Alberta Adoration.

#nowplaying this 90s dance mix, thank you Interwebz

Hello Pose-rs! Hope this finds you all wrapped in your coziest knits. I had a Portland-tastic day; headed out early for NN arty research at Frock Boutique on NE Alberta and oh ya know, since I was up there just decided to stay. I made a to-do list for the day, and “traipse about on Alberta” was on there, so I couldn’t just go home. I freaking love that street and if I thought I could live there and not go broke, I might consider moving. As it is though, I prefer to keep my distance and leave visits for special reasons or for a treat.

Post-Frock [BTW, co-owner Ali is a complete DOLL; go visit just to hang out with her and her cute pixie self.], I walked up to Caffe Vita for some joe and writing; it was a warm refuge for a few hours AND they were playing the Pixies, so my heart was full x 10. Then I hit the shops, yo!

I scored this sweet charm – which conveniently affixes to a standard necklace chain – at BillyGoat Vintage. The wearer can adjust the month & date to match any anniversary; since I don’t have a romantic date of note that I celebrate, I chose the most basic of special days, my birthday. I love going to BillyGoat because 1) it’s affordable & 2) they offer products that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. I know that is the case with most vintage/antique stores, but BGV seems to pay special attention to trinkets that are unique to days of yore.

This lipstick holder/mirror is another BGV score; so practical, yet I don’t see these sold anymore. Perhaps the popularity of lipgloss diminished these based on logistics, but it always garners approving comments from da ladies. Unique accessories: always in style.

Among my other purchases today: some sneaky Christmas gifts [see, I DO shop for others… sometimes….], a long-sleeved version of one of my favorite basic black summer dresses, and my favorite trail mix from Alberta Street Co-Op  [fashion fuel]. Success!

Until next time: if you see me anywhere around Alberta Street, kidnap me and take me home- I gotsta pay December rent soon!


PoseCity xo.


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