Don’t Fear the Couturier.

Here’s a sweet tune that has been played on the reg in #5. My first memory of the band Travis is from high school, right around the time Coldplay’s Parachutes came out and introduced a British invasion for the new millennium. Chris Martin was on the cover of some music magazine with his face surrounded by quotes from the interview, one of them as I recall was “We’re not Travis!” [another favorite of ours at the time: “I thought I was gay!” Paging Gwynnie]. This declaration of difference led me to check out the band Coldplay sought to distance itself from. Aaaand thus I learned that Travis is better. Snap!

I must begin by directing you lovely reeders to my first post as a guest writer! Stepping away from my Pose-y persona [it does happen on occasion], I am talking tea over at GarbanzoGreen. You can read my Tea Time Guest Post here and behold my beautiful new GOLD TRIMMED tea cup and saucer below! Gone are the days of tea as a stuffy ritual for the Monarchy. My hot beverage heart belongs to coffee, but tea is a close second and a great all-day drank. Mucho thanks to Ms. GG for her support and the post opportunity.

Photo cred: iPoseCity

On to the newz:
Can I get an OMFG?! So much going on in the Fashion Universe!! It is quite overwhelming. The Spring Haute Couture shows in Paris have come to a close yesterday and I’ve enjoyed heading over to NYT: Fashion & Style, as per usual, to get the best recaps of all the dreamy duds. I must say that the Dior show blew my dear little mind. I just barely brought up the shows with a coworker last night and she immediately mentioned John Galliano’s latest work as her stand-out favorite. I couldn’t agree more! One particular look I cannot get out of my head:

I, guh, gah, ghasdklh;da;sdlkhg. As Ms. Zoe would say, “I die for this dress.” More on the Dior show via Ms. Cathy Horyn here.

Another favorite is from Givenchy, a show comprised of entirely Asian models:

These images are so beautiful and the detail work on the garments is awe inspiring- so makes me wish I could see/touch clothes of this quality in person. That is what couture is all about, afterall: the grandness, the over-the-top presentation, the “who would ever wear that” reactions. LOVE IT ALL. A great slideshow of various designer’s Spring 2011 Couture offerings here.

DVF, FTW: This article is a few days old, but a nice quick write up about Ms. Von Furstenberg. I so admire her as a female role model:

“Diane has made stepping stones of strength and independence, deciding early in life that she was always going to drive her own bus and financially support her own lifestyle.

And for heaven’s sake, look good driving that bus, baby! #beepbeepbeepbeepYEAH

Until next time, Couture dreams to all of you!


PoseCity xo.

Nail & bail…but be sure to tip!

The return of music! YAY MUSIC! Mega sweet luv song, plus the “he” in the song is wise enough to call attention to his lady’s “amazing dress”… take note fellas! LIKE.

Great video/article about one of my favorite topics in da world: JEWELRY. Carol Woolton, jewelry editor at British Vogue, discusses the link (pun intended I’m sure) between culture and accessories. “The way we live and current interests, trends, happenings, fashion, art, architecture are all embedded in jewlery design and I think that a well designed piece of jewelry encompasses all of that, the decorative arts of the time.” Well said, Ms. Woolton, needs you an assistant by chance?!

I hate being wrong, but after seeing the photo below, I am reassessing my declaration of Nicki Minaj as “one to watch.” Can you blame me?!?! Oh well, at least she is interesting. PoseCity jury is still out.

Photo cred: duh

For reasons I’m still unsure of, I was not officially LIKING Marc Jacobs on Facespace until yesterday- and I call myself a fashion blogger, pshhhh! All is amended and my fandom has already been rewarded tenfold as MJ’s peeps keep his page updated with photos and videos on the reg. An early favorite:

Photo cred:

Which convienetly leads me to my next link luv. My job has united me with my interwebz soulmate, a person who loves the just as much as I do. He sends a steady stream of viral gems my way each day, but this one featuring WAH Nail Salon is his best find thus far.

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Le sigh… I could keep posting photo after photo I’m so in lust. Spring Break 2K11: LONDON?! Nails. Nails. Nails.

And finally, an ode to a POSE via this photo montage from Bill Cunningham of NYT’s city style bible, On the Street. As if I could resist!

Photo cred:

Get chu some Loubies and strike one all your own. That’s yer homework for the week, WINK.

PoseCity xo.


They say it takes a village to raise a child, which certainly rings truer in certain areas of my own life than in others. Music knowledge is one of the few (only?) areas my parents left up to ‘the village’ in my formative years. Thankfully, I have an older sister who was extremely generous for passing down certain bands, songs and TAPES [cue Superunknown] to her adoring little sister. Her influence, along with friends and lovers, has shaped my current musical taste (always in flux). Simon and Gfunk, however, stand as the one act I can fully credit my mother for the introduction. She saw them live in their prime and her copy of Bridge Over Troubled Water on vinyl decorated my wall all throughout college. In honor of my trip home for the holidays tomorrow, I post this awesome performance. Enjoy!


Okay, back from my alternate dream universe. But fo realz?! Mega shocked at Ms. Roitfeld’s announcement earlier this week. I do adore her and her work, most recently chronicled as FVogue celebrated it’s 90th anniversary in September. A Q&A with CR from NYT alludes to frustrations over pressure to remain perma-PC in a magazine that exists to push boundaries by showcasing new and unique talent. Perhaps it all became to much?Can’t wait to see what is next for CR (hopefully it involves her super hot daughter)!

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Here’s something to ponder as your chestnutz (OMG) are roasting on an open fire:
Style Story o’ the Decade.
Hmmmm! HuffPo does start us off with some high points, all great contenders for the prize, I’m sure. But what about the launch of PoseCity in September 2010??

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas week. If you don’t celebrate, then have a great week just the same. No matter what you believe, we can all agree that a week without a PoseCity update surely ranks up there with coal in yer stocking circa age five. But a break is a break is a vacation, so stay strong my pets. I’ll return with a whole list of unfortunate midwest fashion flubs to share with you all. #imitationuggstuckedintomomjeans

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PoseCity xo.

It’s in the way that you use it.

CLAPTON IS GOD. And apparently always prepared, please note the spare cig tucked between guitar strings. Not usually a Phil Collins fan (thank you, sister), but I can tolerate if he’s getting it done on the drums for EC as he is here. Let it Rain is an upbeat love tune, but meant quite literally for my Rose City Pose-rs this week. Natch!

My writing is at a bit of a crossroads (keeping with the Clapton theme). The Neat Sheet has all but vanished from the interwebz world, leaving me confused and worried. My emails have gone unanswered and yes, I did check to see if it was just a pass-agress way of telling me to bugger off. Hmmm…. needless to say, January goal #1 will be finding another outlet. I was just starting to feel in the groove with it all and felt so lucky to meet the ladies I was able to interview. Who knows, maybe it will liven up again in 2011?

Personally, I am rollin and tumblin (Clapton) along, heading home to the Midwest in exactly a week. Looking forward to family time and wintery weather. It is always a bit stressful, making time to say hello to old friends (Clapton) but also ensuring that the majority of my visit is spent hanging with the family. Still debating whether to take my computer with me… mostly because I doubt PoseCity parentals know their wireless password, but also because I think it will be nice to take a few days off. I’ll keep my faithful updated! PoseCity >>> CircleCity?

Yesterday I saw Black Swan with two lovely lady friends. I have had mega ladywood for this movie for several reasons and could not wait to see if it lived up to my expectations. OMG… INTENSE. My stomach was clenched the whole time. I cannot give too much away, but I will say that the costumes were incredible, the lezzy scene was brief, and I still have a lot of questions. I didn’t loooooove it but it was definitely worth my time and $8 motherfin .50.

In fashion news, I just stumbled upon this gem about the Sartorialist. Please be sure to watch the video, it is super short and narrated by the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. I am a huge fan of his blog and the fact that he is from Indiana [We Hoosiers have to stick together, as per Vonnegut]! I find it interesting that he primarily considers the photographic composition over the fashion statement, as most people would categorize his blog as a study in street style. Follow me:>Bookmarks>Add Bookmark>Add. GOOD JOB!

Also from my NYT buds, a great homage to lace as the detail of late. YAY!!!! So sexy, so revealing, yet subdued. Le sigh…so great, I can’t stand it (ok, last one)!!!

And finally, I know you are wondering who I think looked good or bad out and about over the weekend. Let the wait end:

I know nada about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden except that SHE’S A BABE! What a dress. Royal garb has always been whimsically appealing to me and seeing these photos only serves as reinforcement.

Photo cred: huffpost

Photo cred: huffpost

Was this Kate Bosworth’s home-ec project gone wrong?! WTH??

Photo cred:

Big surprise, FLOTUS looked amazingly festive for the “Christmas in Washington” concert. She does not miss.

Photo cred: huffpost

Ok Pose-ys, stay fresh this week. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out (LAST ONE FOR REAL THIS TIME) and lookin a mess!
Much love.

PoseCity xo.

Jingle all the damn way.

Happy December, kittens. The last few weeks of 2010.. mind blown! It is now within this strange three week window when Christmas tunes do not annoy me and the “Folk Holidays” station on Pandora streams nightly. A shitty cover of River came on said station last night and I immediately went to my itunes to listen to the original, only to realize that in the Great Data Transfer of July 2010, none of my Joni made it to my new computer. Gasp! Oversight immediately corrected. This is one of my favorite “not really a Christmas song Christmas songs” [see also King’s Crossing by Elliott Smith and the entire Little Women soundtrack]. I remember it playing as BG and I drove across Idaho at night during my own Oregon Trail migration, two years ago this week. Always makes me tear up a little, it’s just so gosh darn purdy.

This week has been cray cray. I participated in the Jingle Bell Run 5K this morning and it felt so. good. to. move. To use my body. To feel the spirit of the crowd. Cold air is invigorating, cleansing in my lungs. The course took all 3,000+ of us along Naito Pkwy, meaning I got the chance to say “Good Mornin” to almost all of my Willamette bridge buddies. SWOON. Am mega grateful for Portland, for races, for the foxy lady running in front of me wearing red fishnets, booty shorts and an elf hat [note to self: must step up race day ensemble next year].

Work was the main stressor for me this week. I’ve felt equal parts excitement, nervousness and disappointment as a result of a promotion. I know it is for the best, however I cannot help but feel taken advantage of in many ways. I’ve struggled with resentment and jealousy towards other co-workers, but ultimately I need to NUT UP and realize that some things are never going to change in my current place of employment and be grateful to have a job period. I must focus on this new role and take as much out of it as I can so someday I can move on and be compensated fairly (blogging doesn’t pay the bills, kids). End rant.

Aside from knowing that photographic evidence has surfaced confirming the budding romance between Taylor Swift and Jakey G [he’s dead to me], I am way behind on my news this week. I was planning on seeing Black Swan today, but alas, it doesn’t open in PDX until next week. Am hoping to get some gift shopping done today and must carbo load/take bath in sanitizer for my inagural trip to the G’will bins tomorrow with K & S.

Buuuut, I couldn’t let a post go by without some fashion talk! Behold…

In an effort to make us all feel better about ourselves, Ms. Berry stepped out in this shiny mess, reminding the world that even she can hit the stylish skids sometimes.

Photo cred:

Leighton Meester demonstrates how NOT to don menswear:


Photo cred:

YSL documentary?! Can’t wait!!! Plus, I think I could watch just about anything if it were narrated in French… c’est magnifique!

This dress is unbelievable:

Photo cred:

Truly a work of art! The print reminds me of dishes and also this Roberto Cavalli number:

Photo cred:

Love ’em both.
Ah, yes, all is right in Pose-land. Off to enjoy this cold, sunny Sunday. Wishing you well in making your list, checking it twice and picking the perfect shopping ensemble. Hearts!
PoseCity xo.



Cyber Monday can Cyber suck it!

It should be no secret to my faithful reeders that I *heart* the 90’s [paging VH1], but I’d forgotten the babe-a-liciousness of Ms. Shirley Manson, perfectly highlighted by dark lighting and thigh-high boots [whoa dang] in this vid. Great tune, enjoy!

Now, on to the happs:

Big PoseCity congrats to Ms. Nina Garcia, PR judge extraordinaire on the arrival of her babe over the weekend [please note, announced via Twatter]. I am not one to applaud procreation, but Nina seems like such a lovely example of a working mom having kiddos later in life while still maintaining a successful career. Bravo (meant as an accolade, not a reference to her former TV network, WINK)!

Egads! Who doesn’t want to view Tim Gunn’s favorite fashion photos?! Nina’s colleague shares with us, his adoring public, some of the pictures that make him swoon. Great picks and commentary, TG! Check out more wonderful slideshows from the LIFE mag peeps here.

I do not recall where I found this video featuring artist David Hockney, but I have been following the press he has gotten for his ipad drawings ever since the new fangled contraption was released. Mr. Hockney is one of my favorites, and as somewhat of a ‘techtard’ myself (thanks for the term, SB), I salute his embrace of new media. Who says you cannot create an exhibition full of mounted ipads featuring finger drawings?!
You go girl!

SOMEHOW, I happened to miss this gem from my pals at Refinery29. HILAR! Mucho thanks to the one who brought this to my attention. Am waiting for the release of the PoseCity handbag, an homage to my musings by Mr. Marc J [breath not being held].

O to the MG… must venture out doors. Am becoming one with my couch and honey, bed sores are never in style. Hope your holiday shopping has commenced and been successful. I cannot seem to shop for anyone other than myself. This must change..

t-minus 3 weeks until home!

Much love,

PoseCity xo.


Off [s]he goes…

Beaut from PJ’s No Code. If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to include a tune in every post. Most often, it’s the music playing whilst I write, or just a song that I’ve had on repeat. Hope it makes yer ears happy frappy.

In blog-related news, I want to make my site better, more organized, easier to navigate. I want more people to read. I want specific content to be housed in one place. Desired improvements are possible, I just do not know WordPress well enough to make them happen at this moment. Seeking help. Results pending..

Once again, it is nast outside today! Must be winter in the Rose City. In such instances, putting ‘Calm Radio’ on itunes and reading on the couch about my heroine, Louisa May Alcott, for hours seems inevitable [and also like I am age 78+]. Have combatted potential all day hermitage with the following images of goodness. Enjoy, kittens!

Photo cred:

From V Magazine’s “Who Cares About Age?” issue. Um, not me if this is what awaits over the hill.

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet - Loud

Photo cred: Digital Booklet- Loud

When I purchased Loud from itunes, it included a “digital booklet,” the contents of which I just discovered today. It is super great to have the album artwork, but it also seems like another sign that compact discs are near demise, no? I did catch a vid of my love’s AMA performance last night…*grumbles of discontent/confusion*… but since we are focusing on the positive in this post, I must not comment [burn!].

Photo cred:

Is this for real?! A report, per NYT, that new Celine accessories will be wrapped up like candy when purchased. Talk about sweet packaging! As if buying something from Celine wouldn’t already send my insulin levels through the roof.

Hope all them photos made yer insides all warm and sunny. In keeping with my ‘Money Is Not Real’ life motto [see also: ‘The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God’ & ‘Fake It Till You Make It’], I plan on visiting the ohsocharming Palace today- 15% off on Mondays, I mean, how can I resist?! This after dropping a ridic amount of $$$ at Folly yesterday on an amazing, super warm sweater with pockets. It is essentially a blanket that can be worn in public. Love button! Special thanks x 10 to Sarah for the VIP treatment. Misooo lucky.

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..” – Shut up, Carpenters! Go forth and prosper, Pose-rs. Until next time..

PoseCity xo.