Portland Blogger Problems.

I planned to post  at length this weekend, but then the sun decided to shine. So it goes.

One thing I do want to convey is how spectacular the YSL Retrospective was in Denver! The whole visit was great – too quick, but great – and the exhibit was definitely a highlight. It was so much larger than I was expecting [over 200 pieces] and each turn revealed new scenery. There was no photography allowed….buuut I did get a few sneaky snaps. I know, I know, being the obnoxious “entitled museum goer” isn’t what I aspire to be, but I just couldn’t resist. I actually got through the whole darn thing before I got caught [and pretty harshly scolded!] trying to get a good shot of THE black dress with pink bow pictured on all the promo materials. That one had to be deleted, but the rest remain. Here are some of my favorites:

Sitting so pretty.

One of my favorite dresses.

YSL: Pioneer o' pants for ladies!

I named her 'Roxanne.'

Never a dull moment!

Last room of dresses.

Portrait of a happy lady.

For some clearer, aka legal photos of the exibit, check out the “Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective” post on Design*Sponge. Definitely go see the exhibition if you have the chance!


PoseCity xo.


3 Comments on “Portland Blogger Problems.”

  1. Someone just recommended that I go visit this exhibit :). Thanks for the great post and I will definitely get over to the museum.

  2. pbcarnaha says:

    Dress me YSL please.

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