Oscar Bests.

#nowplaying Ween “Exactly Where I’m At”

Here are my three favorite looks from the Oscars red carpet; who did you love?!
[let’s focus on the pose-itive..]
*all photos linked to source*

Gwynnie in Tom Ford

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

The absolute best for last, IMHO.

I hope this finds you in a happy place, dear reeder. I did some serious retail therapy over the weekend up on Mississippi. Seriously, what starts as an innocent “just-getting-java-at-a-cafe-I-don’t-frequent-during-the-week” excursion turns into a glorious shop-to-shop journey up and down each side of the street. My luck on Saturday was so plentiful that I began to wonder… is Mississippi the new Alberta?! Big stuff swirlin’ around in my noggin, clearly.

Now, if only I could get my friends at Burberry Prorsum to send me this look for Fall 2012, I’d be set!

Thinking wishfully makes me happy. View the entire lust-worthy collection here.


PoseCity xo.

‘gram that sh*t!

#nowplaying Sonic Youth’s awesome cover of The Carpenters’ “Superstar”

Greetings Blog-land! I’m going to take a moment – ahem, a whole post – to declare my l-u-v for Instagram. Defined on their website as “photo sharing, reinvented,” Instagram is an app for iPhone that lets users alter images through several different filters. The various filters have many options such as adding a frame &/or making a color image black & white. Post-filtering to heart’s content, one can instantly upload his/her masterpiece and share to Facebook, Twitter &/or email to specific recipients. Wiz, bang, you’s a fancy photog now!
**except that you’re not, so don’t go acting all Ansel Adams-y about your “skills”**

What I like most about the ‘gram:

  1. Another fun social network: there is following, liking, commenting and tagging involved. All of these things we have been conditioned to know & understand are easily translated to the world of Instagram, except that it is all photos. No status updates or live-tweeting in sight!
  2. Finding people to follow is easy. Not only can you upload contacts who have Instagram from your Facebook friend list & Twitter followers [not mandatory to synch, but helpful to find actual people you know.. in “real life”..], but the Home screen is a news feed-type display of activity, showing who is following & commenting on who/what. Plus, tagging your photos – just like on the Twit using “#” – helps people identify photos most appealing to them. Most likely, the people you follow share your aesthetic interests and since you can see the photos of the people they follow, it’s just a big follow-fest of visual delights!! Speaking of…
  3.  Visual delights. I mean, duh. At the very basic level, Instagram IS a way to share images, after all. But unlike Pinterest the pictures are more personal and less aspirational. Once I finally starting using it regularly, I’ve been encouraged to document more and more. The filters are fun to experiment with and I get a kick out of finding new people to follow who share my tastes. It is a delightful peek into the life of someone else.
  4. The “Popular” page is a sad & humorous representation of society. Shots of suspiciously underage- looking cleavage, sandy beaches, half-eaten frosted cupcakes, Kim Kardashian kissy facing in the car: yep, this is what garners the most “likes” on the ‘gram. And yet, I look every time. No shame. Embrace the predictability and let it lead you….
  5. Emoji can be used in comments. Those in the know know how much this excites me. And alternately annoys me about the users who go overboard with emoticons. I’d like to think they are all tweens, but statistically speaking, that’s just not possible.
Some recent snaps via my feed; follow @reedmylips7 and help my dream of becoming an Instagram celeb come true!
I’ve been trying to be more diligent about documenting my accessories, in manner of “30 Days of Jewels” but more casual- thus my not-always-daily #dailybling shots, courtesy of H&M above and Radish Underground below.
Presidents Day venture to Anna Bananas cafe in St. Johns. Try the hummus plate!
Birthday expiration date on my green juice!
File under: things you notice when bored in a work meeting.
I like the way my Spicoli Vans look against the red strip in front of #6 that’s supposed to prohibit parking, emphasis on supposed. This is also an example of “filter regret,” as I think the shoes look too washed out.
I hope to someday be able to indulge in the luxury of fancy candles.  These sensory invitations accompany the display of fragrant wax statues at ink & peat  on N. Mississippi Ave.
I think the February 2012 issue of ARTnews was made for me, no? PS- Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMA is getting tons of press, ya heard? I want to go!
There you have a small representation of my Instagram life. I really have become quite addicted as of late; maybe it’s the honeymoon phase, but it is also a welcome diversion from Facebook, Pinterest, actual work. Of course, there are things I dislike about the app – the same things I despise about all other social networks: an abundance of pictures depicting babies, pets, and food – but for now, consider me an InstaFAN. I know you see what I did there.
Happy ‘gramming my friends! Oh, and lest you think I forgot.. HAPPY OSCAR WEEKEND!
PoseCity xo.

No really, WTF?!

#nowplaying Pixies Complete “B” Sides 

Because Grammy fashion sucks, here are two looks via Red Carpet Fashion Awards that I’ve been staring at all evening from the BAFTA awards that were held in London on February 12, 2012:

Fearne Cotton in Moschino

At first glance, I disliked this look – and you might still – but upon further inspection, it won my heart. It’s unique and playful without being silly or inappropriate for a major awards show. I don’t know who this person is exactly, other than a Madonna-circa 2009 look-alike, but I like her style and her big blonde hair, of course.

Melissa George in Victoria Beckham

DAYUM. Again, not familiar with this woman’s accomplishments- aside from looking like a stone foxx in this ensemble – but she knows what she is doing by pairing a second-skin dress with simple accouterments and a “come hither” pout. I really like that the dress is actually very modest despite its snug fit; keeps it from veering into hooch-territory. Seriously though, what a bod! Or at the very least, what a mighty pair of full-body Spanx.

So after seeing these fine specimens, my only lingering question for the BAFTA peeps is… why all the accolades for The Artist?! I thought it was a snoozefest. Help me understand, dear reeders!

In other news, I’m wondering if the Honestly…WTF ladies have discovered my blog after seeing this post lauding the watercolor illustrations of Bernadette Pascua – the same subject you read about first on PC mere days ago! What the what?!

Kidding aside, I’m happy to see Ms. Pascua getting tons of WonderfulWideWeb love these days. I’m sure it was Miss Moss who directed me to her work initially, so clearly this is just a big example of paying it [fashion] forward.

VDay is quickly approaching this week. I’m not feeling particularly in the mood,*ahem*, but I thought I’d make an effort on at least one, very important, front: NAILS.

Until next pose!


PoseCity xo.

Wish fulfillment.

#nowplaying The Boss’s “I’m on Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Mix)”
Note: I do not endorse the image set to this song, WTF?

My Miss Moss “fangirl status” grows every time I reed each amazing post and listen to one of her music mixes. I wish she didn’t live in gosh darn South Africa so we could be friends! I just know that we would get along famously.

This song is on the “There’s Something About Us” compilation and although it was created a year ago, I just had my first listen last week [you can rest easy tonight knowing that I now have all of them downloaded, praise Jebus]. The original version is one of my favorite “wish it were longer” songs [also see: this ink-inspiring tune] and now, guess what?! it has doubled in length and been set to a catchy beat thanks to some dude named Cousin Cole. Woot!
I also really like the version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” be found on the same mix. I heart you, MM!

That’s all for now. Gotta go gaze at some #NYFW photos!


PoseCity xo.

Mom Quotes, NYFW edition.

“Think I will purchase the NYT since fashion week is in NYC xoxoxo.”

My mom treats herself to the expansive Sunday New York Times every once in a while and will often send me whole sections &/or clippings of interest to reed. Might I just say that I 100% support the purchase this week. [Fashion & Style section coming my way!].


PoseCity xo.

Sharing is caring.

#nowplaying Vetiver The Errant Charm
**thanks to Bonne Independence for introducing me to this album via the Spot!**

A lovely, downright Spring-ish day charmed the city on the first of February. I skipped out of work for TWO extended fresh air breaks; must take advantage, natch. Lots to share from the glorious WonderfulWideWeb and a few personal snaps from my phone [all other images linked to source].

I just can’t get enough of the Spring ’12 Stella McCartney ads; I wish I could make it giant-sized and just slap it on my wall for permanent smile-inducing power. Can’t wait to start seeing it in print!

Oh, to be emerging – nakey?? -from a technicolor flower curtain in Stella McC. shades!

New Daily Diversion alert: Historiful, a Tumblr dedicated to providing “your daily dose of Old Hollywood glamour, style, and culture. Established in 2010 as an effort to make history more accessible to the public, HISTORIFUL has since bloomed into a widely recognized visual dedication to the splendor, beauty, and lost charm of yesteryear.”

Actress Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), date unknown.

Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), with his wife, Coretta Scott King (1927-2006). Photographed by Charles Moore in Montgomery, AL, 1958.

This site was sent to me by my notoriously fashion-averse-but-history-loving friend, Allison. I love how both our interests collide so perfectly in the stylish images posted.

The fashion illustrations of Bernadette Pascua take my mind to a far-off land of whimsy where everything smells like Chanel No. 5 and the whole of society is well dressed.

This woman is quite admirable; in addition to her “Illustration & Creative Services,” she writes a daily blog documenting her life and musings in NYC called DECADE an illustrated diary. Check out both the blog and her website for tons of visual sugar, sugar.

And now, from the Rose City:

I spent an extended amount of time at the Central Library last week for a work project and I was so taken with the carpet on the second floor. I mean, totally hideous, right?? But in a gloriously gaudy sort of “ab fab” way. It fits perfectly with the stacks and shelves….and homeless people…

Look, a little friend! I used to see this often around town- toy horses affixed to the rings on the sidewalk where actual horses used to be tied up – but I haven’t in so long that I nearly forgot about them entirely. Then this guy appeared on my walk home tonight. Aaaaaand through the magic of the Internets, a simple “portland, or toy horses” Google search led me here. PDX LUV!

Q: How do you make sparking water even more snooty? A: Brand-collab with a luxury jeweler, of course! Yeah whatever, this label makes me really happy anyway. Reed more about the limited edition S. Pellegrino + Bulgari labels here.

Yes, I’m listening to something nice and mellow now, but I must admit to recent audio-binges featuring South African group, Die Antwoord. It’s just bizarre & dirty enough to be a welcome departure from what I usually like. #thumbsup
**Mom, don’t listen to this, please.**

BUT, speaking of mom: behold, on my doorstep this evening! So grateful and excited to dig in.

That’s my cue.


PoseCity xo.