The 424 does Vegas.

#nowplaying Blouse, Blouse

I’m off to glittery-fabulous-decadent LAS VEGA$ in the [early] morning; my first time there outside of the airport and I’m going with my four best lady friends/former college roommates. I suppose there’s no better way to do it up right in Sin City, eh Liberace?

My goals for the weekend, in no particular order: laugh, gamble, catch-up with friends I rarely see, give & get advice, wear lots of jewelry, avoid marriage, see some nudity, eat, drink…. mostly just everything I normally try to do, plus the gambling bit.

For more on this sort of trip, please see: Vegas “With My Girls” via Thought Catalog. Genius, as per usual.

Also: First peek of the Miu Mui Spring/Summer 2012 ads today via Fashion Copious

I love them so much!! Hard to believe, I know.

FLOTUS tweets: Mrs. O joined the twitterverse! Let’s hope for lots of fashion tips. -MO

Have a safe & happy MLK Jr. weekend!


PoseCity xo.


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