Hott & Cold.

#nowplaying Jason Lytle Yours Truly, The Commuter [thank you, Siskosbaseball]

It’s getting chilly in the Rose City – #likebutton – although, I still haven’t procured black boots or a suitable winter coat to be thoroughly prepared for winter’s onset. I’m cozy in #6 at the moment and have Mama J to thank in part:

Hot chocolate get in my belly! Even sweeter topped with some post-PBC birthday pie Cool Whip [SMD, Reddi Whip].

I want to share some images that have stuck with me the past few days because, as my friend Emily often captions her twit pics, “meditation on beauty: a lovely photo makes my world a better place.” First photo courtesy of her!

Maggie Gyllenhaal looking gloriously disheveled.

Generally, I dislike polka dots and bows, but hey here’s this photo I love, courtesy of my latest favorite “so-annoyingly-cute-I-can’t-look-away” blogs, A Beautiful Mess [see, even the name is obnox!!!]. I’ve regulated this site to the aforementioned hyphen-happy category largely out of speculation – are these bitches really that happy & crafty & beautiful EVERYDAY?! – which I know deep down is really jealousy at the fact that women like this really exist and that I am not one of them, ho hum. I admit, I’m charmed by Elsie & co. and hell, you can be whatever you want on the Interwebz so who cares if a) it’s genuine or b) if your real-or-faux cuteness annoys a few peeps.

I DIGRESS…. I like that picture up there, that’s all I really wanted to say [Pinterest really is helping, I swear] and I’ve totally been coveting the over-sized, collar-bone-adorning bows on these adorable women.

Dammit, they got me hook, line & sinker. Bravo, cuties.

Quick, need something to feel normal again: enter Sofia!

Holy shiz I need this photo in my life everyday. I flip for menswear on women, this you know, and what’s not to love about Ms. Coppola-Mars in a suit?

Le YAWN- time for dream blog-land; much love to my reeders!


PoseCity xo.


2 Comments on “Hott & Cold.”

  1. Emily Tate says:

    Um, eerie how much we like the same things. My girlcrush on Sofia Coppola is immense, she is always so casual-chic! Divine in menswear, very Patti Smith/Marlene Dietrich. More women should try it!

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