxiously awaited the unveiling of this collection. I am not disappointed. I love the skinnies that skim the ankles in various shades of metallic or leather. HOT! So great with the basic black shoes (finally, some wearable shoes!) and open blazers [photo #19 is amazing]. Simple stuff here, no ball gowns or many dresses/skirts at all, but very urban pieces that are again, very wearable. From a critical eye, I do have some questions about the t-shirt that looks like the ones my classmates and I would cover in colored marker signatures/phone numbers/well-wishes on the last day of school [photo #22]. WTF??

OH and I did view Dolce&Gabanna last night… and subsequently wanted to be draped in white lace and dreamily lifted off to the Italian country side. SIGH… so beautiful. Loved this collection as a whole and it felt very cohesive. Great work, gents.

Going to look over some more shows before bed, I suggest you do the same!

Two more fashion tid-bits for this post:

1. Bad news first: Deeply saddened to learn that Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski are going their separate ways.. professionally at least. Head over to RZ’s website to see a picture and Peeps for the deets. Sad!

2. Designer/Hottie Rachel Roy was tonight’s guest judge on Project Runway! Can’t wait to watch the episode online tomorrow while I eat dinner, as is my Friday post-work tradition. Yay!

And with that, I am signing off for the evening. Alls well that poses well.


PoseCity xo.