Smile, you’re on PoseCity!

#nowplaying Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”
[yeah, GarbanzoGreen & I have been Zumba-ing this week….]

I’m in the midst of an experiment this week: I’m trying to make a conscious effort to smile at every person I make eye contact with. As someone whose primary mode of transportation is walking, I see A LOT of faces in one day. Depending on my state of mind, this can either be exhilarating or incredibly isolating. The former makes me wildly grateful to live in a city where there are all shapes and sizes of people [oh, glorious humanity!], while the latter can spark almost debilitating loneliness [SO MANY STRANGERS …hold me…]. In an effort to maximize the joyful part, I’m smiling more to see if it helps. Attention all hobos, homos, and handsomes: I’m grinnin’ at ‘cha until further notice!

SEE, smiling does look nice.

I’m only four days into this & I’ve actually had to remind myself to smile as I’ve adopted a sort of  default “bitch face” when I’m in walking mode; it has become more natural as the week goes on though so, yay, already a small success.
Author’s Note: I’m still an advocate for looking down frequently whilst walking to avoid stepping in/on something/someone – very important in this city.
More things that make me smile from my week thus far:

Happy December, PDX.


Fact: Sparkly tips make data entry more enjoyable.

Love from Mom ❤

Much love in this last month of 2011!


PoseCity xo.


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