On repeat in #6.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Awards Season aside of course, I’m talkin’ ’bout THE HOLIDAZE!
Living alone and far from family can at times diminish the spirit of the season, especially since I don’t decorate for such occasions. Today, I bought some cinnamon-scented pine cones at the grocery store; I walked in and was overwhelmed by their aroma in the entryway and decided to buy a bag to make #6 smell festive.

I scattered a few throughout my space and then hung the rest like you see above from a cabinet. I know myself enough to realize I’m probably never going to go “all out” with any sort of decor, so I figured a small effort would increase the holiday cheer in my cozy corner of the Rose City.

I’m heading north to Seattle for Thanksgiving later this week and I cannot wait. I haven’t had time off since my trip to Indy in July and having worked at “attractions” for the last four years, I’ve never had a true Thanksgiving weekend off work. Mega pumped!

If you’re out and about on Black Friday in Portland, do check out this awesome effort by local businesses called Little Boxes. This promotion has spread like wildfire throughout town, with some major small biz favorites coming together to offer discounts and prizes for putting yo’ bucks back into the local economy on what is traditionally a huge retail day for malls and corporations. Bummed to be missing out, but it’s probably for the best given my Alberta binge yesterday. I’m on strict financial lockdown for the next 2 weeks; bah-humbug, bills!

One last image to share before I go:

I don’t know what it is exactly about these images from illustrator Aurel Schmidt that make me so happy, but I’ve been staring at them daily since AnOther Magazine posted the link to Facebook. I like pretty flowers and I like drinks; maybe it’s that simple.

Bye for now sweet peas. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday…and encourage you to wear your eatin’ pants ALL THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!


PoseCity xo.

Alberta Adoration.

#nowplaying this 90s dance mix, thank you Interwebz

Hello Pose-rs! Hope this finds you all wrapped in your coziest knits. I had a Portland-tastic day; headed out early for NN arty research at Frock Boutique on NE Alberta and oh ya know, since I was up there just decided to stay. I made a to-do list for the day, and “traipse about on Alberta” was on there, so I couldn’t just go home. I freaking love that street and if I thought I could live there and not go broke, I might consider moving. As it is though, I prefer to keep my distance and leave visits for special reasons or for a treat.

Post-Frock [BTW, co-owner Ali is a complete DOLL; go visit just to hang out with her and her cute pixie self.], I walked up to Caffe Vita for some joe and writing; it was a warm refuge for a few hours AND they were playing the Pixies, so my heart was full x 10. Then I hit the shops, yo!

I scored this sweet charm – which conveniently affixes to a standard necklace chain – at BillyGoat Vintage. The wearer can adjust the month & date to match any anniversary; since I don’t have a romantic date of note that I celebrate, I chose the most basic of special days, my birthday. I love going to BillyGoat because 1) it’s affordable & 2) they offer products that simply cannot be bought elsewhere. I know that is the case with most vintage/antique stores, but BGV seems to pay special attention to trinkets that are unique to days of yore.

This lipstick holder/mirror is another BGV score; so practical, yet I don’t see these sold anymore. Perhaps the popularity of lipgloss diminished these based on logistics, but it always garners approving comments from da ladies. Unique accessories: always in style.

Among my other purchases today: some sneaky Christmas gifts [see, I DO shop for others… sometimes….], a long-sleeved version of one of my favorite basic black summer dresses, and my favorite trail mix from Alberta Street Co-Op  [fashion fuel]. Success!

Until next time: if you see me anywhere around Alberta Street, kidnap me and take me home- I gotsta pay December rent soon!


PoseCity xo.

Hott & Cold.

#nowplaying Jason Lytle Yours Truly, The Commuter [thank you, Siskosbaseball]

It’s getting chilly in the Rose City – #likebutton – although, I still haven’t procured black boots or a suitable winter coat to be thoroughly prepared for winter’s onset. I’m cozy in #6 at the moment and have Mama J to thank in part:

Hot chocolate get in my belly! Even sweeter topped with some post-PBC birthday pie Cool Whip [SMD, Reddi Whip].

I want to share some images that have stuck with me the past few days because, as my friend Emily often captions her twit pics, “meditation on beauty: a lovely photo makes my world a better place.” First photo courtesy of her!

Maggie Gyllenhaal looking gloriously disheveled.

Generally, I dislike polka dots and bows, but hey here’s this photo I love, courtesy of my latest favorite “so-annoyingly-cute-I-can’t-look-away” blogs, A Beautiful Mess [see, even the name is obnox!!!]. I’ve regulated this site to the aforementioned hyphen-happy category largely out of speculation – are these bitches really that happy & crafty & beautiful EVERYDAY?! – which I know deep down is really jealousy at the fact that women like this really exist and that I am not one of them, ho hum. I admit, I’m charmed by Elsie & co. and hell, you can be whatever you want on the Interwebz so who cares if a) it’s genuine or b) if your real-or-faux cuteness annoys a few peeps.

I DIGRESS…. I like that picture up there, that’s all I really wanted to say [Pinterest really is helping, I swear] and I’ve totally been coveting the over-sized, collar-bone-adorning bows on these adorable women.

Dammit, they got me hook, line & sinker. Bravo, cuties.

Quick, need something to feel normal again: enter Sofia!

Holy shiz I need this photo in my life everyday. I flip for menswear on women, this you know, and what’s not to love about Ms. Coppola-Mars in a suit?

Le YAWN- time for dream blog-land; much love to my reeders!


PoseCity xo.

Pin it, pin it real good.

#nowplaying Pixies At the BBC

Thanks to an invite from my lovely friend over at bonne independence, I recently joined Pinterest. Like I’ve said before, I’m not the earliest of adopters when it comes to new gadgets/services and in this case, I resisted Pinterest for many months on the grounds that it would be one more thing to keep up with and take away from what I see as more productive uses of time […..yeah…]. The service is simple: users add a “Pin It” button to their bookmarks bar and when an image of interest comes up online, one can “pin” said visual to a virtual board. These boards can be categorized as the user sees fit; Pinterest generates a few generic suggestions like “For the Home” or “Places I Want to Go” and your pins show up in a newsfeed-type format where other users can comment, like, &/or repin to their respective boards. I am really glad that they let you personalize the names of your boards, as I cannot imagine being locked into the ones they provide. As of now, my board categories are: Prints, Fashion, Bling, Crushes, Inspiration, Hair, Outfit Envy, and Fail.

Examples of Pins to “Crushes” [left] and “Outfit Envy” [right]

I can’t say that I’m a Pinterst nut or that I’ll keep up with it with the same enthusiasm I felt upon signing up [I was self-concious about having “naked” boards so I went a little overboard in my first hour..] , but I really like that there is no expectation to be verbose; you can be as involved or active as you want to be, where as a blog is a format dependent on the user posting and posting often.

I struggle with being concise [see: most of my blog entries] and working within a word count restriction is really difficult for me as a writer. It’s definitely not that I think I have SOOOOO much genius to share, it’s just that I’m not skilled at describing things in a succinct manner. That skill is one I envy in others and I think it is what makes a writer marketable and most importantly – depending on the outlet – REED-able. Last thing you want as a writer is that big “TLDR” from your audience [too long didn’t reed]. I like that Pinterest is an outlet where I can simply add an image I like – for whatever reason – and that is all. I’m even annoyed that the site requires that you say something about your Pin; I tire of typing generic sentiments like “love it,” “pretty,” “yes please,” so I’ve just been posting a “.” [take that!].

It is a nice departure from feeling like I must describe things in ultra-detail and also the pressure of a word count. For now and for fun, go Pinterest!

More from my boards [that I will not go into any detail about]:


PoseCity xo.

Thoughtful details.

#nowplaying Air Love 2

Hiya! Am currently glowing post-mail delivery today; about two weeks ago, I attended Radish Underground‘s 3 year anniversary party and won a gift certificate for a free top from Una, an apparel line based in Seattle. Radish is one of my favorite PDX shops because of its stellar inventory, yes, but also because the two women who own the store are so darn delightful. So I ordered a striped, three-quarter length sleeved top from Una’s website and it arrived today in the most darling, personalized packaging I’ve ever seen:

I don’t do a lot of online shopping, but up until now the PoseCity Packaging Award [what, you don’t watch the ceremony every year?!] went to Piperlime, mostly because the company actually makes an effort to make your bundle o’ joy(s) arrive looking thoughtfully placed – not haphazardly thrown – into a cardboard box. But shoo, this blows away the competition. A handwritten note?! That’s like, Mom Status as far as thoughtfulness goes. I didn’t even pay for it! I know I seem mega enthusiastic about this, but really it is in my mind what separates business from one another and captures the all-important repeat customer. I would’ve probably never visited Una’s online shop unless I’d won the gift certificate but they have a loyal shopper now! Love button.

Other stuffs:

Not to go all artsy fartsy on you these last two posts, but I’ve come across a few artists lately via blogs that I think are really cool. [all images linked to source]

Kelly Reemsten:

God, I want a giant one of these in my apartment! They totally make me think of Betty Draper shooting a gun at the end of that Mad Men episode [ep name & season escaping me, sorry] and are just Betty-esque in general.

Michael Cina:

Many of his images [the first two pictured here] remind me of a favorite craft of ours when I was little: The Warming Tray. My mom would cover a warming tray – intended use: to keep casseroles and such heated at potlucks and parties – with aluminum foil and we would melt crayons on the top, then press sheets of paper over the wax and pull up to reveal a colorful mish-mash of ambiguous designs. We’d use the results as wrapping paper or the base for a collage or hang them up as mini-works of art on the wall- go Mom! Maybe Mr. Cina knew about The Warming Tray, too??

That’s all for now, Pose-rs! Hope you’re enjoying this fresh month thus far.


PoseCity xo.