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#nowplaying this mix, courtesy of the so very genius vintage shop / slash / bar, Palace of Industry

First: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Hope you are getting pinches in all the right places and ordering multiple dark brews. It’s practically an order from POTUS, after all! I love this photo.

Since it’s been a few weeks, I’m going to resort to my favorite way of info sharing: the bulleted list!

  • I filled a journal: November 18, 2011- March 4, 2012

  • My birthday was on 03.07.12. It was a good day filled with sunshine, calls to family, friends, and tons of “‘cuz it’s my birthday!” splurges. Rightly so.
  • I am blissfully overwhelmed by the pile of magazines awaiting first my gaze, then my scissors- thank you, mother! Seriously, the stack is growing seemingly by the day. It is the most glorious “problem” I’ve had recently and I picked up a binder and folders – project alert! – to start the what’s sure to be lengthy task of organizing and cataloguing [pun intended?] the hundreds of clippings I’ve collected from various publications over the last few years. I can’t justify keeping the entire issue, although I wish I could, so I just take the bits and pieces I like the most and feel like I can repurpose for cards, collages, etc.
  • I am registered to take a class at Pacific Northwest College of Art [PNCA] starting April 17th called Writing + Art Making. Is it possible to go wrong with those two topics? I hope not, as I definitely need a jolt to the right brain.
  • I saw the documentary MissRepresentation at Portland State University as part of a free screening and discussion sponsored by the school’s Center for Women, Politics & Policy. The film explores the often degrading and demeaning ways women are depicted in the media and how these portrayals shape us as we grow up and mature. I’m still thinking about it….. a lot. Yes, I know all documentaries are biased and statistics are manipulated to support the accompanying claims, but so much of what I saw spoke to personal experiences I’ve had. I’m bringing this up not to get preachy, but rather to announce a shift in my blog. Not that I ever dwelled too much on the negative, but from now on, PoseCity will only focus on fashion in terms of the positive [as in, no more criticizing appearances].
Now that I’ve caught up for the most part, end bulleted blurbs, begin tale o’ Rose City Lurve:
I had a shopping experience this week that can only be described in my heart as pure admiration for the city in which I dwell. And if you were actually in Portland this past week, you know that ‘appreciation’ was probably not on the forefront of feelings, falling somewhere way behind S.A.D-induced frustration from the intense onset of the rainy season. I’m in a “clog phase” after purchasing my first pair of Danskos earlier this year and I decided to use some birthday ca$h to buy a handmade pair from Alder & Co., a shop near my work that I pop into every now and then when I need a pick-me-up on my break. The heel strap on said clogs was in need of altering and the kind woman working recommended I go to Derek’s Shoe Repair on SW Broadway to see if the mend could be done; she also offered to knock that amount off the price, as it is common for the shoes to vary in fit since they are one-of-a-kind. I left work, picked up the clogs from Alder & Co, waltzed down to Derek’s [good news: shoes can be tailored to my feet, bad news: they won’t be ready for a week!], and back to work all in about 20 minutes. Sure, the rain was pouring down the whole time and the sky was a dull shade of concrete, but I was immensely grateful to be reminded how lucky I am to live and work downtown, where indie businesses are a’ plenty and they even support each other through recommendations. PDX pride! Oh, and I got a sweet pen at Alder & Co. to satiate me until I can pick up my shoes.

I love that it looks like a mechanical pencil and the bubblegum shade of pink!

Have a very safe and green holiday! Much love.


PoseCity xo.

I’m still aliiiiiiiiive [cue the Pearl Jam].

[insert apology for being out of touch here]

I finally saw Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller, Vertigo. Portland has so many awesome theaters that replay old movies , ones that you think you’ll never get a chance to see on the big screen. Even better: most offer these viewings at a hella cheap rate ($4 last night), which increases my potential for enjoyment tenfold. I knew venturing out of #6 would improve my blue mood, plus I love Hitchcock films.. for the fashion of course, not necessarily for the plot [don’t act surprised].

The costumes in Vertigo were done by the legendary Edith Head, bow down, and definitely did not disappoint. I always try to picture myself in a time where people dressed the heck up no matter what they were doing. Women in heels, men in hats not of the baseball variety, I can’t decide if it would be my fashion dream or nightmare [no skinnies/flats/neon nail polish?!?].  Either way, it’s damn nice to sit back and take it all in- and by ‘it’ I mostly mean Kim Novak in this particular instance.

Babe-o-rama for sure. I’m bummed that I couldn’t find a photo of my favorite look of hers from the final sequence in the movie: a long-sleeved black dress with a deep v-neck worn with a badass pink & gold necklace [which happens to be a very important detail, wink].

Costumes aside, I did enjoy the movie, even with the hokey effects and James Stewart’s character going a little psycho (ahem) at the end, if you ask me. When trying to persuade Novak’s character to change her  hair color he remarks “as if it makes a difference to you.” Yeaaaaaah, women don’t care about their hair at.all.

All in all, two well-manicured thumbs up. And I mean it…

Until next pose,

PoseCity xo.

Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York finally opened in Portland on April 15; I saw it on April 16th. What?! Y’all know I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now and the fickle spring weather defaulted to misty rain on Saturday afternoon, perfect for an indoor retreat at the movies. Part history lesson, part personal narrative, the documentary was everything I’d hoped for and more [free souvenir alert]. Bill is one-of-a-kind, an aging purist dedicated to his craft more so than anyone I’ve seen depicted on the “reporting side” of the fashion industry. He gets around town solely by bike, he is out until the wee hours covering all the great shin-digs for Evening Hours, one of two features he photographs for the New York Times weekly, he still loads film into his camera and chooses pictures based on critical examination of negatives- did I mention that the man is 80 years old?

Run, don’t walk…..biking is okay… see this film if you care at all about street fashion and/or photography- and especially see it if you are a fan of Mr. Cunningham’s work. It reveals a man who is endearing in his kindness and simplicity, and immensely talented in his attention to detail and devotion to his job, which has become his entire life.

If you’re in PDX, Living Room Theater is currently showing the film and hopefully still offering free buttons to show your love for Bill around town [just make sure it goes with your outfit]. Anna’s are quite sharp in their observations, eh? WINK.

Cheers to the picture shows! Three cheers and a big bear hug to Bill Cunningham.

PoseCity xo.

Street SmART.

I watched a movie last night! I’ve previously explained why this is somewhat difficult for me to do outside of an actual movie theater, but last night I was in the mood to sloth out on the couch so I headed to hulu to weigh my options. Much to my surprise, Exit Through The Gift Shop was one of the first options I saw. After a glowing review from a trusted source, I decided my entertainment for the evening in record time.
[All vids from YouTube via the official movie site]

The trailer, which is pretty much the first 5 minutes of the film:

“Street Art was poised to become the biggest countercultural movement since punk…”

I am still not quite sure if what I saw was a documentary, a mockumentary (that’s a term, right?!), or a statement piece about what constitutes an artist. Perhaps a mix of all that. I really enjoyed the movie and lurved the images from the street artists. Film fanatic Thierry Guetta is a trip, ultimately ending up as the subject of the movie he set out to make about the birth of this counterculture movement. Elusive street artist known as Banksy becomes Guetta’s obsession until Banksy turns the camera on the filmmaker and his quest to become an artist in his own right.
Another clip from the film where Banksy explains why he allowed Thierry’s camera to follow him:

I actually would’ve preferred if the movie was entirely about Banksy, as I found him at times mega lame (the voice altering, the blacked out face, the hooded sweatshirt…really?!?) and mega sexy (the voice altering, the mysterious blacked out face, the hoodie!!!), but always interesting.

Anyhow, the film made me realize how much I love this art form, and how I’ve actually been capturing a lot of the street art I see in my day to day life for quite sometime.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

Photo cred: PoseCity

I gave a PoseCity shout-out to street art a while back because HuffPost Arts will often dedicate a slideshow to a city’s best wall adornment every once in a while as they do in this feature about Los Angeles. Always a favorite click-through.

Check out the movie if you are in the market for a visually pleasing documentary. One more image, from the master himself, before I sign off:

Take notice of the art around you, I’m sure it is there!

PoseCity xo.

Lady Picture Show

I have seen a few movies lately that have blown my mind! Both in terms of entertainment and style value. I am not one to hunker down and watch a movie often. I get antsy almost immediately, my mind unable to contain itself for the average 100 minutes it takes to view. I skip to what else I could be doing, or what I have to do tomorrow, when I really should be enjoying what is right in front of me- how indicative of my life!

What I mean to convey is the rarity in which I.. a) check out a movie b) watch the entire thing and c) actually follow it whilst it is playing. So imagine my surprise to go 3 for 3 in the past week.

First: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One on my “must-see” list for sometime. It did NOT disappoint. Rented from library, watched on a random weekday night, left me inspired/confused/aroused(?). Success! I particularly love the costumes in this scene: tuxedos on men and women, sequins on Columbia, Magenta’s maid outfit. Love it all. Halloween inspiration perhaps?

Second: Going the Distance

On a recent rainy Tuesday, I decided to treat myself to the latest Drew Barrymore rom-com. I wanted to see this movie for two reasons: 1. I love Drew B. and 2. I was curious to see how a long-distance relationship was portrayed on the big screen. It was silly and cute and made me laugh more than I’d anticipated, but what I really loved were Drew’s outfits. I daydreamed of being a hot shot movie wardrobe stylist [see, even this one couldn’t keep my mind totally present] and wondered how people even get into a field like that. No clip to share, so I’ll just post this from WhoWhatWear today, an homage to DB’s admirable style.

Third: A Streetcar Named Desire

Another from my “must-see” list. I was thrilled to see this hold come in yesterday, just in time for my weekend. I retrieved it during the library visit photographed in my previous post and watched it last night. Oh my goodness. An instant favorite, although not one that I feel the need to watch over and over. It held my attention for TWO hours, people! I loved the drama, the sexual tension, the sweaty muscles of Marlon Brando in his pre-obeisity and Native American stand-in prime! The dresses worn by Blanche DuBois [Viven Leigh, a long-time favorite] were adorned with diamond broaches and covered with tulle or lace. She often wore multiple accessories with an embellished dress, but never looked overdone. I guess it was just a different time. The whole movie was great, but I am going to share an early scene because I think it is one of the most humorous in an otherwise intense film. Blanche, meet Stanley. Stanley, Blanche.

The gist of this post is to highlight the ways I’ve seen style/fashion/costume in a medium different from the ones I normally pay attention to (print, internet, some TV). It is everywhere! The attention to detail that styling requires enhances all art forms. It is amazing to watch, especially in movies. Hurrah! Now excuse me, I’ve been sitting still far too long…

Much love!

PoseCity xo.