No really, WTF?!

#nowplaying Pixies Complete “B” Sides 

Because Grammy fashion sucks, here are two looks via Red Carpet Fashion Awards that I’ve been staring at all evening from the BAFTA awards that were held in London on February 12, 2012:

Fearne Cotton in Moschino

At first glance, I disliked this look – and you might still – but upon further inspection, it won my heart. It’s unique and playful without being silly or inappropriate for a major awards show. I don’t know who this person is exactly, other than a Madonna-circa 2009 look-alike, but I like her style and her big blonde hair, of course.

Melissa George in Victoria Beckham

DAYUM. Again, not familiar with this woman’s accomplishments- aside from looking like a stone foxx in this ensemble – but she knows what she is doing by pairing a second-skin dress with simple accouterments and a “come hither” pout. I really like that the dress is actually very modest despite its snug fit; keeps it from veering into hooch-territory. Seriously though, what a bod! Or at the very least, what a mighty pair of full-body Spanx.

So after seeing these fine specimens, my only lingering question for the BAFTA peeps is… why all the accolades for The Artist?! I thought it was a snoozefest. Help me understand, dear reeders!

In other news, I’m wondering if the Honestly…WTF ladies have discovered my blog after seeing this post lauding the watercolor illustrations of Bernadette Pascua – the same subject you read about first on PC mere days ago! What the what?!

Kidding aside, I’m happy to see Ms. Pascua getting tons of WonderfulWideWeb love these days. I’m sure it was Miss Moss who directed me to her work initially, so clearly this is just a big example of paying it [fashion] forward.

VDay is quickly approaching this week. I’m not feeling particularly in the mood,*ahem*, but I thought I’d make an effort on at least one, very important, front: NAILS.

Until next pose!


PoseCity xo.


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