Pin it, pin it real good.

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Thanks to an invite from my lovely friend over at bonne independence, I recently joined Pinterest. Like I’ve said before, I’m not the earliest of adopters when it comes to new gadgets/services and in this case, I resisted Pinterest for many months on the grounds that it would be one more thing to keep up with and take away from what I see as more productive uses of time […..yeah…]. The service is simple: users add a “Pin It” button to their bookmarks bar and when an image of interest comes up online, one can “pin” said visual to a virtual board. These boards can be categorized as the user sees fit; Pinterest generates a few generic suggestions like “For the Home” or “Places I Want to Go” and your pins show up in a newsfeed-type format where other users can comment, like, &/or repin to their respective boards. I am really glad that they let you personalize the names of your boards, as I cannot imagine being locked into the ones they provide. As of now, my board categories are: Prints, Fashion, Bling, Crushes, Inspiration, Hair, Outfit Envy, and Fail.

Examples of Pins to “Crushes” [left] and “Outfit Envy” [right]

I can’t say that I’m a Pinterst nut or that I’ll keep up with it with the same enthusiasm I felt upon signing up [I was self-concious about having “naked” boards so I went a little overboard in my first hour..] , but I really like that there is no expectation to be verbose; you can be as involved or active as you want to be, where as a blog is a format dependent on the user posting and posting often.

I struggle with being concise [see: most of my blog entries] and working within a word count restriction is really difficult for me as a writer. It’s definitely not that I think I have SOOOOO much genius to share, it’s just that I’m not skilled at describing things in a succinct manner. That skill is one I envy in others and I think it is what makes a writer marketable and most importantly – depending on the outlet – REED-able. Last thing you want as a writer is that big “TLDR” from your audience [too long didn’t reed]. I like that Pinterest is an outlet where I can simply add an image I like – for whatever reason – and that is all. I’m even annoyed that the site requires that you say something about your Pin; I tire of typing generic sentiments like “love it,” “pretty,” “yes please,” so I’ve just been posting a “.” [take that!].

It is a nice departure from feeling like I must describe things in ultra-detail and also the pressure of a word count. For now and for fun, go Pinterest!

More from my boards [that I will not go into any detail about]:


PoseCity xo.

2 Comments on “Pin it, pin it real good.”

  1. Emily Tate says:

    I wish I had the patience for both Tumblr & Pinterest, but I just don’t have the space in my brain to maintain both, and I feel like pinterest is always glitching. I try to update it once in a blue moon… and now that you’re on there, I’m far more tempted to spend time perusing your pretty photographs!
    Perhaps someday I’ll have the time for both…

    • PoseCity says:

      Me either! And maintenance is the key in my opinion. I think you’re doing pretty darn well keeping up with 2 websites, 2 Tumblrs, 2 Twitters and a Pinterst!! I bow down. 🙂

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